Top Ten UFO Encounters That Were Debunked the Least Accurately

Aliens are some of the most fascinating and mysterious things on earth. Everyone wonders if they exist, and they are by now one of the most popular things in pop culture. Think of Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Alien, and so much more, all of them starring aliens. So, I've decided to list the top ten unexplained UFO encounters, to accompany my special Sloth Explains it episode that was released the day before this. Without further ado, let's get on into these mysterious and inexplicable cases with our alien protective gear! Things are going to get weird...
The Top Ten
1 Florence Incident, 1954

It's just hilarious how they tried to explain this, so read on. In 1954 in this city, Florence, which is in Italy, a couple soccer teams (football in Europe and all that) were playing in a big stadium, but over 10 000 fans stopped watching and looked up, because there was this strange craft in the sky. It was described as Cigar shaped (sometimes described as Egg-shaped too), with silvery-white threads falling down from the sky. The samples that survived of the stuff that fell from the craft was identified as boron, silicon, calcium and magnesium, which you'll find boring but is important for the next part. The only logical explanation, which is extremely hilarious, was that a ton of migrating spiders, which is hilarious because why the heck would they join forces and form a spacecraft, and also spider silk is organic so none of the elements before that I mentioned are part of it. I guess that a huge warship of migrating spiders could fly by your house any day, folks!

2 The Belgium Wave Incident, 1989-1990

All I gotta say is that this is clearly the craziest one I've ever heard of, even though the main photograph was faked. Sometime late in 1989, Novemberish, a large number of citizens in Belgium reported to have seen a large triangular UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), flying in the sky. There were a lot of reports but no object was found after the reports. But then, early next year, (really only a couple months afterwards), new sightings of multiple similar objects were reported and this time confirmed by multiple military ground radar stations. A few planes were sent out to investigate these strange objects and though the pilots couldn't see anything with their own eyes, their targets showed up on radar. But the UFOs were so fast the agents couldn't catch them. Anyways, over 13,500 people saw the whole thing, which is proof that it wasn't a lie, and the Belgian Air Force had no logical explanation. In the end they determined the incident wasn't hostile and gave up after a long time. One explanation was that "people, in all the frenzy of UFOs, saw alien things in normal objects in the sky". All I have to say to that is that whoever came up with that is just sad.

3 Rendlesham Forest Encounter, 1980

In 1980, there was another very strange encounter, this time in a forest called Rendlesham, somewhere in England. What hits me the most about this one is that there was actually a big government official who saw this phenomenon, and almost everyone in the area argues with the explanation. So, in late December, almost Christmas time (maybe Santa was the explanation?), there was a series of lots of reportings of strange lights around the forest. Most people said they were clearly UFOs or aliens. It sounds like a standard UFO sighting, but this actually took place around a government base of the United States Air Force. Many of the government officials there saw the lights too and even this really important guy, Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt, saw the same things. The rest of the government refused to investigate, and even though they didn't investigate they said the lights were "a lighthouse, a fireball in the sky, and really bright stars", all on the same night. Seriously? Maybe it was just some natural phenomenon but that explanation is very bad.

4 Kenneth Arnold Sighting, 1947

This one is known as the first ever UFO sighting, and it actually gave birth to the phrase "Flying Saucer". A pilot named Kenneth Arnold was flying his aircraft, in Washington, when he apparently saw 9 glowing blue objects fly past, at an estimated extremely fast speed of 1700 mph. He also said they were going in V formation. He thought it was some crazy new military aircraft, because the Cold War had just started, a couple years after the Second World War, but the government said no tests were anywhere near where he was flying. The only theories people offered, which were not intelligent theories, was that he was either hallucinating or he had seen "clouds of snow" bloom from the sky. What really made this a big deal was that another famous unsolved UFO mystery happened just a couple weeks later with the same "saucers"

5 French UFO Incident, 1981

In 1981, this standard farmer living in the outskirts of a small town in France, said he heard a really weird, high-pitched sound, and right after that seeing a flying-saucer land in his fields, which was lead-coloured and took off almost immediately. It may sound like a standard make believe UFO sighting right now, but it wasn't. The farmer immediately contacted the police, who took soil and plant samples, which had chemical evidence that was consistent with the heating of the soil and pressure of a heavy object. There were also traces of Zinc, Phosphate, and evidence of strange characteristics of the plants nearby. The only explanation by sceptics was that the smooshed plants could have been caused by tires or that the french military was testing experimental craft. Not likely.

6 Levelland Encounter, 1957

Alright, this is some creepy stuff. Like something straight out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (I honestly thought that movie was a little boring). Anyways, in that movie there was a scene where the UFO makes the electronics in a car go crazy, and one day there was tons of citizens in this place in Texas, Levelland, who said the exact same thing, either seeing a rocket or strange lights that made their cars go haywire. Engines died and lights cut out. The police were informed and they thought it was all lies, but then they saw the same lights with their own eyes. The explanation (so the government says), was an electric storm and ball lighting. I think that's all garbage because there was not a single thunderstorm reported in the area that night.

7 Washington UFO Incident, 1952

On an otherwise normal day, in Washington, DC, 1952, there was another strange incident. It started off with an unusual and unexpected aircraft appearing on the base's radar. Air traffic controllers at the Ronald Reagan Airport detected movement on their radar that wasn't from any scheduled plane and was so quick it couldn't be detected by the radar screens. In the next week, citizens, government people, and airline crew members reported seeing flashes of light, and there was a whole big fiasco. Air force had the biggest press conference since world war 2 to say that it was just a sudden huge amount of meteors, but people definitely saw something not at all like a meteor, and it appeared as a different frequence on the screens, so something's not right.

8 Westfall UFO Encounter, 1966

Something highly unusual happened at a school in Melbourne, Australia, in the year 1966. Over 300 students and teachers from two schools flocked out of the building to look at five planes surrounding a silvery flying saucer shaped UFO, which spreaded the famous "flying saucer" thing even further, and they watched as the five planes attempted to "herd" the craft in the air to some destination for about 20 minutes, before the UFO disappeared. The only real explanation was by some Australian Skeptics who said it was some kind of military protocol, but that's really weak. Today there's a UFO themed park at the area and to this day witnesses gather there to discuss what happened.

9 Lubbock Lights, 1951

In 1951, some really strange stuff started to happen. A few people outdoors looked up and saw a cemicircle of lights floating above them at a really fast speed. Over the next few days, dozens of other people saw the exact same thing all across town, and there were actually photos snapped of the strange phenomenon, so the explanation can't be "lies" or "Imagination of people", as are the usual explanations. Some people say that the lights were just birds reflecting the luminescence from the town where the sightings were, Lubbock's new street lamps. I personally think that's a garbage explanation, and people who saw it agree, saying that the lights were going way too fast for the explanation being birds. What do you think?

10 USA and Mexico UFO Sightings, 1997

In 1997, thousands of people all over the place reported seeing a whole bunch of lights across several hundred miles of night sky in both States Arizona and Nevada, as well as the city Sonora in Mexico. Some sightings say the UFOs stayed in the same spot just floating there, while others say that they were moving very quickly on a V-shaped triangular craft. The explanation was that the lights that weren't moving, in Phoenix Arizona, were just military flares, and this is a pretty weak explanation as they certainly didn't look anything at all like military flares, and the V-Shaped UFO was never explained and remains a mystery.

The Contenders
11 Puerto Rico UFO Sightings, 1994
12 Roswell UFO Incident, 1947
13 "Battle of Los Angeles", 1942

This has sometimes been referred to as The Battle of Culver City, since the Hughes Aircraft facility was located in that suburban coastal town. Once it became obvious it had not been a Japanese attack, the authorities quickly covered it up, they did not want the population distracted by what was almost certainly a UFO visitation during the middle of wartime.

An air raid over Los Angeles during WW2, with several civilians killed when anti-aircraft fire fell back to earth. No confirmed actual Japanese planes were ever hit or even seen, but "something" was hovering over the super-secret Hughes Aircraft "Skunk Works" weapons factory. Was later laughed off as war jitters, and even made into a comedy movie "1941", and the probable UFO truth covered up.

14 "Bagels in the Sky", 2000
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