Katy Perry

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Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (Katy Perry) was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. Katy Perry is a singer, songwriter, actress and an ambassador on one of the most popular companies of now, UNICEF. ...read more.


The important thing is she's BEAUTIFUL INSIDE,.. You just gotta ignite, the light and let it shine,... Come on show em' what you are worth,... Thanks katy you give us (minority ras) some part of me a ignition spirit

She's a good entertainer, singer too. But far from beautiful. Seen photos of her, without the makeup and all the window dressing. She looks more like the average woman. No offense, just the way it is. Nice body too, good personality, talented, not beautiful or gorgeous. - Casimm

To the person that commented below that he/she mutes the music videos because he/she can't stand the lyrics, enough said. How is she higher than Taylor! Not because they have a feud I'm just saying' that Tay is much hotter

How can she be natural when she is a fake brunette? Kate Perry keeps dying her hair black, that's not natural, what is she trying to hide? Her real hair colour which is not black!

She's up there for me, I don't feel like reading more, don't really know most the people on this list, don't think any woman is "most" beautiful, but katy perry is VERY VERY fine

Katy Perry is so hot in her music video roar I just get so jealous that the first time I saw that music video I started my girlfriend!

STUNNING certainly deserves to be number 1! Her face and eyes are so gorgeous! (and this is coming from another girl) clearly all men would love to have her

Katy Perry is as hot as hell man, sexy, great singer and a colorful person I don't understand why she's in no.10 she should be number 1 in my case

Katie is lovely. She is also very talented and innovative.

I love Katy perry so much and her songs they are so amazing. Katy perry is beautiful in any way possible, with or without makeup

Some times I dream of being able to be her husband

I love Katy Perry and she should be #1! (Or at least #2 depending on who's hotter but I say she's hotter! ) - Gunboymanic

So gorgeous, beautiful she just oozes sex!

Katy perry always being my inspiration

Katy Perry... Funny, smart, talented, beautiful inside and outside.

She is so pretty and has great songs. - Catacorn

She has an amazing and unique beauty

add her good style of music

shes one of the best

As long as I ADORE Britney Spears, Katy Perry is the woman who I want to have her body! - ecearslann

Hot as hell, with the sexiest music videos I have ever seen. #1.

I love her she's like angel also Emily blunt is real beauty

Beautiful in the inside and outside! All her songs have such a beautiful meaning!

She is incredible, and her boobs. - Strobo

Most attractive looks and smile in the field of music.

She is very beautiful and hot and I like her cute smile...

82! She is hotter than at least 81 of the women ahead of her