Top Ten Typing Websites

Whether you're a competitive typer, or a casual typer, or a newcomer trying to get into typing, here are some websites that can test your typing skills. If you're fast enough, you could even develop your own typing style to optimize your typing speed. But most importantly, accuracy and practice is the key to improving your WPM score.
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If you've already started typing and gotten used to the touch typing method, this is a good website to polish your skills. The basic and advanced tests have no punctuation, and word order is random. There are also typing competitions, a racing minigame, and, most importantly, you can make your own typing test. This website is especially effective for typing in other languages.

My WPM has increased drastically over the past five years thanks to this website.

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Although this typing test doesn't use real words, or barely any, it's a good starting point if you want to immerse yourself in traditional touch typing. If you're a beginner using the hunt-and-peck method, it's recommended that you test your typing method and speed first and improve them before moving to other tests.

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3 Key Hero

This website provides short to moderately long quotes, offering a chart of your average WPM and a detailed analysis of your acceleration and deceleration with each character. Once you identify and address these flaws, it's very effective.

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4 Intersteno

This is a competition website focused on typing longer paragraphs, advanced words, and punctuation. It offers contests in multiple languages. Note that this website doesn't notify you of typos, so you must intuitively fix them yourself.

Sounds interesting. As a competitive typist, I might have to check this website out sometime.

5 FreeTypingGame.Net

This is optional for beginners, but it's more suitable for younger kids.


This is a good website for both beginners and advanced typists of all ages. It offers multiple typing games and lessons. Most importantly, it presents detailed statistics and analyzes your weaknesses based on key accuracy. Plus, this website is effective for helping you improve your accuracy with each letter.

I'm pretty sure this is the one I used. With its help, I managed to do the ABCs speed typing test in under 3 seconds!

7 TypeRacer

Yet another competitive typing website that offers more complex words and frequent punctuation. This website also has a notable feature called "Instant Death Mode," which is especially effective if you want to improve your typing accuracy. If you're fast enough (100 WPM), there's an additional short typing test that usually consists of surprisingly easy words. You have more freedom as mistakes are allowed.

8 Nitro Type

This is a competition site where you can compete against AI and/or real-life people. There are also power-ups to boost your racing speed. It's best to become comfortable with typing first before immersing yourself in this site.

This website increased my typing speed significantly in a short amount of time. My first race on Nitro Type was 36 WPM. Now, two years later, my record is 133 WPM, with an average of around 115.

10 TypingClub
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11 Monkeytype

Infinitely customizable, excellent UI, and the most active user base of all the alternatives. Definitely the go-to website for touch typing.

I've been using this for a while. I love how minimalist it is. There are no distractions, unlike some other websites on this list.


For parents with younger children, this is an ideal website to help them hone their typing skills with multiple kid-friendly games.

13 The Typing Cat
14 Type.Biz
15 TypeRush
16 Ratatype
17 Productive Fish
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