Full-fledged List Analysis: Worst Websites

NuMetalManiak I gotta request to do this, so might as well. 362 items, hmmm.

1. Tumblr: Well this is no surprise. An ultra-progressive s***-hole where only the minorities have any superiority.
2. GodHatesFags.com: This is a website that exists, apparently. Though atheists likely put this one up.
3. Yahoo Answers: It's one of those "so bad it's good" places where people don't have any thought on what they need answered.
4. Facebook.com: Their new security policy and whatever Mark Zuckerberg was doing clearly states its now one of the worst.
5. 4chan.com: So this is a meme center full of spoiled kids with no day jobs? I guess I'll take your word for it.
6. GoAnimate: I hear so much about GoAnimate yet I haven't experienced anyone using it.
7. Pornhub: Well who's bored enough to go here all the time? What's important about porn?
8. Youtube: If you're looking for the right content, no. If you're looking for the awful comments or the fact that the website changes a lot and screws with settings, then yes.
9. MySpace: MySpace was Facebook before it was cool.
10. BuzzFeed: It's a site full of dumb debauchery, idiocy, and prejudice.
11. Google+: Oh Google, just what makes you think that as conglomerate as you are, you think you can outmatch the others?
12. 9GAG: So it's another meme site.
13. KKK.com: As racist as it appears to be, I don't think these people have done anything marginally important.
14. Urban Dictionary: Basically dictionary for multiple meanings of slang terms that shouldn't catch on.
15. Reddit: Okay this isn't that bad.
16. Ask.fm: If what you say is true, and that people get anonymously bullied, then why is there no quality control here.
17. Sex.com: You can not pay attention to it.
18. RealGore.com: Like seriously. These websites exist, but it's YOU who is looking them up.
19. IXL Math: There's always the issue of online homework, which is miles worse than paper homework due to the stinginess.
20. Youareanidiot.org: You entering this website means you are an idiot as well.
21. Encyclopedia Dramatica: Well they made an article about our actually awful community, but they are awful themselves.
22. Rotten Tomatoes: If you like a movie, then don't pay attention to film ratings.
23. TheTopTens: Yeah of course. TheTopTens hate is as bad as Justin Bieber hate on its very own site. Terrible people like to play the meta card and say this is a terrible site, this is a terrible list, WELL WHY ARE YOU ON HERE THEN? Get a frickin' life, geez.
24. Twitter.com: If Tumblr isn't the land of the progressives, Twitter is.
25. 38zu.cn: I don't think.cn is a proper domain name.
26. StarWars.com: Really dumb item.
27. Rule34.paheal.net: Everything Rule 34 is nasty.
28. Uncyclopedia: I'm pretty sure it's completely in ED's wake all the time.
29. justinbiebermusic.com: We get it, you want to hate things.
30. iiiiiiii.com: Does this exist?
31. childrenslaughter.com: Yeah, is it Children's Laughter or Children Slaughter?
32. Roblox: I literally have no idea what is so important about Roblox that it gets both love and hate.
33. Babies "R" Us Canada: You're the real baby for putting this one up. And why specifically Canada?
34. Moviestarplanet.com: So this is apparently a game site.
36. coolcatlovesyou.com: Stop paying attention to stupid domain names.
37. Access Hollywood: Hey if you don't like the entertainment industry, don't watch the media.
38. Emilythestrange.com: You know what's stranger? The fact that you found this site and decided to put it on here.
39. SJWiki: I agree.
40. Goggle.com: An interesting misspelling of a popular search engine turns completely haywire cause this site has viruses.
41. Animal Jam: Getting a "membership" to do anything on this online site is stupid.
42. Alluc: If it has viruses I'm not touching it.
43. ToonSex.com: Okay clearly someone was dirty enough to make the site, but what are you doing searching it up.
44. Sickipedia: I wonder if half of these are made up.
45. Wikipedia: Well hello, site that only teachers and idiot parents hate. There's a lot of actual accuracy by admins here.
46. RationalWiki: I hate most wikis, but not because of their content.
47. Harvard Business Review: Harvard's strictness cannot be compromised.
48. www.arngren.net: Well if a site has so much to it that it cannot be read, then it could possibly be malicious.
49. Omegle: Video chat sites are dumb.
50. MeatSpin.com: Another dumb meme site which focuses on only one disgusting thing.
51. FurAffinity: Can you let the furries to their own devices, please.
52. Vine: Vine got popular, and I don't know why.
53. Hampsterdance.com: Worst meme song of all time.
54. Craigslist: People put stupid stuff for sale here, so it makes sense.
55. Aintnothinbut.com: Description, please.
56. HugeLOL: Is this a meme site?
57. TaySwift.com: Who took TaylorSwift.com as a domain name?
58. BestGore.com: There's certain person by the name of Carlos who would like this site. But no one else.
59. WikiFur: How hard it is to avoid furries.
60. IGN: Literally the worst gaming site of all time.
61. Yle.fi: What kind of website name is that? Looks like a redirect.
62. CBC News.ca: I know America gets way too much hate for good things, but what has Canada done?
63. Vimulator.com: This is apparently a vehicle simulator, probably gonna be Big Rigs for those who play online.
64. LiveScience: If it has bad quizzes online, then yes.
65. Something Awful: They have the best smilies.
66. Porn.com: You people who put porn sites on here are secretly watching porn, I guarantee it.
67. scratchpad.wikia.com: Wouldn't that make it the wikia version of fanfiction.net?
69. Disneychannel.com: Oh now the Disney haters have found this list.
70. TMZ: Isn't TMZ some failed attempt at entertainment news?
71. Perezhilton.com: Well, good for him.
72. blackhatebook.com: Now that's a racist site.
73. findthisall.com: No information is available for this page.
74. Invader Zim Wiki: Um, stop watching this cartoon and stop looking at spoilers.
75. Chinaknowledge: What's wrong with China.
76. deviantART: This is surprisingly low on the list.
77. Kiwi Farms: You know they can see this, right?
78. iFunny: Well, if you don't like meme sites, don't pay attention to them.
79. Dorkdiaries.wikia.com: So specific.
80. pageforsafty.com: For Safty, yeah okay.
81. Yourmom.org: I am not going to figure out what this one is supposed to be.
82. Common Sense Media: If I recall, common sense ads are usually done for political reasons only.
83. Honda.com: So this isn't about cars?
84. eSembler: Sounds like an education site that died.
85. KnowYourMeme: "Hey, you're using an adblocker! Turn it off" no.
86. Metacritic: I love how a Disney lover is whining here. But then again, critics are very hypoCRITICAL at times.
87. E-Hentai.org: Why did you look this site up if you hate it?
88. Crappy.com: I guess it lives up to its name.
89. Ford.com: Why are we hating on car brands.
90. Ranker: I think this is a more uptight version of TheTopTens that's not as well-maintained.
91. mcdonalds.fi: Given the comments here, this must be something pertaining to creepypasta. Not bothering.
92. JoyofSatan.org: Well if you don't like satanists, don't mess with their site.
93. Aish.com: Hating just for the sake of hating, aren't we?
95. Club Penguin: I think it's dead.
96. TV Tropes: Nah, it's fine, except that it uses up lots of memory in my system.
97. PETA.org: PETA's supporters wish they were any animal except for a human.
98. Pets.com: Why is this site and PETA.org right next to each other?
99. SportsNet!: Who cares about sports.
100. Giant Bomb: The site surprisingly hasn't exploded yet.
101. Dodge.com: No, really, why are we hating on car brands again?
102. Muslima.com: And super-religious people, leave the list. You are ruining this site's reputation.
103. Gamespot: Recently they bought the GameFAQs domain, but they're not too bad.
104. BigCuties.com: This is VERY SPECIFIC PORN. Stop it, get some help.
105. TV.com: Erm, this site doesn't seem that bad.
106. Scientology: Deserved to die.
107. Wikia: Wikia is FULL OF ADS. Just because you can create your own doesn't make it a fantastic domain to use.
108. Accelerated Reader: If you were forced to take literature tests because of this, it's a bad site.
109. DressUpWho: I like dress up games.
110. Stackoverflow.com: It's useful only if you get a fantastic answer to a problem, but otherwise they can be uptight.
111. xat.com: I need to know if Discord is on this list now.
112. Staggering beauty: It's probably a troll site then.
113. Hurr-Durr.com: I don't like the comment here.
114. Landoverbaptist.net: I, I don't get it.
115. A.V. Club: Pop culture obsessives, okay that tells me everything I need to know.
116. Pixelon.com: This website became bankrupt in 2000. It's 2018. How is it relevant?
117. Poptropica: Oh it's another game site, okay.
118. Bulbapedia: Not too bad.
119. The Pirate Bay: Did this site shut down?
120. bigbustycoons.com: Can you people stop actually looking up bad sites that no one goes on.
121. scratch.mit.edu: The MIT in the domain name has me wondering.
122. BodyBuilding.com: EW MEN WITHOUT SHIRTS ON EW. That's what you sound like.
123. Xvideos: We all know you're secretly on this site when no one's looking.
124. Voat.co: Oh, one of those sites.
125. Cyberrebate.com: The name itself is a cringefest.
126. MuchMusic.com: None of the popular music sites seem to be on here yet.
127. WatchMojo.com: None of their content is good.
128. Dorkdiaries.com: What's so great about Dork Diaries?
129. Panfu: Copies of popular internet games never tend to take off anyways.
130. Instagram: Yep.
131. Google: Is your master. Don't like them? Don't use Youtube, Google+, Gmail, Blogger, or the search engine itself.
132. Rate Your Music: No, ALL MUSIC ARTISTS that appear just once on the radio get flak, while shoegazing artists and artists that no normal person would ever hear will get a lot of love.
133. Agor.io:.io sites are stupid.
134. Nick.com: My has Nickelodeon fallen.
135. KissCartoon.me: Hey website masters, if you place too many ads on your site, you are ruining your audience and your site.
136. Equestrian Daily: Um fine, sports are for idiots.
137. Famous Birthdays: I wouldn't care.
138. RateMyPoo.Com: Has the internet subculture really sunk this low?
139. CD Universe: Everyone who shops on iTunes or Amazon hasn't heard about this.
140. Nobrain.dk: You have no brain for putting this one here.
141. Miiverse: This was a website?
142. Noisey.Com: I'm not bothering.
143. Jezebel: Yep, sounds very feminazi-ish.
144. Raz-Kids.com: Teachers, just use pencil and paper assignments please. Online assignments are awful.
145. Worldstarhiphop.com: Eeeh, ok.
146. Topix: Hey if you don't like bullying, don't go on sites that have it.
147. fagasstraps.com: SERIOUSLY?
148. MyPinkFriday.com: This is Nicki Minaj's site. Okay then.
149. Twitch: Should be much higher given how AWFUL the community is with stupid memes.
150. The Huffington Post: REEE CONSERVATIVES ARE BAD.
151. Pinterest: I never went to this site.
152. Discord.com: No one who chats here is above the age of 10.
153. WeHeartIt: We hear t**? We heart it? Confusing domain name.
155. 8Chan: Okay, then don't pay attention to it.
156. LiveLeak: Is someone actually directing you to look at these disgusting sites or are you doing it yourself?
157. Wattpad: Shipping is as bad as porn.
158. LINGsCARS.com: So why are we hating on automotive sites again?
159. MyLackey.com: This site is dead too, right?
160. Sankaku Complex: Go away Japanophiles.
161. Googlehammer: These people think they can use Google in their domain name to trick people. It's somehow working.
163. Gamerheadlines.com: Show of hands, who's actually heard of this?
164. Fantage: Um, no.
165. Equestria After Dark: I am wondering, is this a site for bronies?
166. Newgrounds: A blast from the past
167. Skinny Gossip: What are these comments.
168. Afl.com: If it's useless, why does the domain exist.
169. Peopleiwanttopunchinthethroat: This shouldn't be a real domain name.
170. iCarly.com: You cared enough about the show to put it on here.
171. VEVO: What exactly is bad?
172. Anger Central: REEE CONSERVATIVES.
173. Stormfront.com: If you hate racist sites, why do you post them elsewhere?
174. Gamejolt: Another mostly irrelevant game site.
175. Quora: Not really bad.
176. IMDb: I hear a lot about the website's community, but quotes are good.
177. Polygon: Okay, another gaming site someone says they hate.
178. Findminecraft.com: Hating on Minecraft is getting annoying.
179. GirlsGoGames: Not a bad site at all.
180. Lomando.com: Get you're jumpscare/creepypasta/fake horror site far away from me.
181. Moby Max: Success videos, that you can do elsewhere.
182. I-Ready: No information is available for this page.
183. Thechainsmokers.com: Another artist you simply hate.
184. RedTube: The worse version of Youtube.
185. Heavy-R.com: Why must you pay attention to such sites.
186. Subculture.com: Well, we clearly have a subculture of morons on the internet.
187. FinallyFast.com: If I recall this is a scam site.
188. 1337x.to: HOLY CRAP. If that's true, then I'm never going on that site.
189. Rate My tiny penis: I am speechless.
190. The Daily Stormer: What is it with neo-Nazi sites and their obsession with storms?
191. Musical.ly: It's shut down.
192. Change.org: Can probably be cancerous.
193. GirlsAskGuys: Stop the sexism
194. Xtra Math: Online math courses are bad.
195. TheWorstWebsiteEver.com: Well isn't that a meaningful name.
196. Boobpedia: Guys secretly like this site.
197. BeastPins: Okay, NO WAY I'm touching that.
198. AllAdvantage: The idea to get paid to surf is interesting but execution-wise, fails.
199. Angelfire: This isn't a website, it is a service.
200. Monogamy.com: Okay no thank you.
201. Classy Mommy: A giveaway site? Oh no way.
203. Entertainment.com: Very vague.
204. Mothering.com: And how many people do you suspect to use this?
205. TaxSlayer.com: That is a badass domain name.
206. Google Nose: I'm serious, many of these are likely to be fakes.
207. Answers in Genesis: Oh god OH GOD WHY.
208. hosanna1.com: Okay, I get it.
209. Wonkette: Political sites are dumb
210. Bing: Google is dominant.
211. Xbox.com: Hey console haters, go away.
212. Moonphases.com: Not gonna look this one up.
213. GMANetwork.com: What exactly is wrong with the Philippines' broadcasting network now?
214. Hotlinetohell.co.nr: Whatever this domain name is.
215. rotten.com: You're probably just as rotten for looking this one up.
216. Biography.com: Not a bad site.
217. iscaliforniaonfire.com: isyourinternetlifemoreonfirethanwhatyouwouldnormallybedoing.com
218. Drawball: I don't know why, but this sounds like it could be a fun site.
219. Scary Maze Game: Yep, not a real website.
220. Snapchat.com: Really annoying.
221. TenMarks: So this is why people hate common core
222. ChatRoulette: Basically Omegle but probably a bit saner.
223. Goatse.cx: Nope.
224. Xbooru: So apparently it's another hentai site. Moving on.
225. ActiveLearn: Wait, so it costs more money to learn on this site than to learn elsewhere? wow.
226. iLiveHere.co.uk: Yeah, no one really cares.
227. Flickr: There are better image hosting sites. See imgur.
228. Complex.com: I wonder how complex this site really is.
229. Epicrapbattlesofhistory.wikia.com: Wow, what a name, oh wait it's a wikia. Ignore.
230. AdventureTime.com: We have an Adventure Time hater in the house.
231. HotNewHipHop: "If you read the comments your brain cells will die it's terrible" okay then
232. LurkerFAQs: Looks like it's dead. When I googled, I was surprised to see pictures of women. I'm not googling it again.
233. Vicsig: If it is fake it shouldn't be on here.
234. Rtsoft.com: Wow, okay, another video game company website. That I never heard of. You people dig deep.
235. Fanfiction.net: This isn't that bad, assuming the fanfics you are seeing are not from super popular places.
236. Kotaku: They're okay.
237. TheDirty: You're dirty for putting it on here.
238. Dictionary.com: The real dictionary is better than the slang dictionary.
239. Wookiepedia: Meh, sometimes it's those background character stories that change everything in the universe.
240. MyFirstWorld: Aren't there better services available than this?
241. Khan Academy: The videos are informative but boring.
242. Sonic Stadium: I thought Sonic News Network was the site for Sonic fans.
243. Digitaldreamdoor: Their lists seem to be completely random.
244. Imvu: Kinda lame. Although avatar creation is always fun.
245. All The Tests: If you have to take a test to do just about anything, the people who want you to take tests are greedy.
246. Cracked.com: Actually has decent pop culture items. Politically they suck, but there are some good articles.
247. Acme.com: If you are a Wile E. Coyote, this is the site for you.
248. Learning.com: Boring name.
249. whorepresents.com: Thanks to the name, there's a whole new meaning to "who represents".
250. penisland.net: You have run out of ideas. I can tell.
251. expertsexchange.com: Seriously, you can't find an actually terrible website, so you look at domain names and think "expert sex change" instead of "expert's exchange". I bet the site isn't bad, it's just terribly named.
252. hollandshitfestival.nl: Awful name. Again though, this is worst websites, not worst website names.
253. speedofart.com: -_-
254. ihavegas.com: We don't care.
255. bitefartcafe.com: Whoever came up with this one has not reached puberty yet.
256. dollarsexchange.com: That's not possible.
257. michaeljacksonsthisisitmoviemerchandise.com: Oh come on now, what did MJ do to you?
258. ferrethandjobs.com: Nope.
259. viagrafix.com: Presumably this is supposed to be Via Grafix.
260. ladrape.com: Please stop putting garbage items.
261. molestationnursery.com: You mean Mole Station Nursery?
262. mammotherection.com: Ma'm Mother...oh forget it.
263. michaelspornanimation.com: Nope.
264. bigdaddyscrap.com: I wonder if the people who came up with these domain names were actually trolling.
265. therapistfinder.org: Therapist Finder if you must know.
267. americanscrapmetal.com: Stop hating on poor American people.
268. oneoffart.com: One Off Art.
269. bendover.com: People who are named Ben Dover get this a lot and they hate it.
270. dicksonweb.com: And somone who's name is Dickson cannot stop getting messages because of his poor name.
271. masterbaitonline.com: It's a fishing website.
272. oldmanshaven.com: NOOOOOOOO
273. artisanalcheese.com: From #249 to this are a bunch of dumb website names. You ran of out ideas and it's clear as day.
275. Information.com: If people want information, this is ironically not the site it seems.
276. Gawker: I don't want to look at a site name like that.
277. Studyisland.com: Hmm, this might not be bad.
278. TopTenz: Let's have some competition, shall we?
279. Apple.com: And now for the Samsung/Microsoft/Google fanboy's turn.
280. Voyeurstyle.com: Private videos, oh no no no.
281. Amazon.com: Shut up. This site is popular, cheap, and good.
282. Myboobies.com: STOP LOOKING AT PORN.
283. Metalsucks.net: The people here don't hate metal actually.
284. Loser.com: You're a loser for putting this one here.
285. Darklyrics.com: Pretty good, has full albums of metal lyrics.
286. Aapnicity.com: Ah, an Indian site. AVOID.
287. Realtor.net: People who don't know how to buy a house put this on here.
288. Peacehealth.org: What, keeping healthy isn't peaceful? Troll.
289. KickW.com: Wow, a meme site no one has heard of.
290. SourceForge.net: Didn't know it was that full of ads. Usually it's good.
291. Twwwe.com: Basically an abbreviation of something made up.
292. Yahoo.com: Wow, this is really low.
294. Ebay.com: Price matches suck.
295. runthegauntlet.org: Okay, I won't go on it.
296. JibJab.com: Actually it sounds fun
297. Salon: Be specific.
298. Shutterstock.com: Meh.
300. Google Earth: It's pretty fun.
301. Imgur: No
302. Gardenerplants.com: Well it's for a boring hobby, I guess so.
303. Trovi: It sounds like one of those malicious homepage hijack sites. Deserves to be way higher
304. Gaming Wonderland: No one heard of this.
305. CartoonNetwork.com: I bet you are still butthurt about the change in Cartoon Network's programming.
306. Snap.do: Now this one I remember infected my computer a long time ago. SCREW THIS THING.
308. Thewhitehouse.gov: REEE I HATE AMERICANS REEE
309. Toontown Rewritten: Toontown is still a thing?
310. Sonypictures.com: Probably isn't bad.
311. Frederator.com: What
312. Pooh's Adventures Wiki: No one cares about this wiki.
313. Fanon Wiki: Is it as disgusting as other sites?
314. Dora the Explorer Wiki: Is the entire fanclub based on this one wiki? Wow.
315. Axfc: I cannot translate what this site is about.
316. PornTube: Stop looking at porn. STOP LOOKING AT PORN.
317. Kongregate: This site is still around?
318. Haruhi Suzumiya Wiki: Way too specific.
320. Wikifeet.com: No thank you.
321. Baddesthacks.net: I thought this was just a bad domain name. I prefer Romhacking to this site.
322. CWCki: Terrible wiki name.
323. Is It Normal?: If you have to ask, it definitely isn't normal.
325. Nothing.com: Well it's better than porn if it has nothing.
326. The Mugen Archive: So many characters.
327. Answers.com: Well, answers will be given.
328. Photobucket: Terrible image service. Their photos sometimes give viruses and their TOS means nothing's free now.
329. xHamster: Nope nope nope.
331. Transformers Wiki: The Michael Bay wiki, right?
332. Watchcartoononline.com: Why so, ads?
333. Vulture.com: Seems like yet another ordinary website.
334. putlocker.fm: Oh a virus, okay.
335. Shädbase: Stop looking up these websites.
336. Bonsai Kitten: Er, I hope it's not what I think it is.
337. Goregrish.com: Porn, gore, entertainment, anything new?
338. Ogrish.com: Someone hates Shrek.
339. Stile Project: Okay how many porn sites exist.
340. ManBeef.com: Not looking that one up.
341. Nambla.org: WOW, there is apparently a website that advocates pedophilia. This should be above many other sites.
342. Babytorrent: Let's not.
343. Pornmd: Seriously how many of these porn sites exist.
344. Drawception: There's probably some immaturity here and there but it's probably fun at the same time.
345. Second Life: Hooray, another one of these.
346. Second Life Marketplace: Um, is this the same as above?
347. GodTube: A Youtube for gods?
348. Songfacts: They're an okay site.
349. Haruhi.tv: Not bothering with this one.
350. Aryion.com: The website title isn't the same as the domain name, so no.
351. E926.net: No information is available for this page
352. NFSCars: So is this about Need for Speed or about actual cars?
353. More Awesome Than You!: No you're not.
354. Everyday Feminism: Clearly has become something far worse.
355. The Mare's Nest: Um, no thanks.
356. Chatki.com: No one should care about chat sites these days.
357. GameBanana: It's a game modding community.
358. SUPERZOOI: If your website has to be in all caps, you fail at marketing.
359. Forbes: They have lots of content. Don't see what's wrong.
360. N*****mania: There seriously is a website called this, wow.
?. Epicgames.com: While I don't understand Fortnite's popularity, putting this here is stretching it quite a bit.
?. Chimpmania: And I'm not gonna bother with this one.

So yeah, lots of bad sites, from porn, to furry, to actually malicious sites, but then some of the actually good sites that just have slivers of bad communities are on here too. It's also easy to tell who's running out of ideas.


Rule 34 is fine as long as you don’t search up the wrong stuff. - visitor

Good Analysis - iliekpiez

Ogrish isn't a shrek fansite. It's much more gruesome. - visitor

Every wiki on Miraheze especially Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki is garbage, too. All of them are full of SJWs and moral guardians who think they are the only “righteous” ones and all the others are “villains”.
They even made a page about themselves XD:
Jokes aside and yep, a website with community crowd with moral guardians hates moral guardians, aka themselves.
Also, how the hell do these fandoms or hatedoms have anything to do with “moral guardians”:
This is what happens when moral guardians try to create a category page related to moral guardians. - SwitchItEarlier

I wouldn't generalise that every wiki on Miraheze are bad. Miraheze is a wiki hosting site isn't it? - UL

TV Tropes also has moderators/admins who are some of THE most evil people on the Internet - xandermartin98