Top 10 "Good Things" Done by Deplorable Figures

Despite what history has taught us about history's most vile figures about their deplorable actions that modern history has mostly put an emphasis on or exaggerate. Often making us forget that these people were not human but monsters. These people were human just like the rest of us in their private lives and were capable of doing good in spite of their "supposed" repulsive nature that history taught us about. This list details the good deeds done by "bad people".
The Top Ten
1 Hitler was a major advocate of animal rights

Hitler himself was a vegan that followed a strict vegetarian diet and had passed legislation that banned experiment testings on animal, imposed restrictions on hunting, and had regulated the way an animal has to be butchered to be consumed. Sadly, he didn't extend the experiment part to Jews, either.

That's surprising. I thought he would have wanted to put them in concentration camps too.

That was shocking and I didn't know that. Did you know that he was a struggling artist?

2 Ted Bundy helped people on suicide hotlines

Before becoming one of the nation's most notorious serial killers, he actually saved a number of people by working on a suicide hotline. He convinced them to continue on living by using his charismatic personality though the murders he committed afterwards proved to be his undoing.

3 Napoleon spread the ideals of the Enlightenment

Granted, he was a warmongering general who hijacked the French Revolution and engulfed the region into the Thirty Years War. But through his conquest, he spread the ideals of the Enlightenment and created the Napoleonic Code which proved influential in shaping modern Europe and the world as well back in the days.

4 Al Capone fed the unemployed during the Great Depression

Just like Escobar, Al Capone was known in the criminal underworld for his role during the Prohibition Era. However, during the Great Depression, he was known for setting up soup kitchens throughout Chicago that fed the poor during the Great Depression.

5 Pablo Escobar was a generous man

Pablo Escobar, known as one of the world's richest drug lords and an overall threatening person to be on one's bad side, didn't always used the wealth he accumulated for selfish needs. Using the money he earned through the drug trade, he gave money to the impoverished, built houses in one shanty town, and funded the construction of schools throughout Colombia.

6 Genghis Khan was religiously tolerant

One of history's most destructive and murderous warlords was a man who is open to all religious beliefs. Such examples was his passing of the legal code during a time where monarchs were above the law, granted religious freedom which allowed anybody to practice their beliefs, and liked to discuss theology with several scholars.

7 Gaddafi raised the standards of living in Libya

Though a dictator with no regards to human rights, he still had the interests of people in mind. Libyans under his regime had free healthcare, education, and subsidized housing and electricity using billions of oil revenues. In spite of that, Libyans suffered under his regime and would continue to suffer more during the civil war that overthrew him.

8 Jim Jones was a progressive for his era

Jim Jones, one of history's notorious cult leaders responsible for the murder in Jonestown, was a man of progressive values. He was against the use of nuclear weapons, and spoke against racism where minorities were integrated into his cult. Not to mention, he was appointed by the mayor of Indianapolis as the director of the Human Rights Commission.

9 Hitler campaigned against smoking
10 General Butt Naked saw salvation in Christ's teachings

General Butt Naked was a man who was barbaric in every other way. He committed rape, recruited child soldiers, and murdered civilians during the civil war that ravaged Liberia. However, he amended his violent past ways and converted to Christianity where he spread the words of Christ and took care of child soldiers.

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