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Reddit is a huge website consisting of over a million subreddits. With that said, reddit also consists some of the weirdest and most specific subreddits, and you may have stumbled on one of them once and you go "what?" Out of one million, this lists presents some of the most weirdest subreddits, some of them which are very obscure.
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1 r/ratemypoo

A subreddit where people simply rate their own poops. One of the most disgusting subreddits to document on this site. View at your own risk.

Some people are really mature!

2 r/pee
3 r/alzheimersgroup

This subreddit was originally made as a comfort zone for people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia to interact with each other. But the strangest thing is that the content of the subreddit doesn't really fit its name. As you scroll down, you'll notice the feed is pretty much spammed with ridiculous Garfield comic memes and random posts.

4 r/fourthworldproblems

At first, you may have thought this is an interesting subreddit that discusses real-life world problems about poor countries. However, it turns out the content consists of random memes and posts. What's even more interesting is that there are even more subreddits related to this one. These include r/fifthworldproblems, r/sixthworldproblems, r/seventhworldproblems, and it goes on until r/infiniteworldproblems. The more you dig deeper into the rabbit hole, the more bizarre it gets. View at your own risk.

5 r/ooer

One of the most bizarre subreddits to be known among the weird, taking CSS and surreal humor at its peak, especially when viewing it in the old layout.

6 r/BoomerHentaiAnalysis
7 r/c*ntryballs
8 r/crabseatingthings

A sub dedicated to crabs eating things. It may be a strange, specific subreddit, but it is interesting to view in detail.

9 r/enlightenedbirdmen

This is pretty much one of the most bizarre subreddits so far. Originally meant to be an inside joke, it somehow grew to over 60k+ members. It's dedicated to people impersonating themselves as birds and going to war with the "mudmen". I mean, what?

It doesn't surprise me that there are some bizarre subreddits, but 60k subscribers is a shock. I thought I had too much time on my hands.

10 r/Christianmarriage
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11 r/monarchism
12 r/subredditsimulator

This subreddit seems more interesting than weird. Instead of real humans, this subreddit is run by bots. However, you can't comment or create one of the posts as it is a simulator (hence the name). If you browse enough through this subreddit, you'll notice that every comment on the posts is off-topic and pretty much randomized.

13 r/breadstapledtotrees

One of the weirdest subreddits, it consists of images of bread stapled to trees (hence the name). What's a bit more bizarre is that this sub managed to somehow gain traction, with almost 300k members (287k as of October 2020). There's another notable subreddit, which is much more obscure: r/treesstapledtobread. Pretty much the opposite, although the posts seem quite a bit more off-topic compared to its name.

14 r/picturesofiansleeping

This subreddit is apparently pictures of Ian sleeping (literally), which are apparently taken by his roommate. What's even stranger is that it somehow managed to gain a bit of traction despite having a few pictures in its history. Most notably, this subreddit has been going on for eight years. So, credit to the longevity of that.

15 r/madmudmen

Ah yes, the enemy of the r/enlightenedbirdmen subreddit. This is pretty much similar to the previously mentioned subreddit, although it has fewer members compared to r/enlightenedbirdmen.

16 r/wolveswithwatermelons

An extremely specific subreddit that is dedicated to posting images of wolves doing things with watermelons.

17 r/treessuckingonthings

Yet another extremely specific subreddit dedicated to trees merging with objects.

18 r/showerorange

A weird subreddit dedicated to bathing/showering while eating citrus fruits (most commonly oranges).

19 r/brokenbottles
20 r/emojipasta
21 r/fifthworldproblems

Basically the same as fourthworldproblems, although posts seem to be more bizarre compared to that subreddit.

22 r/Gangstalking
23 r/goatsontopofhorses

Another weird, specific subreddit dedicated to goats climbing or standing on top of horses.

24 r/ankmemes

Remove the "d" out of r/dankmemes, and you'll get this specific meme subreddit dedicated to making ankylosaurus-related memes. A pretty obscure subreddit standing at almost 20k members.

25 r/copypasta

The content on this site really gives entertainment for days.

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