Top 10 Things You'll Miss Most When You're a Teenager

I am dealing with the fact that I'm growing up so I made this list.
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1 Your childhood

Sometimes, I yearn for the days of childhood, where I was clueless of the world around me, and didn't have a care in the world. As kids, we didn't give a damn about all the awful stuff in the world and only gave a damn about the monsters under the bed. Of course now, we are now aware of pretty much everything.

Yep I already do! I even wrote a song called 'Childhood' and it tells the story of how much I miss it. See the chorus for example:

Childhood is gone forever, get over it
Those are the times I'll never forget
Now today without you I'm very upset
Childhood is gone forever, get over it

2 Having it easy in school

Actually I feel like the first like 6 years of school were by far the hardest.
You have to consider that, while the stuff you learn becomes more complex, you also got more knowledge and abilities to build on.
In the first years your brain is crammed with information you'll just have to learn by heart, the later years are more about applying what you've learned or forming an opinion based on what you know.

Actually in my private middle school we have only 5 classes a day, free food, never have homework, don't need to do P.E. if we don't want to and teachers would do anything to raise your grade. Also no bullies here. I prefer being in school than home

3 Not having periods

This list doesn't apply to me. I had my first period at 10 and 8 months and I started waxing before becoming a teenager. I have no responsibilities and I will stay a virgin, until I am married. My parents still do stuff for me and I was never skinny in my life. I never was into toys and I am still living in a childhood. I never was able to make friends until I was 11-13 years. I am 13 years old and fine right now with becoming a teenager.

I miss those days where we could wear all the pretty underwear we wanted and not fear of getting it stained in red.

4 Being popular in your family
5 Lots of presents

I used to always get drones, but they would always crash or get lost in like the first minute I used them.

I still get lots of presents and I'm 15.

6 Playing in playgrounds

When I was little I can rock back and forth on those playground spring horses hard with no problems. Now whenever I get on them I risk breaking, falling off, or being thrown off of them due to being WAY over the weight limit no matter gentle I am.

I'm 15, 5 feet tall, and I won't let anybody stop me from playing on the playground, especially the swings.

I only play on the monkey bars and swings now, not the rest of the playground.

7 Opening presents on Christmas morning

I still get gifts for Christmas but we no longer wrap them.

8 Recess

In UK still have school breaks in Secondary school. Break a rule sneak out of the school, or just stay on the grounds which isn't a playground just hang out, or just go library.

Why don't we have this? No wonder Teens are so bored every single day staying in one building all day without any fresh air.

My first day in High School everybody was asking where the playground was. They shocked us saying:we don't have one.

9 Your metabolism

I dunno man, I've tried starving myself before and its terrible for you and your body. To be honest, I was being an damn idiot. If you're at a healthy weight, do yourself a favor and accept whatever the reflection is. Which IS easier said than done.

So true! As a kid I can eat all the chocolate and desserts I want and NEVER had to worry about high blood sugar or weight gain. Now I have to carefully monitor everything that I eat. (I'm 26, by the way)

I tend to have the need to eat a lot and THEN, an ad about body care or whatever relating to bodies showed the "perfect body image". And that's when I thought "I regret eating all of the food"

10 Your toys

Bratz and Barbie get too much love either way. Prissy little girls' stuff is the worst things in the universe. Thank God you grew out of it, PrincessKiana.

Man, I really do miss my Toy Story collection. And my old house used to have a playroom as well! Me and my brother used to make up our own amusement park.

I used to play with my Hot Wheels set but I have outgrown it and now I make YouTube Poops.

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11 Your hairless body

I know who put on hairless body that sucks bo!

I wish I had no leg hair. It's really annoying

12 Your innocence

Kinda. I curse and chill too much. You can still be innocent because I see some 11th Grade girls that are pretty innocent.

Circumstances forced me to grow up way too fast. Enjoy it while it lasts, because you can never get it back.

I miss the days when I didn't know how cruel and unfair of a place the world is...

13 Riding coin operated rides

When I was little I fit in the little carousels and was small enough to ride the horses. Now I am too big for the carousels and even though I still fit on the horses I have gotten kicked off a few of them for "being over the weight limit"

14 Your virginity

Seriously? I am not planning on losing my virginity until I'm married after college or possibly ever if I am called to be a nun.

I won't lose my virginity until I'm graduated from college, most likely. I'm way too young to do it right now.

Ahh, little Johnny can't wait for the day he gets laid. Hope he doesn't wet himself TOO much.

15 Your parents doing stuff for you

When I was little my parents did everything for me. I'm now 26 and they expect me to work my butt off for everything.

Laundry, Cooking, housework, cleaning things, dishes, vacuuming, the list goes on...

16 Sleeping on the sofa and magically waking up in bed
17 Kid's meals

Come on. Free dessert, fun menus, and now I can't do that anymore without getting shunned or embarrased.

I like the variety of regular meals but the prices, not so much.

18 Your old responsibilities
19 Looking forward to going back to school

I will go to 10th grade this September. In elementary school, I didn't really like school, but I liked seeing my friends and having recess. When middle school started, I despised school and now I view it as 10 months of torture where we have to see people we hate, "learn" things which I will most likely never use in 10 years from now on, and just get piled with lots of work.

Little kids view going back to school as having fun and play with friends. We older kids view it as going back to 10 months of being tortured with loads of work and mean teachers.

20 Being able to swear without getting in trouble

I thought it was the other way around. You could never get away with swearing as a kid.

21 Your old friends

Yes,because at this point of time when we have so much of things to explore and so much to learn, each time we have a partner in crime with us and he/she becomes a part of the memories we possess for our experiences
So of-course a time will come when those friends will only be there in those memories so they will be missed...!

I moved houses and I miss my friends so much.

My friends from 5th grade were the best.

22 Asking to play

"Hey, Greg! Want to come over to my house and play?" - Rowley, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

23 Not getting in trouble for accidentally vomiting everywhere

I have been throwing up so many times when I was small, I didn't like any fruit except Banana before I become a Teenager, so I have to let my childhood go.

24 Middle school

Do you really think I miss being heavily bullied, having fake friends, and being in a terrible mental state? At least I don't have any of those problems now that I'm in high school. You couldn't pay me to go back to middle school, especially 8th grade.

I'm in this horrid school, and I know I certainly won't miss it.

Not in my town because I'll be in junior high.

25 Riding rocking horses

I had a toddler-sized wooden rocking horse that I rode often as a kid but I broke it when I tried to ride it as a teenager.

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