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Jessica Marie Alba is an American actress, model and businesswoman. She has won various awards for her acting, including the Choice Actress Teen Choice Award and Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television, and a Golden Globe nomination for her lead role in the television series Dark Angel.


Well she knows that she is one of the hottest along with everyone else that has eyes. the thing is, is she as beautiful inwardly? Most wouldn't care but one without the other is certainly a sign of sadness. I would like to think that she is the whole package, hell! I don't know why I'm wasting my time commenting on jessica alba someone whom I don't know nor ever will! I do not really watch much T. v but the little I have viewed of her she is a true talent, beauty and inspiration for all young women to aspire to be!

Jessica alba is the hottest, most beautiful woman in existence... Or for that matter who existed. She's amazing and just one look into her eyes makes you feel like your in heaven. She's gotta be number one. I don't even know how these two people above made it to the list

What...? How could anyone vote for the two above Jessica Alba...? Neither of them are "hot". The most they are is "average", maybe even slightly above average, but most certainly NOT worthy to be compared to Jessica Alba.

She is very beautiful because She looks more like Asian woman.. She had a very sweet smile and sexy cute lips.. Her eyes very stunning and she had a hot body too. Jessica not just beautiful but she had many talents and know how to bring herself.

She is the hottest girl I have ever seen, she is damn beautiful... I love her very much... She should be given the first position no matter what...!

Okay, how is SHE number 3? She deserves to be number one. The two above aren't very pretty. They are okay. But she is without a doubt beautiful. Without make up and with make up. People need to realize that. Go Alba! You rock!

Are you kidding? Half of these people nobody knows like Samantha Kelly or Natalia Oreiro. I found out who she was easily. She's so stunning and at #4 being the SECOND JESSICA ON THE LIST?! I think Jessica Alba is the hottest woman out there and not Angel Locsin.

Hey people, we're talking about hottest women in the world, not who has a talent for singing! How does sarah brightman having a pure voice makes her hot? Just Google jessica alba and compare these 2 and tell us who is hotter.

I agree with the guy below me. The evanescence chick shouldn't even be in this category. And although sarah brightman has the voice of an angel, she isn't hot. Jessica alba is the hottest woman on the planet.

She has the perfect body and she has just an emanating personality, everything about her is amazing she keeps u interested but she makes u have a sense of pride and if you are with her i think you could probably feel comfortable in your own skin. she seems so down to earth.

Totally agree with other posts. How can the other 2 above be compared to Jessica at all is beyond me. The eyes, the body, that sensuality. If you have watched Dark Angel you will know what I mean

There are a couple I personally find hotter like kate beckinsale but I would think If you took every man on the planets top 5 jessica alba would be on the majority of them more then any other woman

People! Why the hell is she 4th? Jessica Alba doesn't deserve to be anywhere on this list except at first place. These Filipino buggers have no idea of what hotness is, do they?

HahhAHAHAhah if amy lee was the hottest woman of the world we would be on crisis
i mean ok she is pretty but cmon... not number 1 -_-
jessica alba is much more hot - Ak3nator

she is so hot man. she should be miss universe. if she reads this tell her I like her and shes a very good actor the best in the world.

The most perfect person on the planet. has the most beautiful face ever. along with an awesome personality and everything else is Awesome to - arhymemaster

Amazingly beautiful and stunning. Great actress seems like a good girl... thank god there's still beautiful intelligent women out there.

Honestly I think there should be no one above jessica alba in any opinion polls, both print and online, regarding natural beauty. She is just gorgeous as well as classy.

I love Amy Lee... but I was wondering how she even got on the list? I mean, she's kinda cute and all... but JESSICA ALBA all the way!!! - feiy_o6

Jessica Alba looks like the young step-cousin of the hot girl who lives three houses down to the right of you when you were a freshman in high school. REALLY? You can find one of these in every 12 girls you see standing together. AT LEAST.

Sorry, she is really overrated. She is pretty for sure but when compared to a lot of other women she is actually quite plain looking. She is not "stunning" by any means and a mediocre actress at best. You people need glasses.

Jessica you're the most beautiful woman in the word and I named my daughter with your name and now I have a Jessica alba in my house and we love you...

If she'd be that hot, her husband wouldn't have to cheat on her with Lindsay Lohan, huh? ;-)
You guys only think she's hot because media tells you so.
She looks like a skinny child and nothing like a REAL woman.

She's just so flawless and beautiful. She looks so innocent and I think that is a really pretty feature. I think we should vote to get her to the top. 4th is too low for her!

This list is a joke. Period. Jessica Alba has more beauty than all of these competitors combined... She's TOO pretty for a list like this