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1 Lord Zedd

Though he was dummed down into a pathetic joke after they made him marry Rita because snowflake parents thought he was too scary, Zedd was an impressive villain throughout most of Season 2. It looks like the writers of the comics know that because they're taking the series in a new direction to avoid that mistake.
Though it was only once he's also the first lead villain to take on a Ranger in person. Too bad it didn't happen more often. Power Rangers Annual #1 showed some interesting insight to him, revealing that trying to take the Zeo crystal reduced him to his current form. I'd like to see the story behind that. It makes him even more interesting as a character.

2 Ransik

This guy was ruthless and cruel, but not totally evil. Rejection is what drove him to hate mankind. It's unclear whether he had and lost a wife or if he simply raised Nadira as his own, but that would be an interesting story on day.
He also does a good deal of facing the Rangers in person, when most lead villains prefer to send their creatures and watch from behind a safety line.
Unlike most Ranger arch villains, he sees the error of his ways and gives himself up in the end. This provided the American series a much more interesting foe than in Japan. He also redeems himself in their Wild Force guest appearance and is turned human. This is one of the few villains to have a happy ending.

3 Astronema

Not only the hottest villain but she had the best story.

4 Trakeena

She was certainly powerful and menacing, but Deviot even more so in some ways, having manipulated her easily and practically merged with her to make her even MORE powerful and menacing. That being said, Deviot's treachery, cunning, and overall villainy was even worse then Trakeena in my opinion.

Trakeena had a huge story arc

She embrace her evil

It is said that her evil green monster form is so powerful that Olympius and Queen Bansheera would have been killed by her.

Queen Bansheera stated that herself.

5 The Psycho Rangers

These were bad ass the hardest fight any ranger had to battle took them many episodes to be defeated

6 Ecliptor

Screw the idea letting Divatox and Lord Zedd survive! Ecliptor was much more deserving of a second chance!

Not only the coolest-looking villain/general, but the most tragic one as well since he undeservedly died.

7 Mesogog

Probably one of the most evil Ranger foes ever. He wants to return the world to the Jurassic era, and is willing to destroy all of humanity to achieve it. Unlike most Ranger illains, he doesn't surround himself with any imbecilic comic relief. He obviously has no tolerance for such things, and good for him. Those dim-witted lackeys are usually more annoying than funny.
His human persona as Mercer is a lot like The Green Goblin. A wealthy man driven against his will to become an insane monster. Mesagog is almost on equal grounds with Lord Zedd as the most powerful evil encountered by a Ranger.

8 Darkonda

He is si evil, that he always look how to defeat rangers, and Astronema, Ecliptor and Dark Spector.

9 Goldar

Goldar is like Shredder was to Krang. The one who did the dirty work. He took on the Rangers on more occasion than any other enemy. In ways he'd have been a bigger threat if he was in charge, but he was a warrior who existed to take orders rather than give them.
His loyalty instantly shifted to Zedd and he seemed thrilled to have him take over. Probably because he felt he could easily destroy the Rangers. But MMPR annual #1 also shows his loyalty goes to whoever is most powerful.
Goldar's fate was never totally clear at the end of the space series. Most were destroyed or turned to normal humans, but who knows? He was a lot more resourceful than one gave him credit for. He may still be out there waiting for the time to make his great new conquest.

10 Rita

She was most smart an scheming villan in all power ranger series and she created the green ranger and kat. She has sense of humor and she even outwitted zedd

She is most coolest villan on any power ranger series. She created the evil green ranger and she is one who zordon in the capsule. So wicked!

She is the first villain

She created an evil green ranger and took his powers!

The Contenders
11 Divatox

First and only villain to defeat and destroy the rangers power and still be good. Kind of sexy and such a diva. Great character.

12 Evil Green Ranger
13 Master Org

The boy from Eerie, Indiana named Marshall Teller loves Master Org because he too loves pollution and crime.

I hate Marshall Teller.

14 Camille
15 Lothor
16 Venjix

Venjix conquered the world except for one city! That's better than all the other villains. He even made people into hybrids to help him!

Anyone notice how the first Venjix was The main General in Forever Red in wild Force?

17 Ivan Ooze

He scared me, but I loved him. Does anyone else look at him and see Satan?

I will touch my nose and put my knees on the ground sign the robot from Barney the Dinosaur

18 Tenaya 7
19 Rito Revolto
20 Frax

Frax hates humans and Mutants. And though he's with Ransik most of the time, he always has his own agenda, and will double cross Ransik to achieve it.
After going out on his own Frax becomes even more dangerous. He becomes a third faction in what's now a 3 way war.

21 Treacheron
22 Daishi
23 Zenaku

I, David Rivera want to stop Zen-Aku from killing the Power Rangers Wild Force and Merrick Baliton. And I, David Rivera will not allow Zen-Aku to bullying or picking fights with Animus who is a god-like Megazord and my true friend.

I really think Zen Aku should be number 1 name another villain we all were rooting for instead of the power rangers. Not only that search up "The Theme of
Zen Aku"

I, David Rivera like Zen-Aku because he's my character and I, David Rivera respect Zen-Aku with vengeance.

24 Archerina
25 Diabolico

He's one of the more honorable villains!

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