Best TopTenners of April, May, and June 2018

Spring Cleaning, and tightening up things is one thing, but as crisp green clean as you wanna believe it was try telling these users how committed they were in this 3 month span that I witnessed. Some of these may come off as odd so i'll give lengthy backgrounds to each one of these users since I have witnessed there brief exits, and returns.
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1 SpectralOwl

Apr - ''I feel like with question owl may lead the charge in the month of April he lives, and breaths the activity I have seen from his genius memes, to the content level on here I am moderately impressed by the work ethic you bring.

May - Hmm... PeeledBanana has been quite inactive for a while, and Owl has been one of the few very consistent members of his own gen. Give credit where its due.
Jun - When I reflect on who the overall best of Gen 18 is everyone is gonna throw out some sorta different out there, but one name that has been the most consistent from the beginning to the end is the memetastic SpectralOwl. For the most part he stays neutral to certain things, and in doing so he even has a blog posts series in the works that has potential to be great. Overall this is the guy who I think represented Gen 18 the strongest even with some really bad mistakes he has surpassed my initial fought of him originally now an established ''player'' if you will.''

I believe the most active, and well received of all of these easily claimed by SpectralOwl, while he got some bad rep for getting rid of a popular feature (accidentally) on the site he made it known he is a standout from gen 18 and took a name for himself by storm in that Spring period.

2 TwilightKitsune

Apr - TK had not done that much in the start of 2018, however in this one month maybe a turning point to reconsider ones activity level can change in a hurry.

May - She's back to form folks, and something tells me she's ready to reclaim her title of a defined quality female user. Update: well you have started something very interesting coming back, and I kinda like it.
Jun - Now you get to see Missy Kitsune go to action of what she is known best. Watch out newbies don't get on her bad side she can be feisty if you don't watch out.''

Missy, missy Kitsune strikes again from being angered by MSS, and now more very great gut wrenching sob stories, TK has now become the user many were ready to see the best of for two generations to simply witness.

3 PackFan2005

Apr - ''The most recent one on this list who has seen a great level of activity since visiting in 2015. This cheesehead definitely has some upside to him.
Jun - A fellow sports fan/analyst who deserves some recognition for his hard work ethic especially earning his first featured list, and continues to pursuit in the field of subject well done fellow cheese fanatic well done.''

Whether he was an unknown in that period of Gen 18 he became one of the last established users of that timeline before Gen 19 would take place next month he has like 4 or 5 featured lists since that three month span I'd say I'm impressed.

4 TheFourthWorld

May - ''You are up there as a quick rising star, and even so you already have some admires at your dismay especially this month you have shown a wide amount of progress.
Jun - Young padawan has been having some interesting activity the last few months she's gone from somebody very underrated to suddenly jump up to 150 followers amazing how much popularity can change especially you.''

TFW has definitely transitioned herself from a halfway good content shown, and even have a closer understanding for one close friend than any other. While NC managed to have a rough three months. I'd give it to TFW for sure.

5 kempokid

May - ''It is all coming together slowly he makes post after post to now getting the big break as everyone now starts taking more notice thanks to the now popular Depraved killing game. Its also pretty creative I gotta admit I say give it shot... even if you aren't in it its pretty original.''
Although he is considered a user from Gen 16 Kemp after being off the radar for a year and half started to make a case that taking a little of my wisdom, and transition that to his own especially when many gen 18 users started to really appropriate what he does.

6 floral

May - ''You have caught my eye since how diverse you have become in list versatility. You have progressed quicker than I imagined. Once I made a comment you don't follow anyone back you end up doing so. Take words of encourage to great detail, and push even further with sports knowledge you have earned it keep it up dear Samantha.'' Sadly she would disappear for a bit after I made her the top user that month, but would come back by new username of Floral. She definitely has a lot of subjects she seems to know that many probably may not be able to fully be diverse of opinions as her. Her early works does remind me of myself remix anything in sight.

7 2storm

Apr - ''He did stand to the old veterans of the site, and also being a class act pitching in the mock draft as much as he could do.

Jun - Still has great insightful NBA takes much more greater than mine as I'm starting to get my feet wet with the NBA in general trying to get back into it.''

Awe yes a longtime veteran on the site returns with his great intake on the NBA. His getting back into as a great blog post series maker that he once was a few years back definitely deserve more looks from a new generation.

Thank you for the mention. If feel kinda hurt though by you calling me old. Na just kidding.

8 RainbowDashsucks755

May - ''Here's an underrated return, and unexpected welcome back Kody! She is one who takes by inspirations, and dedicates her work very much.

Jun - I'm glad you've decided to come back It really brightened me more wider to see you haven't given up. I believe you have gotten much better as well caring about your content, and respect others while saying your taking more of a breathing method you earn it from me.''
Seeing her back is uplifting, I kinda got a little sorrow when I miss users that I care greatly about. Since arriving back she treats all of her works in top quality care, but she claims that nobody is noticing. Remember this ''You produce effort, they will come.''

9 AnimeDrawer

Apr - ''Okay of the ones on this remix she has quietly done a bit in April, a very interesting up and down rollercoaster train for sure.

Jun - Well your starting to show what you can do... as far as I know it's a bit creative touch to boot what more can we see? '' From being the winner of my Royal Rumble post, and as well as being neutral to the Gen 18 Puga war. AD managed to show she has more to show to new generation. Even so with a very unique way of seeing a movie like post. I gotta give A for creativity for sure, how more active can we be may tell the story as well.

10 DarkMatter1997

May - ''I'm not for, or against his beliefs, but the fact you are the more outgoing religious atheism of them all, and even successfully managed to realized that even Pos reveled he too is an atheist is more shocking almost like he does hold power than what was not expected. Are you Claude Judge Frollo than? I gotta say you want the anti-dark prince of darkness in the mist of very intriguing personalities He was quite the religion type to the extant of others coming out to their own as the same belief as he a secret cult in the works perhaps.

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