Top 10 Worst Unfortunate Situations on Dude Perfect’s Wheel Unfortunate

Wheel Unfortunate is a game show segment that Dude Perfect does which involves a random drawing of a name. That person must spin the wheel to determine their fate while also meeting the wacky show host Ned Forester. Obviously as the name of the wheel implies the person who spins must endure whatever unfortunate situation the wheel lands on which usually consists of doing something humiliating, disgusting, or wacky. Some are worse than others but here’s the worst punishments that have been done. And remember THAT’S UN-FORTUNATE!!!
The Top Ten
1 Eat Dog Food Like Cereal

I don't care who you are, that's just disgusting. Good luck getting through a spoonful without vomiting. Just thinking about it makes you feel uneasy.

2 Stand in Lines at a Theme Park but Not Ride Any Rides

You'd be standing in line for so long, moving slowly. This makes it physically and mentally hard on you. It's more than just wasting part of your day. Not to mention, if it's outside without any protection, you'll burn and have to worry about getting cancer someday in your lifetime.

I think this is the least physically painful option, but man, that is still brutal. Especially since some of them have 3+ hour waits. Imagine waiting that long only to not get on.

Also, if you're with friends who get to ride, then yeah, not fun.

3 Sit in a Box Filled with Snakes

I know a lot of people hate snakes, and I'm one of them. Just the thought of that makes you feel uneasy. Even if they aren't venomous, imagine getting bit by several of those snakes slithering on you.

This would scare the crap out of me.

4 Milk a Cow Straight Into Your Mouth

I'm no farmer, but milking a cow by hand is probably harder than it looks. On top of that, cows are stubborn, so trying to do it at all is hard. And yeah, I'd assume it tastes disgusting since it's basically raw and not treated with any preservatives or whatever chemicals they put into milk.

That doesn't sound too bad, but the bacteria...

5 Fly to Wisconsin for No Reason

This would be a whole day wasted. Plus, I'm pretty sure they live in Texas. That would suck.

6 Drive Until You Run Out of Gas

This one is all luck-based on how far you go and where you go. But when you run out, it's basically a game of hope and pray there's a gas station within a few miles from where you are. Otherwise, tough break, and better hope for a passerby to assist you.

I just hope that I don't end up on a freeway or a country road.

You better hope you're low on gas.

7 Shave Your Head

Pretty self-explanatory. Shaving your hair is not exactly the most fun thing. It'll grow back, but having your head bald for a long period of time is hard to get used to.

I have done this twice in real life.

8 Go Through a Car Wash on the Bed of a Pickup Truck

This would undoubtedly be an unpleasant experience. You'd get wet at likely freezing temperatures and covered in soap. That's not mentioning the types of moving or spinning sponge things.

You get the point, I assume.

9 Go on a Cardboard Cutout Date
10 Shave Your Eyebrows

Not only do you look creepy afterward, but that's something that will last a minimum of four weeks for them to grow back.

The Contenders
11 Sleep in a Sand Bed
12 Nearly Naked and Afraid
13 Run a Mile as a Mascot
14 Waxed Pits
15 Get Full Body Casted
16 Get French Toasted
17 Ice Bath
18 Eat a Whole Banana
19 Own a Cat
20 Iron Clothes While Wearing Them
21 Swim as a Merman
22 Spray Tan Level 10
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