Worst Types of Comments on the Internet

This list consists of comments that are not specific in one website (e.g. Who's watching in 2018? is not a contender, since it is only native on YouTube).
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1 Sexual comments after a tragedy

I feel pure hate towards these people, and towards the ones who upvote their comments. Someone always does this: whenever a young woman/girl dies or suffers a serious accident, there are always people joking about their sexual desires towards her (even if they just know her gender, and nothing more about her). It is even more disgusting when the victim is under 18 and the joker is above 40 judging by his profile picture. In addition, they always get 5-10 likes/upvotes, and if somebody tells them not to act like this, they will give a "why r u such a prude loser" reply. It strengthens the "football, beer and sex" stereotypes about men.

These comments are extremely common on the Hungarian junk websites 444.hu and 888.hu. Please keep this item first.

That is awful but I have been fortunate enough to not see any such comments. Also I am not exactly sure what to call it but one kind of comment that I have noticed is people who copy and paste the same response to even irrelevant circumstances obviously it is not as bad as some of these things but it is annoying.

Most of these comments are bots.

2 Jokes about a tragedy

What is worse political comments made after a tragedy.

Ex: after someone gets shot a person leaves a comment about how if they had a gun they could have protected themselves or this wouldn't have happened if everyone is allowed to carry guns

I really hate when someone makes fun of someone's death like they deserved it.
or making a dark joke to someone that experienced it

To me, it's only bad when they say things like "the victim deserved to die" or make fun of them, and when it's a few days after the tragedy.

Tragedies are something we shouldn't be joking about. Imagine if someone's family member were in the accident.

3 Irrelevant political content

Anyways, today Senators and the President did some things.

Fallout 76 wouldn't have been so bad if TRUMP WASN'T ELECTED

4 Political Propaganda in the aftermath of a tragedy
5 Empty threats
6 Racist comments

Look at the comments under many things that talk about some black person. You're bound to see some racist comments.

These comments doesn't only happen against one ethnicity. Comments insulting whites, hispanics, indians, and arabs occur constantly around the web.

7 Bullying Comments

Agreed, buying is mean.

8 Complete rubbish written by drunk people or toddlers

I can't understand why do children make comments like igr and aefrnghojn. They do, because baby shows' YouTube comment sections are full of these.

9 People not getting a joke

I don't think this is that bad, the problem with text is there is no way to convey the emotion outside of emoji's that are overused and those can be seen as ironic.

The biggest part of a joke is the delivery which can't be done through text unless your one of those that uses asterisks explaining what your doing during the set up and delivery of each joke.

Even if it was a very bad joke, it is still quite annoying when people think it was serious. And if it was a great one, they spoil it.

As someone who makes edgy jokes this annoys the crap out of me.

10 Comments consisting of one letter
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11 “First” Comments

The reason that first comments do not bother me is simple: I can get over them. Maybe an hour passes, and I don't remember them anymore. I just see them, think they're useless, then forget. However, jokes about tragedies, death threats, senseless words stick to my mind severely longer.

Come on, racist, homophobic, Anti-Semitic, offtopic and offensive comments are all worse. In addition, I only see one 'first' comment per month.

I can’t explain the pure, unyielding inferno that builds in me when I see these.

12 Questions asking about something you could find out with a simple Google search

Quite common when people are using the internet to help themselves in their homework.

13 Off topic and nonsensical comments written by high people

Example from my list on this site:
List: Top 10 All-Female Metal Bands
Item: Kittie (all-female band)
Comment: "Exceptional live band, Led Zeppelin were exceptional studio and album."

14 Troll Comments

Wow this list is hard to determine, but troll comments have literally no value. At least with political comments and tragedies, there are usually a new, (usually awful), perspective to see a topic.

Troll comments can mean quite a lot. What do you mean?

Some are funny most are just annoying

15 Hate Comments

Everything has its haters, but a damn visitor just hated me because I said Justin Bieber is better than (insert music artists)
I never said I like him and someone attacked. This annoys me as hell and in case you didn't know, the comment is here. "Top Ten Most Popular Trends of the 2010s".

Don't like. Don't comment.

Haters gonna hate

16 Chain Letters
17 Religious Comments on Videos That Have Nothing to do With Religion

And the worst thing is that someone from the other side always has to reply and start a war

18 Comments advertising something.

Comments like these on YouTube are always posted by bots, which always have other bots replying to the comment saying whichever product they are promoting has also helped them. One of the most common scams I've seen in these comments was cryptocurrency.

I have seen quite a few of these recently and it's really annoying.

19 Critical replies to praising comments

E.g. like here at Comfortably Numb on the best song list. There was a comment saying that it has beautiful lyrics, brilliant solo and vocals, and someone replied: you mean terrible solo, terrible vocals, terrible lyrics?

So people disrespecting others opinions

20 Homophobic Comments

They don't just happen against gays. People had made homophobic comments as an insult against straight people.

21 Off topic comments

Very often they are troll comments but not always

22 Suicidal Comments

This is terrible and manipulative, if something on the Internet provokes you that easily to thoughts of suicide then you should seriously seek help to diagnosis your suicidal tendency or get a more supportive group of friends in your live

23 Unoriginal comments
24 Replies to your own comment asking why you have got some thumbs downs

A thumbs down is usually less hurting and offensive than the reason behind it, so replying to these comments might make that person even more offended.

Why do I have thumbs down

25 Comments containing obvious information

E.g. someone writes Kurt Cobain is a great singer (present tense), I love him! Reply: he died (we never knew that, thanks)

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