Top Ten Accomplishments of Julius Caesar

Since today is the infamous Ides of March, the date of which Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 B.C., I will commemorate Julius Caesar's best accomplishments. I have always admired Caesar because of his committed work to the people, his ambition and drive, and his military prowess. The items on this list will be related directly to Caesar, a way in which people saw him, or something be ended up causing. Hope you guys enjoy the list.
The Top Ten
1 Ascension to Dictator

His rise to the position of Dictator has to be his greatest accomplishment. He first became Dictator in 49 B.C. and was named dictator perpetuo in 44 B.C. He basically held infinite amounts of power in Rome. This was not out of just power though. A large amount of people loved Caesar. That is something that would lead to problems after his assassination.

2 Conquest of Gaul

The Conquest of Gaul was Caesar's greatest military achievements. It took place from 58 B.C. to 50 B.C. His defeat of the united Gallic leader, Vercingetorix, would end the Gallic wars in achieve peace in modern day France. It would effectively launch Caesar's career post Counsulship.

3 Creation of Julian Calendar

If you didn't know. Julius Caesar created our calendar. That is why many of month names have Latin roots. One of Caesar's lasting impacts.

Isn't July named after Caesar? And August after Augustus?

4 The First Triumvirate

The First Triumvirate could very well be known as the most powerful political alliance in history. It consisted of Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus. It was very influential in the Roman Politics from 60 B.C. to 53 B.C. It fell after the death of Crassus and a feud broke out between Pompey and Caesar. Quite the big alliance though.

5 Mitigated a Financial Crisis

At the time of his first consulship, Rome was in a serious financial crisis. Caesar would bring in legislation that would change the system and stop corrupt politicians and wealthy statesmen from taking money from the people.

6 Man of the People

This has to do with the above items. Caesar was much loved by the people. Like they absolutely adored him. He was a man of the people. You cannot dispute the fact that he brought in great legislation and he brought Rome great success, which is all that mattered in Rome. They loved him for it.

7 Leading Orator

Given he was no Cicero, he was a very skilled orator. From a young age even he spoke blistering attacks against opponents and became one of the finest speakers in his public service life.

8 Recognized Author

A fact that not many know about Caesar is the fact that he wrote multiple books. The books that received the most praise were his books on the Gallic Wars. He also wrote a lot about history and the events of the time.

9 Roman Civil War

His victory against Pompey is one of his major military accomplishments. The victory would lead to his ascension to leadership of Rome.

10 Never Lost a War
The Contenders
11 Oversaw Major Construction Projects

Caesar oversaw the recreation of both Carthage and Corinth, famous cities that were destroyed by the Romans. He oversaw the construction of Caesar's Forum in the Roman Forum, the Temple of Divus Iulius. He also oversaw many more projects.

12 Creation of the Tax System
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