Top Ten Things to Appreciate About the Internet

Despite of the many cons and atrocities we see throughout the internet including the horrendous forms the dark internet can ever make including hacking, child pornography, abuse videos, illegal black market bids, etc. There is rather a positive outlook of the internet and looking mostly on the bright side of the internet regardless that the internet is being used for both good and bad. It has its own purpose.
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1 It's Accessible

It's accessible for people who have disabilities. It provides opportunities for the blind, deaf, and the crippled. Doesn't matter of what disability they have. Captions provided on YouTube and streaming services helps the deaf track what they're saying to make them have a comfortable experience. The blind could read braille to make it much easier regardless of what device it is, and the crippled could online shop whatever they like for their needs and wants without going to the stores a lot resulting in complications. It unites all disabled people to be a part of the community and that's a different type of diversity you could look into, other than nationality.

2 Better Communication

Very useful when it comes to pandemics and other situations. Covid-19 seems to be a perfect example for this because we are literally using internet to communicate one another and do important things like school and work. Which I sense people are using Google Meet and other social media to contact and have face time with their friends they haven't talked for so long. Besides, talking with people online is so much comfortable and easy than in real life and I say this as an introvert myself. It expands my social bubble and I really appreciate it.

3 Diversity

What I mean by diversity is the gatherings of people from around the world. That's what I like the most about the internet and that's why I easily put this at #1. It certainly puts a smile to my face whenever I've had pleasant conversations with different people from different countries. It really does put my mind off of the absurd racism. There's a teen who's the same age as me who's from Czech Republic that's super interested into cars and is autistic like me. There's a teen who's also the same age as me who's also autistic and loves geography and Nintendo. There's an Aspie guy from the Netherlands who's really generous and shows us many cultures from different countries. There's a Slav African girl who I enjoyed talking to every now and then. There's also a Swedish-Lithuanian who's very interested in Geography, Nintendo, and History. There's just lots of examples and Diversity is what simply binds the entire community of the internet.

4 It's Good for Your Social Life

According to what I said about better communication, but there are cons about adding much stress and how toxicity will be spread in rather dozens of cases. Hopefully, finding a better community shouldn't be that hard.

A good bunch of these reasons are only valid during the pandemic. That's quite unsettling, but also odd.

5 Staying in Touch

Partially what I said about Better Communication. People using Google Meet or whatever app it is they use to communicate with one another of staying in touch without seeing each other's faces. Staying in touch alleviates your mood than going completely crazy during this godawful pandemic.

6 Essential for Business

Google spreadsheet is an essential tool and a pure example of how it could be essential and applied to many jobs like accounting, logistics, teaching, etc. Even if you started your own business, it will come handy. I imagine that before the internet exists, they had to do it traditionally by using paper, pencil, and typewriters. Although as technology has greatly progressed over the last centuries, we used computers and other electronic devices that's helpful in business right before the internet was invented by one man named Tim Berners Lee.

7 You'll Discover New Things

Whether it's something humorous and joyful or breathtaking and enlightening or whatever interests you with such emotion, you'll be grateful. It's just like how I am grateful of the internet because without the internet channeling as my source to chase my intellectual desires and more of a challenge for myself, I wouldn't have discovered Quantum Mechanics to take under my wing and I wouldn't be enlightened to know who I want to be in the future. Most of all, I would be lost of who I wanted to be and what my purpose is.

8 It Keeps You Well Informed

There's an exception everybody needs to be worried about and that is biased news. Though some fake news may be easily spotted, other can be real tricky to find, but a few tips will help you in this case if you stumbled upon biased and fake news. Anyway, you'll be informed news around the world and where you live at whether the country, state, or locally.

9 Entertainment is Expanded to Its New Horizons

I heard people say they prefer physical copies more than streaming, but we all have different preferences and I'll respect the preferences of others. I seem to use YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify the most when it comes to the digital age of entertainment and mostly being a procrastinator.

10 Useful Information

Some say that the internet is an unreliable source to get information when like I said that you need to pay attention if it's biased or not. Googling things helps us get things out of the way on terms we're unfamiliar with and it makes learn very interesting things that we have never know. It's pretty useful in school or something work related. Sometimes, I feel that I never get bored when researching on my own free time.

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11 Provides Humor

What I mean by Memes is that whenever you need to laugh, simply type in Memes, and you get a lot of actually good jokes. Sadly, something is slowly destroying the "Normal" Memes; it's the "Countryhuman" Memes, which are nothing but a bunch of animations made by mostly 9-year-olds who aren't even funny at all. Therefore, they are slowly destroying the original meaning of the term "Meme." So, I think we should appreciate it that there are still some Memes left, which are funny.

12 It's Entertaining
13 Learning About Yourself
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