Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lynn Lopez, also known as J. Lo, is an American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author and producer.


You may dislike her music but don't be delusional about her fantastic look! She's one of the most graceful and beautiful women in the world! Nothing can change that. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie are over her? Seriously? - Lacritia

She should be number one. Even though she is like 40+, she still is beautiful. Look at her ass and tits. She even made teenage boys get boners. And she was once awarded "most beautiful woman in the world" if I'm not mistaken.

She doesn't look one bit like 45! She looks like 25 for me!

She's beautiful and have a brilliant voice. I love all her songs and shes gorgeous lady.

She sexy beautiful talented she gat it all she should b on top 5

When you have looked as good as she does for as long as she has, you must come to terms with how beautiful she really is.

Have u seen her video "Booty" since then I always wanted to touch her ass and have sex with her

i like her body especilly her gluteal part.hehehehehe!

She should be at least in top ten come on guys vote for her

She never ages. 47 and looking much better than anyone on this list and 20 year olds

Do you people remember those 4 years: Out Of Sight, On the 6, J Lo, and her early 2000s. Phew!

There has to be some reason why she's famous, right?

Katy Perry is higher than Jennifer Lopez? Oh the world we live in...


She is so crazy that I am surprised that she is not in the top #5

Here is another joke and undeserved position on this list!

She has the sexist boobs on earth..

Her arse is like if Jesus Christ came down from heaven.

Gorgeous face, gorgeous body, absolutely ageless.

So sexy I would bang her every night of my life

Smart, hot, kind, what more can you wish for

The world's most beautiful woman...J-Lo!

She looks amazing for a woman her age

She Looks Nothing Like A 46 Year Old

You are so hot and charming girl