Top 10 Things That Guide You In Your Life

Have you ever been in a situation you thought you won't get away and suddenly things work out good? Let's count down top 10 things which are always there to guide you what to do. (Note: List is more kind of dark and very hard philosophical English is used.)
The Top Ten
1 Coincidences

Do you think coincidences happen just by themselves? I don't think so, they happen because the almighty wants to sign you to something. Be aware of them and heed them.

I truly believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason. I also believe strongly in karma.

I just think it's an ironic coincidence. Nothing more, nothing less.

2 Deja Vu

A lot of times I'll experience something in a dream, then almost forget the dream, then experience it in real life. It's kinda cool, really.

Have you ever experienced something that has already happened to you? I have. And yet they're like coincidences... They mean something.

It is a beautiful experience for me, thinking I did the same exact thing before and then a few seconds later it's gone.

3 Sudden Change In Situation

Whenever you are in a bad scenario, not all the times but sometimes... A change will happen, the good one and your bad scenario will be turned into a good one because there is someone to help you.

4 Dreams

I frequently encounter beings called "the quantum force" & they work with the family of god & the quantum force are like the power rangers, the quantum force are living stars with humanoid bodies & they have symbolic shieldless masks, the quantum force are obedient to god, god hired them because he loves what they do. god hired the quantum force to watch the universe while his away from home while he celebrates love & sanity with his wife, our universe looks like a gigantic crystal ball

I dreamed about a device that could project people's thoughts on a screen both visually and auditorily. I always dream about inventions. And the future. And technology.

5 Your Thoughts

Wander out in dark alone (without any electronic devices) and you will know what I mean, you will have such thoughts you never knew you were thinking of.

The hundred percent of my thoughts are about my past. I wish that someday I can get back myself to 2013 or 2014.

My thoughts are so morbid and confusing and yet I live in them.

6 Obstacles

Obstacles in life are great. It's so much fun not giving in to something. Obstacles tests our strength of character. Imagine how boring life would be never to face challenges and fears. Obstacles in life are what keeps us feeling alive and worth something.

It is said that 'God tests the smart, not the foolish', which is true. If you're having a lot of troubles in getting your goal, know that you're being tested.

7 Sudden Change of Feelings

My family (and my psychologist) calls it "bipolar disorder" when I do that. It's really annoying, to be quite frank. I'm pretty sure I don't have bipolar disorder.

Ever got scared even when you were full of joy without reason? You should, that means something tragic's gonna happen.

8 Hiccups

Call me religious, but when you hiccup (our religion says so), someone is remembering or missing you. I had hiccups one time and I came to know that my sister was calling me.

That's another unusual thought. But it has been proven by science that is not the case. Hiccups are just a natural part of being a human.

9 God
10 Your Conscious
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11 Sudden Thoughts

Have you ever caught yourself staring something until someone pokes you and you didn't even know? Well, revise your thoughts then.

12 Negativity

Have you ever tried to do something new but you couldn't do it because your heart said no? It's good because you shouldn't if your heart doesn't want to.

I generally trust my gut, and if I feel like it won't be a good idea, I don't do it.

13 Pessimism
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