Top Ten Worst Acts by U.S. Presidents

These are some of the darker moments if American history.
The Top Ten
1 The 2003 Invasion of Iraq

Bush, along with congress, decided to invade Iraq based on the assumptions that Iraq was involved with 9/11, and that they were hiding nuclear warheads. Both turned out to be false, but it was too late. Bush then decided to justify the invasion that Hussein was a danger to world security and he needed to be overthrown. While Hussein was an evil dictator, most found it hard to believe that a country like Iraq could be a national threat. Bush also conveniently forgot that the U.S. supported Hussein during his war with Iran. Since the execution of Hussein, the Middle East has become even more unstable, and thousands of civilians have died in the war.

2 The Vietnam War

President Kennedy declared war on North Vietnam in order to stop the spread of communism. During the war, all sides, including the U.S., engaged in war crimes. Also, while the U.S. claimed that communism was evil because it is undemocratic and oppressive, the U.S. supported South Vietnam, whose leader oppressed his people until he was assassinated. In the end, the war was for nothing, because North Vietnamese forces eventually unified the country anyways.

3 The Creation of the CIA

Truman created the CIA, an organization which has used its powers to overthrow democraticly elected governments across the world, train rebel groups, intimidate civil rights leaders, and conduct mind control experiments.

4 Supporting Islamic Extremists

The Reagan administration helped fund Islamic rebels to help kick the USSR out of Afghanistan. While the rebels were successful, an unintended consequence occurred. One of the rebels had a name that would later become the most infamous on the world. His name was Osama bin Laden. Yes, the CIA may have inadvertently caused 9/11.

5 The Trail of Tears

President Jackson ordered the removal of thousands of Native Americans, which resulted in a mass amount of deaths.

6 Japanese Internment Camps

During WWII, Roosevelt had thousands of Japanese-Americans locked up without a trial just because of their ethnicity

7 Watergate Scandal

The Nixon administration committed several illegal acts throughout his presidency which, ultimately, led to his downfall and his resignation.

8 The Creation of the Federal Reserve

President Wilson has the unfortunate privilege of being the person who created the Fed, an unaccountable undemocratic organization that can completely alter the economy without having to seek approval. The Fed has done a terrible job of preventing recessions or high inflation, and often makes the problem worse. President Wilson even regretted the decision on his deathbed.

The Fed is evil.

9 The Bay of Pigs Invasion

President Kennedy authorized an invasion of Cuba, which completely failed, and led to the Cuban Missile Crisis, which could have destroyed the world.

10 The TikTok U.S. Sale Deadline/Ban Executive Orders

This was so dumb. President Trump was worried about the people who own TikTok while take most of the users data. That isn't such a bad thing to worry about, but all social media sites, websites that use cookies, etc, all take the users data, which is idiotic to ban one site when the rest are still taking data. Not only this, but Trump definitely had more things to worry about like the COVID-19 pandemic than a app where teenagers dance. Overall, it was stupid.

I realized how stupid this was a month ago when Facebook and Google do the same thing tiktok does and the app even allows you to like to Facebook Instagram and Google which already take your data.

The Contenders
11 The Creation of the PATRIOT Act

Bush created one of the most, if not the most, unconstitutional organization ever to exist. The act allows the government to wiretap, search houses without the owner's consent, tracking people without a warrant, etc.

12 Dropping Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
13 Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

This disastrous bill has been turning America into a 3rd world country since 1968. If not repealed, whites will be a minority by around 2047-2048.

14 The War on Drugs

We lost a war to a needle and a hot spoon..

15 Doing Nothing about the Secession Crisis
16 Attempts to overturn the 2020 Election results
17 The Alien and Sedition Acts

They supressed the freedom of speech. This was by far President Adams' worst decision as president.

18 Clinton not intervening in Rwanda during the 1994 Genocide
19 The Family Separation Policy
20 Embargo Act of 1807
21 Executive Order 9066
22 Reagan's Tax Cuts
23 Covering up the Watergate break-in
24 No Child Left Behind Act
25 1913 Federal Reserve Act
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