Worst Instagram Users

The Top Ten
1 kimkardashian

This list is incomplete without Kim Kardashian. Her posts are ruining Instagram.

2 johnappleseed
3 mrpimpgoodgame
4 adam sentori
5 firemario9
6 luigiandmariosucks
7 halo_worst_game
8 minecraft.is.bad
9 kxtelxn
10 girlyfartsxx
The Contenders
11 katelyndavis30
12 w.arrior.s
13 s.adgalbri

This chick was posting sexy pics (even a nude picture of herself) of herself. This was all before her 18th birthday. So I guess you could say she was pretty much doing child porn.

14 stormy.byrd
15 Lil Tay Lil Tay is an American rapper and internet personality who gained fame from the age of 9. She is the sister of Jason Tian.
16 realdonaldtrump
17 chelsea_benbenk24
18 daaavvviiisss
19 Satisfactoryfeed
20 khloekardashian
21 Worldstar
22 jailyneojeda
23 davidmileshogg
24 stormy.archives
25 iamcardib
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