Best Quadruples On TheTopTens

If you don't know what Quadruple means its four users... inspired by previous lists seen from before feel free to add what you like enjoy! These might not be the most accurate representation, but hopefully this is close than expected to be.
The Top Ten
1 Alexandr, MatrixGuy, Magnolia, Irina2932

The original unit conquerors of the site before most of us would come they set the standard... you had the Ukrainian ladies, and Alexandr the great leading them to the promised land. As well as the first user to be established as a hard working contributor in German, or Romanian whichever one preferred MatrixGuy. Thus assembling the most impressive Quadruple in history.

These were the original users of TheTopTens? That's pretty cool!

2 htoutlaws2012, Randomator, PackFan2005, 2storm

This is what I like to call the evolution of sports analysts from the past, present, and future.

3 EvilAngel, UltimateHybridX, Lukestheman4, NuMetalManiak

You have the most iconic trio in the history of the site, but then include NuMetal in the mix its not a bad mashup for me.

4 Therandom, Puga, Gamermike, Larrythefairy

Need I have to explain this one.

5 Wonkeydude98, ProPanda, Swellow, djpenquin999

While not every one of these users is not quite as active as they once were, but when they were on they would come in with style like no other.

6 AnimeDrawer, NightmareCinema, TheFourthWorld, CaptainMowzker

This one has to make some sort of sense based on how much the four truly are close to one another in some sorta way. AD, and NC are a legitimate duo, than add the best friends works out with a bigger picture.

Well after some recent events, I think someone will definitely need to fill in for TheFourthWorld. Maybe saturatedsunrise or CloudInvasion?

Well that's mostly true except for the fact that Cinema is no longer close with TFW.

7 2cool4u, RiverClanRocks, kontrahinsunu, ArigatoKawaii

Representing the Filipino clan come in four siblings, two of these have been most involved in the community.

8 ParasN2000, westofohio, anthonybecerra831, Kormo

Some of the prolific list makers over the years, and 3 of them are still around doing what they do best almost like a super unit on our hands.

9 floral, dev2279, FreeKeyWorld, subhashsahu

They have assembled the four greatest descendants in the sites history from Indian heritage.

10 AnimeDrawer, kempokid, CaptainMowzker, NightmareCinema

This is closer to a quadruple now that, uh, you know.

The Contenders
11 FlareLightX, Userguy44, EISherlock, xXIMABEASTXx
12 OnyxtheOcelot, LUDEL, MandythePirate, HiTeddy

We raid lists, we follow the users who make good lists, we follow their friends, we mess around with each other, and we have cool opinions (some of them are the same)

13 WWEWBMortalKombatFan, s646451, egnomac, DK

Making their way down to the site assembled the most dedicated fans to the WWE from past, and future combined.

14 ElSherlock, Pokemonfan10, Userguy44, UltraLunalaX
15 Yoshidude, UserGuy44, UltraLunalaX, PokemonFan10
16 darthvadern, FlareLightX, Userguy44, NickeloddeonYesAddminNo
17 Yoshidude, Userguy44, Cyri, htoutlaws2012
18 BlueTelegraph, Oliversky, Manlypants, Thebestuser
19 Oliversky, Piplup, catd, pupcatdog
20 Dark_Shadow, Pnut, CubsFan16, _Ghostly_
21 CrimsonShark, Aragorn98, CaptainMowzker, Turkeyasylum

There had to be a quadruple of four of the sites best and most renowned Autistic users.

22 CrimsonShark, christangrant, Neonco31, AnimeDrawer
23 CaptainMowzker, cjWriter1997, Element119, and christangrant
24 Dark_Shadow, Randomator, darthvadern, htoutlaws2012
25 PositronWildhawk, Britigirl, htoutlaws2012, Kiteretsunu
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