Best TopTenners of August 2018

We’ve had good toptenners through this year, but which have taken the cake during the month of August in 2018?
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1 DapperPickle

Here we have DapperPickle, who has returned and already made a few nice lists in a short span.
Edit: Two featured lists at the same time? I haven't seen that before, and he's now making two or three lists a day. Way to go.

Thanks for including me, and thank you everybody that put me on their remixes and voted for me, greatly appreciated.

He rightfully deserves #1. Two featured lists at once? Way to go DapperPickle keep up the good work!

2 Cyri

When I think of the best Gen-19 user so far, Cyri comes to my mind. Cyri has the potential to duplicate what the best Gen-18 users have done. I'm liking what I'm seeing from this up and coming user.

I've seen Cyri around a lot recently. Definitely showing a lot of potential.

3 Randomator

One of TheTopTens sports gurus, Randomator also puts time in effort into his lists and posts, and they're quite underrated. I say check him out.

4 egnomac

Ah yes, egnomac has continued making high quality lists, and is quite knowledgeable in a lot of categories.

5 iliekpiez

My best month.
Over 150 in member points collected
Over 200 in member score
My best list "best main pixar protangists"
List quality improves
Some noice remixes
Best cartoons
Best star wars characters
And others
A HQ post
I am actually proud of myself

6 CloudInvasion

I must say, CloudInvasion is quite underrated. I was surprised to see she had under 100 followers. She puts work into what she does, and I say, great job.

I think you'd enjoy talking to her.

7 SpectralOwl

One of Gen-18's best users is going strong into Gen-19, and I expect he'll keep it up over time.

8 Metal_Treasure

Metal_Treasure is pumping out lists nearly every day, showing not every idea for a list has been taken yet. Not to mention a lot of work goes into his lists.

Thanks for including me in this list and noticing my work!

9 NightmareCinema

It's August 1st, but NightmareCinema still all good!

10 Squidward48

Squidward48 is nice to talk to, and even though he's more active on his backup account, I still really like this one.

The Contenders
11 KingSlayer93316

KingSlayer93316 has already gotten over 1,000 comments in a short span. He also knowledgeable in plenty of subjects.

12 AnnieCallie
13 cjWriter1997
14 FallenBlaze

Another prominent Gen-19 user, FallenBlaze is just getting started, so expect a lot more from this rising user.

15 TwilightKitsune
16 2storm
17 iggyjepsen
18 toptendudes
19 RainbowDashsucks755
20 PackFan2005
21 saturatedsunrise

My favorite user on this site, definitely!

22 Gangem
23 DearKudaibergen

DearKudaibergen - the best of luck.

24 Rocko
25 Martin_Canine
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