Top 10 Things We Are Most Tired of Seeing Advertised on the Internet

Every advertisement on the Internet can be annoying. You know, you're trying to read some interesting facts about William the Conqueror, and you suddenly find yourself in some war-themed video game. What are the worst and most irrelevant (and also most common) topics of advertisements on the net?

Important: do not submit product names such as Wix or Notino to the list. You may describe products with more words (e.g. everything that helps you lose weight). The items on the list do not have to be touchable things (e.g. Black Friday discounts).
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1 Everything that helps you lose weight

I read either a blog post about the poster's home city's architecture, a generic forum question about how some boys/girls only care about looks, some political news or a serious scientific research, I have to look at obese bodies, some disgusting food and a skinny body which is sometimes obviously not the same person as the fat one. Common phrases include "eat this and you needn't count your calories" and "this new diet shocked doctors all around the world".

I have seen so many of these and it is really annoying. They probably make people insecure about their body which makes me feel bad because I'm the type of person to encourage people to love themself.

2 Bodybuilding drugs

These advertisements all look the same, regardless of the advertiser. There's a before-after picture with some extract from a review he wrote, attached together with a first name.

Just like the losing weight one, they make people insecure and make them feel that they aren't strong and that they need to work out.

These just make you think that you can't get into good shape by yourself

3 Black Friday discounts

It's sad how Black Friday gets more attention as the beginning of the Christmas season than Advent. At this point of the year, the number of ads on YouTube doubles.

Edit: sorry for not capitalizing Friday in the item title

That's why I don't like November. Literally the entire month is dedicated to spamming Black Friday deals. Because of them Thanksgiving is extremely overshadowed

4 Breast-enlargement products

I don't need to explain why this is weird. Also, comically large breasts just looks weird and unnatural, or just a comically large of anything considered sexy when large.

To me that's the worst. Like why do lots of girls want big fat boobs? To me that looks so ugly to see a nice beautiful thin girl with huge fat boobs. To me girls look fine with their natural size boobs even if it's small like A-cup size it looks so much better then those fake fat boobs.

Judging by what the advertisements on the net are about, all you need for happiness is muscles, no body fat, knowing a foreign language and some video games.

5 Dating sites

Dating sites shouldn't exist. Go out and meet people if you have social anxiety you'll never know how to talk to people if you don't try. And this is a great way to get kidnapped.

There are hot singles in my area who want to know me?
There are some things I trust more than that. Like the government.

I am not interested in dating people on the internet, or dating anyone in particular, okay?

6 Language-learning techniques

Helen, 42, Kecskemét: "I was never good at learning a language, I never even wanted to try it again after finishing school. Like most people, I think it gets harder as you age to learn a language. But this new strange method made me speak fluent Norvegian in just a month! "

This product even had a website with fake Facebook comments and lots of positive fake reviews. It even talked about some professor who invented the technique and could speak 120 languages. After a simple Google search, we can easily find out he did not exist. They even attached a fake photo of that professor (there was another language teacher in the photo).

7 Cruise ships
8 Money-raising techniques

This new method helped this 76 year old retired lady raise as much money as a lottery win, without working!

9 Video games

I don't care for Raid Shadow Legends or some other random upcoming game. My ultrathin laptop probably can't even run these anyways since I don't have a dGPU. I just want to browse the web or watch videos in peace without a thousand ads advertising some random new game that probably can't run on my computer anyways.

10 Feminine beauty products

I'd only somewhat understand being shown feminine beauty products if I didn't disclose my gender, but if I fully disclosed that I'm a guy and they STILL show these to me, THAT's when I actually start to get annoyed. Like I'M A GUY. I don't need feminine beauty products.

I'm a guy so No internet I do not want any feminine beauty products.

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11 Fast-internet installment
12 Political parties

Not so much the parties but rather the candidates running. Whenever a political office goes up for Election whether it's in the state or national government political ads are spammed everywhere. You literally can't go 5 minuets without seeing one

In America, it's EXTREMELY annoying. Like I don't want to be shown ads for Whitesupremacist L. Kaykaykay let me watch my videos.

I don't care about politics! I'm not looking for that stuff on the internet anyway because the majority of it is so biased

13 Miracle products

I don't care about you fake grandma's secret about looking youthful.
Or your strange secret the doctors don't want you to know about, they don't want you to know about because it doesn't work and/or is harmful

14 Romance manga

These are stupid. I saw one about a girl being bullied then she went home and said she loved it and had pictures of the bully scattered everywhere!

I sometimes see theses on Thetoptens.

15 Penis pills and pumps

Not sure exactly what this is but there are many ads for products that will supposedly enhance your sex life.

I hate it when I see a Viagra commercial while I'm watching Comedy Central

16 Anti-smoking messaging

Had to add this one. I know how bad the effects of smoking are, so I don't want to see someone who's health has declined by way of smoking to say stuff about why it's not good. Most schoolkids don't do drugs anyways.

Not just those but anti drug/ anti drinking and driving ones as well. I already know those things are bad it's common sense!

We get it. We shouldn't smoke because it will kill us.

17 Pornography

To be far you usually only get porn advertisement on porn sites, though gaming sites often like to advertise pornographic games.
With the dumbest advertisement, this game will make your wife or girlfriend hate and leave you like what are you doing your trying to do a psa against pornographic games or you trying to sell your terrible game?

18 Lists intended to "shock you"
19 Palm reading

Palm reading just reminds me of astrology. It's BS. That's why seeing advertisements relating to these sorts of things annoys me.

Or other things that will supposedly predict the future and the like.

20 Horror movies

*Watches Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay*
Gets unskippable ad for a new horror movie. *Watches Sesame Street and Blues Clues*
Gets Unskippable ad for the newest horror movie.
*Watches food tutorials*
Gets unskippable ad for the newest horror movie.
*Watches nursery rhymes*
Gets another ad for horror movie
*Watches anything at all*
Gets an ad for a horror movie. Do you get my point? - B1ueNew

21 Grill/Kitchen appliance cleaning ads

They are people that'll probably kidnap you and...well... do I need to say something?

22 Seduction advice
23 Tropical holidays

Not everyone who lives in countries with cold snowy winters want to skip them.

24 Pet products
25 Movies
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