Top 10 Best Creepypasta Plot Twists

Creepypastas are the best way to promote your own horror story in the internet. Sometimes, they can be disgusting love stories with serial murderers, over the top cartoonish violence or just down right Trollpastas entirely on purpose. Sometimes, they can be actually horror stories.

If you don't want Spoiler alerts, get out of this list.

I want to thank the youtuber HoodoHoodlumsRevenge for giving most of the ideas put on this list. Go watch his youtube channel. I also apologize for the bad grammar, I'm not English, I'm Argentinian.
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1 The main character, was right (Psychosis)

When you first read the story, you think the boy is just overexaggerating, getting the wrong idea about what is going on around him. But as soon as you read the last paragraph, you realize the mysterious entity that was haunting humankind was always real.

We also realize that the main character may be the last human who wasn't controlled by this creature. No decision made by the protagonist was in vain, not even cutting his eyeballs to avoid the creature taking him to a fate worse than death itself.

2 Candle Cove never existed (Candle Cove)

If an actual puppet TV show for kids had a character that used children's skins to create clothes for himself, it would be canceled even before the pilot was released.

Ah, Candle Cove. One of the classics. There's a whole backstory built up for this one, a backstory that you can read on the Wiki and that I strongly recommend.

What if a low-budget kids' show you normally watched when you were younger wasn't real?

3 The destiny of Josh (Penpals)

PenPals may be the longest Creepypasta I ever read (longer than Godzilla NES), but it's worth the time. The story is about a kid who creates a school project, writing information about his life and personality. He then sends the letter, attached to a balloon, into the sky to see if someone reads it.

Unfortunately, the person who reads the letter is a serial killer pedophile. He instantaneously falls in love with the main character and starts stalking him for the rest of his life until he reaches 18 and can finally share his love with him.

Josh, the best friend of the protagonist, is almost identical to him. In order to experience what it feels like to make love to his... senpai, he kidnaps Josh, dresses him like the main character, and starts to turn him into his toy.

The last episode of the Creepypasta is unbelievably disturbing. It's disgusting to think how far someone's love can go, even if it's not reciprocated.

4 You can never escape (Noend House)

The NoEnd House is an abandoned mansion that is said to be haunted. To prove this, the main character enters the place, going through numbered rooms, each door leading to something worse than the last, until he reaches the point of hell itself.

When he finally reaches the exit, he couldn't believe that it was all a lie, it wasn't infinite. He takes back all his words when he goes back home and sees the next numbered door.

5 The footage found (Return to Sender)

Short and effective, like a campfire horror story. Return to Sender is about human stupidity and how far it can go, even risking your own life.

6 Are we puppets? (String Theory)

String Theory poses an existential question: What if everything we do daily is controlled by other beings?

7 The woman can walk (Stairs)

Short and effective.

It doesn't have any creature or creepy serial killer (kind of), just an old woman in a wheelchair. When the cop realizes an important fact about the woman's real nature, it's too late. The wheelchair is empty.

8 The ghost had done it before (Mr. Whidemouth)

An interesting story about a friendly creature that only appears to young children when no one else is around. It suggests interesting, fun games such as playing catch with knives and jumping from a high altitude.

9 Living in the sunlight (The Harbinger Experiment)

A spirit creature that uses a happy song to kill its victims, that's really terrifying.

10 Jeremy can warp time (The Strangest Video Tape I've Ever Seen)

I still don't know how he is able to actually warp time, but it's still a cool plot twist.

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11 The Main Character Was the Girl (The Girl in the Photograph)
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