Top Ten Reasons Why the Early 2010s Were Better Than the Late 2010s

The 2010s are almost over, and I know how much everyone hates this decade. But I feel like 2010-2012 was a simpler time that most people forget about. However, 2016-2019 has been really bad and doesn’t deserve to be remembered. Here’s reasons to why the early part of this decade is much much better than the late part, and I think most of us can agree on this.
The Top Ten
1 Less Phone Addiction

It's bull that everyone has to be addicted to their phones. It's affecting their daily health so much.

Remember when kids played outside and parents had to force them to come inside? Now it's the opposite

2 Trump Wasn’t President
3 Fewer Shootings

This makes responsible gun owners everywhere sick. Trust me.

Only really bad one I can think of is Sandy Hook, now shootings happen every few months

4 No Mumble Rappers

It's not just mumble rap that made the late 2010s a terrible time to be a popular music fan. A lot of pop singers tried to make their songs have trap elements and they come out as either boring or flat out terrible. Not to mention that a lot of songs at that time were just depressing and very monotone. But at least it wasn't the worst music era ever.

Why does everyone have to listen to untalented rappers who use excessive autotune. God, I can't believe rock music declined in popularity thanks to them.

Listening to annoying pop songs that were about partying is probably better than listening to mumble rap.

5 Better Music

Even though there were still many bad songs back then, at least they were fun stupid songs. Most songs today have very little effort (if any) put into them.

Pop music back then was actually better than pop music now, well, except for that untalented Justin Bieber if you know what I'm talking about.

Oh my gosh, I remember being in high school and jamming to One Direction and 5sos. Amnesia was (and still is) my favorite song of all time.

6 YouTube Was Done for Fun and Not for Money

Exactly! No clout chasing, forced ads/sponsors, it felt less like a competitive market and more for what people did to chill.

I blame things like Patreon and Youtube's recommended system.

7 No TikTok,, or Vine

Tiktok is on it's way to ruin a lot of things, good thing not everything in there is bad.

Vine was fun, but it gave way to the unfortunate tiktok lifestyle.

8 Better Cartoons

2010 is when I think Western animation started to go downhill.

While I think cartoons from the 2000s were better, I do agree.

9 No Stupid Internet Challenges

When will these things just stop happening? And why do people think they are good ideas?

Of course nobody even dared to eat tide pods back in the early 2010d.

10 People Were Funnier

Jokes which were funny then are now cringy, so everyone makes jokes about dark things like racism and terrorism.

Nowadays, people are making jokes about Ebola, Cancer, 9/11, School Shootings and other serious topics.

Generation alpha jokes aren't funny all they care about is skibidi toilet. Generation Z has funny stuff.

The Newcomers

? People Were More Laid-Back
? Cancel Culture Wasn’t as Prevalent

Typically over small and trivial things. I miss the days when people had the don't like don't look mindset.

The Contenders
11 Better Trends

I made this too, again meaning, no fornite, tiktok, dabbing, flossing, etc. I also liked the pop culture better.

12 No Fortnite

I would try to disprove the common misconceptions associated with Fortnite, but a lot of times, the people who hate Fortnite will not listen to reason and will continue being snotty "I only play smart games like Undertale" elitists.

13 Rappers Weren’t Taking Over

They were sort of, but good rappers. I'm just sick of everyone from drake to taylor swift trying to be rappers, and don't get me started with the Lil's.

YES! Exactly! Finally someone agrees with me! Since a while ago rappers are everywhere. It's pretty much mainstream.

14 Better Movies

The first "Wreck-It Ralph", an awesome movie with fun characters, came out in 2012. "Ralph Breaks the Internet", its "sequel" with bad characterization of both WIR's characters and the Disney Princesses, new characters that were bland if not annoying, and driven by a blatant feminist agenda, came out in 2018.

YES! The early 2010's had fun movies. If they were cliched they would work around them and would be unique and ENTERTAINING! The late 2010's have boring cash grabs that are crappy and boring

I notice that TV in general is worse, and again, hope it gets bettter.

15 People Joked About Diseases and Mental Disorders Less

Yes, and it's not something to be joked about, I hope people stop.

16 Better Games

Angry birds, the old roblox, minecraft was not ruined. Forget snow runner, farming simulator 22. Even worse poppy playtime and friday nighr funkin

17 Memes Were Less Mainstream

I, again made this I don't know why?

18 No Cardi B

She would've turned 18 around this time, though.

19 You Wouldn’t See Anyone with a Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are dead anyways.

20 More Good News
21 Better Minecraft YouTubers

I am now grateful that Stampy (Even if I do personally find him annoying), DanTDM (back when he exclusively played Minecraft), and PopularMMOs were popular back then, at least they were better than that Dream SMP crap.

22 David Bowie Was Still Alive
23 Patreon Wasn't a Thing

The Internet was a better place before patreon.

24 Horror Games Weren't Taking Over the Internet

Miss when horror games were not as popular, and those who got felt good because it was once in a time, and actual horror.

I think the mid 2010s is when the internet became obsessed with horror games like FNAF, BATiM, DDLC, Baldi, Hello Neighbor, Granny, etc. and every time a fandom for one of these games dies, a new one will always rise to fame.

25 Trends Were Not as Cringy

This was made by me, what I meant was none of those trends like fortnite, fidget spinners, dabbing, flossing, tiktok, etc. of which are all cringey.

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