Top 10 Worst Projects Covered By iDubbbzTV's Kickstarter Crap/IndieGoGo Excrement Series on YouTube

If you thought I Hate Everything's Search For The Worst series had some terrible stuff in it, wait until you see THESE monstrosities
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1 Cube

Basically the Kickstarter equivalent (well, okay, perhaps merely ONE of them, now that I think about it) to Patrick's literal pet rock from the Spongebob series, Cube is EXACTLY what the title says it is; nothing less, but very clearly nothing more either. Thankfully a highly deliberate joke on its creator's part, Cube is downright ludicrously exalted by said creator as a "highly revolutionary device" simply because it's highly portable and allows you to "customize" it in "numerous" ways (no, unfortunately NOT by turning it into the Weighted Companion Cube from Portal...more on that a few seconds later...but rather by straight-up DRILLING HOLES INTO IT so that you can use it as a pen/pencil holder) and has rounded edges to prevent children from cutting themselves with it out of depression from how much it sucks (please note that Aperture Science sincerely promises that this Companion Cube, while not exactly heavily weighted, will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak)

2 GAS (Cancelled iOS Game)

Placed this highly on the list simply by virtue of being the absolute most pathetically immature and downright idiotic thing that I've ever seen someone attempt to make an entire full-fledged game out of, (I've Got) GAS (And Need To Release It) sees a presumably American white guy with an insanely weak stomach going to a Mexican restaurant and ordering its exotic special, only to get an agonizing stomachache immediately thereafter and realize, much to his dismay, that the restaurant's bathroom is occupied...

which, of course, leads the game to just be one giant quest of him farting his way all across Mexico itself just to try and get to the nearest non-occupied bathroom BEFORE he soils himself (even though the fact that he's actively avoiding the Pepto-Bismol and Tums tablets scattered across the levels while even MORE actively seeking out the stereotypical Mexican food items and red-hot peppers also scattered throughout them VERY blatantly suggests otherwise), complete with some of the absolute WORST farting sound effects you will ever hear in a game.

THANKFULLY, the literal only reason why people even know that this game exists is because of this exact video on it

3 Pebble Stone
4 Poo Pins

"This project isn't your usual pile of dog poo; it's real chunky and nutty, like SQUIRREL poo! Why waste money on plastic bags to un-neededly scoop your dog's poop into at every single place you take him/her, when you could be wasting at least ten or twenty times AS much money on condescendingly, intelligence-insultingly brightly-colored paper pins to stick into it so that you can remind OTHER people (or more likely nature itself) to pick it up FOR you later? " (By the way, these pins won't even work anyway unless the poop is suitably soft)

5 Skitsophonic TV
6 Zen Egg

Continuing with the already-notorious "pet rock" theme, here we have a totally plain-as-day wooden egg without ANY special features, gimmicks or even decorations on it whatsoever, which the spokespeople in the commercial laughably claim is going to "teach its users the power of concentration and in turn meditation" and/or some other roughly equally pretentious and ignorant schlock of basically the same exact sort...
only this time, it's made unintentionally funny not only by how utterly brain-dead stupid the product itself is but also by how jaw-droppingly clueless and naive the main spokesperson himself acts ABOUT the product; for example:
"No matter how hard you try to tip the Zen Egg over, it always springs right back up; look, it's ADORABLE"
"The Zen Egg is fashioned out of delightfully warm and sensuous material that feels GOOD to touch (holds Zen Egg up against nose and sniffs it as if he's snorting cocaine, fittingly enough), and it also has a VERY pleasant wooden smell as well...ahh, why I could just BATHE in its simply WONDERFUL aroma (creams self)"

7 Potato Salad and Potato Salad Clones
8 Hilixxia (iOS Game)

Advertised as "the first video game with completely photo-realistic backgrounds"...

And of course, naturally, it turns out to just be an overglorified softcore-porn image auction

9 "Female Essence" Beer (Bottled Instinct)

Have you ever wanted to take the extensively fermented sweat germs (oh, I'm sorry, "YONI") from a woman's slimy, hairy reproductive organs and mix them into your beer? I sure as hell HOPE not; granted, the hilariously over-the-top and hammy European narrator for the video DOES sincerely promise that you won't catch any diseases from drinking this, but be honest; would you REALLY want to trust anything about a project like this? What real difference does it make in the drink's flavor anyway?

10 GatorPoon Series

Notable for being probably the single most often-made-fun-of thing in the entirety of the KSC/IGEXC series as a whole, basically a bunch of low-life ingrates get together and sleep-inducingly ramble about nothing (and believe me, I do mean literally nothing of even remote interest whatsoever) with their ONLY claim to fame being that their "skits", if you can even bring yourself to call them that, are apparently unscripted.

The only positive is that the channel is now pretty decent. Going by GatorTheLegend

The Contenders
11 Quaffine
12 Feminist Book
13 The Cybermatrix 100 TU01
14 Dayron Arias Magazine
15 Stick Pet
16 Homosexual Men Draw Private Parts
17 SimB2B
18 Neon Moon
19 Zombie Stick
20 Smart Water Bottle
21 CubeRox
22 Run And Roll It
23 Utensilmate
24 Spoonani
25 Serendip Watch
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