Top 10 Most Annoying Things In Reaction Videos

I like the idea of the reaction videos and I like some of them but several things annoy me. Some of the guys who make those videos should realize that some of the things they do are annoying and destructing.

I think that a reaction video is supposed to show the spontaneous reaction to what somebody hears or watches during the process of listening/watching, and not a review/analysis after watching it. Because it's called a "reaction" video. But it isn't a "reaction" video if there's no spontaneous reaction to what they hear/see. Not reacting during the video is a big change of the initial idea of those videos that turns them into the complete opposite of what they were supposed to be.

A review after the process of listening/watching is great as long as the guy also "reacts" while listening/watching.
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1 Some guys listen to an entire song with no facial or body expression which makes me wonder why they called it a "reaction" video when there's no reaction to what they hear/see

What you get is watching how somebody lifelessly listens to music, like a mummy, staring at a screen.

It's terribly boring. It's more annoying when the song is long. Why should I watch somebody sitting as dead as a rock for 10 minutes? No, thanks.

I like reaction videos when the guys nod during a section they like, or smile, or start playing air guitars, drums, or start headbanging... something.

I feel like the top 3 is the exact same thing just worded differently

2 Some guys listen to an entire song without saying a word or making a sound

I definitely like reaction videos with actual reactions in them, such as people spontaneous saying "that was fire!", "hold on, hold on", "yeah, yeah!", "wow, that was amazing!".

There should be at least some tiny signs the guy actually "reacts".

3 Some guys listen to an entire song without pausing to verbally react to a moment in the song

Again, it's a reaction video that is supposed to show your reaction to what you hear, whether you like the song or not. But if I have to wait by the end of the song to hear your reaction, it's not a reaction video, it's a short review.

Not sure how to make this an item, but they often seem to be overly positive, only there to flatter people's favorites, and often have clickbait thumbnails that imply they aren't a fan, only to become one after listening to the song/album (and maybe a couple of others). I don't particularly have much against them (they're making content that a lot of people want to watch and not really offending anyone by doing it, so I can't exactly blame them), but it's not really as high-quality content as actual review channels, in my opinion.

4 Fake "first time listening" reaction videos

There is nothing wrong to listening to something twice. Sometimes you find the best stuff the second or even third time around. Just admit it

When people pretend to watch an incredibly famous and popular movie for the first time. They obviously would've seen it but know it'll get views. It's disingenuous. Sometimes they'll make a comment that gives them away and it just makes you feel cheated.

Sometimes I feel that it wasn't the first time the guy heard the song s/he is making a "first time" reaction video. I don't know, it just feels fake.

5 Some guys talk too long about things not related to the video (their problems, politics, dad, girlfriend, and so on)

I don't mind a short remark about something not related to the video but long stories, especially when they aren't interesting?! No, thanks. Or long rants...? They are rather destructing and annoying.

A short off topic comment or a joke may make a reaction video more "alive", but not the long ones. No, no, no.

6 Instead of making comments on the song, they try to figure out what the song is about when there's info on the Internet

Well, you just heard a masterpiece with great vox and instrumentation and all your "reaction" after hearing it consists of trying to figure out what the lyrics were about?!
Example: "What Dio wanted to say by 'ride the tiger'? " [...long pause...] Was the tiger this or that... Oh, come on. Do your research and don't waste my time!
However, I personally think that reaction videos should be done without a pre-research to keep the spontaneity. But if you literally know nothing about the song, you have to focus on what you got and not on what you didn't get. For example, you should talk about the solo and not about how you don't know who played it. Well, you can mention you don't know who played that solo but don't spend 3 minutes on guessing who played it, completely ignoring the solo itself.

7 Some guys focus on insignificant elements in a song section missing the real gems in that song section

Here's an example from a real video I watched: "I love how they moved from loud guitars to acoustic guitar. Wow, the acoustic guitar is beautiful". I admit the acoustic guitar was beautiful (actually, it was a clean electric guitar and not acoustic, but that wasn't the biggest issue in this comment).

They completely missed the mindblowing bass solo on fretless bass that was the main thing during that "acoustic guitar" section, which section was created to make room for the bass solo and enable you to hear the bass solo better. The acoustic guitar was there to "accompany" the bass solo and was of second importance.

Another example: during a jaw-dropping guitar solo, they talk about the drums during the solo and say nothing about the solo. While drumming to some guitar solos is great, can you please also say something about the solo, that was in fact more impressive than the drums?

8 Some guys don't bother to find the version with the best quality available (sound quality and video quality)

Not the biggest problem of these videos because you can find the best version yourself (if you don't know the song or the movie scene). But bad sound quality annoys me because it's painful to listen to it. It's most annoying when the reaction video is actually good and I enjoy the guy and his/her reactions, but I also have to listen to a track with bad quality.

9 Lazy and crappy reaction videos about masterpieces are particularly annoying

It's annoying because some low quality "reaction guys" make easy money off the brilliant hard work of somebody else.

10 Many reaction videos show no effort or any valuable content

It's when the guys make only general comments and say nothing about the particular song ("Music is great, man, yeah, that was cool. Wasn't it cool? It was, man, yeah").
Or when they read the lyrics aloud instead of reacting or making comments. They are just trying to conceal the fact that they actually have nothing valuable to say.

That's completely pointless.

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11 Pausing the video every 5 seconds

Why the hell do they have to stop the video to talk about every little unimportant thing. It comes to the point where you end up just watching the actual video so that you don't get constantly interrupted by some squeaky voice talking about some random thing that nobody else cares about.

How can you react to a new song until you've heard it? Is their attention span that short?

12 "This bar/chorus is fire". Then why did you pause half way into it to tell us?
13 Low video quality; no one wants to watch an out of sync reaction you filmed on an old Nokia.
14 When they don't even react and just talk about something in their life
15 Not truly understanding the song context and just sitting there grinning and smiling, not listening to the lyrics while rocking to the beat of the song, and the song is actually sad or reflective.

Slightly annoying but also funny. It would be nice if they did a little homework first. For example, the guy with the flute is named Ian Anderson, not Jethro Tull

16 Having loud donation alerts
17 Some guys who stay like statues when watching the video
18 Bopping their head to a slow song
19 Fake reactions of black people to white singers
20 They're all fake and you know it, but you watch these charlatans anyway
21 There's a tiny screen for the artist while you can see the reactor's whole room
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