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1 Barney Stinson Barney Stinson Barnabus "Barney" Stinson is a fictional character portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris and created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for the CBS television series How I Met Your Mother.

He is a Legendary..

A friend anybody should have!

Him and Marshall are the best characters

he's a guy

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2 Marshall Ericsen

Marshall is the nicest one.

He is good. He wants good for everyone. He don't play dirty games or mind games. He is not dominating.

Marshalls the best LOOL

Barney's definitely the breakout character, but Marshall's my favorite because he's the biggest goofball out there; and an extremely lovable goofball as well. Marshall and Lily's relationship is the epitome of a PERFECT MATCH, which makes for some really heartwarming moments. Barney's hilarious, and so is Marshall, yet Barney's a pretty bad person, and a little hard to relate with. Marshall is by far the most relateable character on the show, and he's the one that I've grown to love.

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3 Ted Mosby Ted Mosby Theodore Evelyn Mosby is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the U.S. television sitcom How I Met Your Mother, portrayed by Josh Radnor.

Barney is definitely the coolest and most fun character but Ted is just great. There aren't enough words to describe him. He is absolutely romantic and I love it! He is cute, charming, a lot of fun, passionate and he believes in love. Also he is still the main character and his lovestory is the reason why we watched the whole show! Appreciate Ted Mosby!

He says some really great stuff that has helped in real life. So has Barney for example When I'm sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead. So Barney is really close but its gotta be Ted. He is the best

He is so sensitive and expresses his emotions. He is after all the main character and his love life if the main story. There are not enough words to describe Ted Mosby. Passionate, funny, sensitive, emotional, brave, outgoing, believer.

I Love his personality

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4 Robin Scherbatsky

Robin just cracks me up

Her crying under that table with a bottle in her hand, I can't think of anything funnier than that.

She's a very tough woman and that is very like able
... But then again she's from Canada.

Two words: Robin Sparkles.

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5 Lily Aldrin

For me Lily is my second favorite character

Voting Lily because I think she should be above Robin. Don't get me wrong, Robin from season 1 - 4/5 was fun to watch, but after that she became annoying. Things like her truth voice or just the way she got offended when Marshall thought Lily was hotter than Robin made me hate her. Let alone the time she threw the open house for Barney's appartment (without beforementioned Barney's permission) and the Minnesota Tidlewave thing. I get it's for the laughs but it never worked for me.

Meanwhile, Lily is an interesting character that has developed quite a bit.

She is better than Robin - kedibey

Deserves number 3. Barney its too awesome and Ted is Ted he was just perfect for his role. Lily is funny you never know with what shell come up with. Shes smart too, unique, lovely, spontaneous, gorgeous, yes, she is my fictional crush too and with good reasons people. She is the heart of the whole group and keeps them together! The perfect girl in my eyes...

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6 The Mother

When I saw her sing la vie en rose I was in awe like she is such a great character definitely the best character on this show

Just... Just... Just watch season 9. Especially How Your Mother Met Me. She's almost the best (behind Barney of course)

The umbrella was from a UFO!

She is very mystery

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7 Ranjit

You going on a taxi ride? Yes, then where's RANJIT?!

He don't mess around

The Best character


8 Victoria

She was way too intense. I didn't like how easily she walked out on her Wedding. Basically another Stella, and another character wrong for Ted.

Ted should've ended up with her

She in my opinion is the best girlfriend ted had ever had

Better than Robin

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9 Marvin Erikson Sr.
10 Sandy Rivers


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11 Wendy the Waitress
12 James Stinson

Islands in the street that is what we are...

The best half brother we can ever imagin

13 Steve "The Blitz" Henry

Gotta love the Blitz episode one of the funniest of the series.

14 Klaus


15 William Zabka

The true karate kid.


16 The Captain

The captain should honestly be top 3, hands down.

Lol gotta love the captain

"you just had a cigarette in your boss' powder room, what do you do with the cigarette? "
"Hide it in a boat"

17 Zoey Pierson

She's untrustworthy, but cute

18 Carl MacLaren
19 Mickey Aldrin
20 Arthur Hobbs

How is he so low?
He is my favorite (besides Barney of course)
His dog is awesome too - Iamchewbacca37

21 Jerome Whittaker
22 Nora

She’s basically the perfect girl!

Loved her character hated how they ended her run on the show - Bubblepopqueen

Was perfect for Barney

Barnie could have ended up with her. She was awesome! - Charith

23 Patrice


Nobody asked her...



24 Kevin

When he offers to go to weird alwith ted, who was an ass to him, shows how much of a nice person he was. He was even willing to forgive robin and try and help her.. And got screwed over by her

Wish he coulda been on the show longer.

My favourite of robins boyfriends

25 Quinn

Never would have made it with barney

Was perfect for Barney


26 Adam "Punchy" Punciarello

He is cool just for being Sammy from BMS.

27 Hammond Druthers

Only voting because of some stunning acting by Bryan Cranston

28 Brad

"I said Asta La Cya to my old job"

29 Mitch "The Naked Man"
30 Stella Zinman

She is an awful two faced douche of a character

31 Jenkins

She is funny and should be featured as part of the gang

I'd tap that.

She was hot

32 Katie Scherbatsky
33 Linus

Thank you Linus

34 Clint
35 Curtis
36 Scooter
37 Virginia Mosby
38 Abby
39 Darren

His fire eyes though

40 Karen

Hillarious! :
Karen: "Are those diamond earings? " Lilly: "Yeah thanks" Karen: "I didn't say I liked them"

41 Mike

Mike the camera guy that works with robin on the news.

42 Tugboat
43 Trey
44 Tim Gunn
45 Judy Eriksen
46 Jerry Whitaker
47 Cindy
48 Don Frank
49 Garrison Cootes
50 Rhonda "Man-Maker" French
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