Top Ten Things Your Parents Don't Want You to Know

Everyone alive has, or at one time had, parents. Chances are that when they had their kids, their lives changes forever, probably not for the better. Sure they tell you they love you and that you were an angel or a blessing, but in reality, the first words out of their mouths when you were born were probably a little different.

Below are the top ten things that your parents don't want you to know - either about you, your siblings, or life in general.
The Top Ten
1 Your parents have sex when you aren't around

Whether you're asleep, staying at a friend's house, or just down the street at the store for 30 minutes, your parents have utilized that opportunity to have sex. Next time they send you out on an errand or say that yes, you can stay at your friend's house for the night, know that they are at least considering what to do with their privacy.

I hear them almost twice a week when I'm asleep. They think I don't know. They think I'm an innocent person.

What, little brother and little sister weren't delivered by the stork?

I don't want to believe that's true, but it's gotta be true...

2 Your parents considered abortion at least once instead of having you

Seriously, what are the "worries" that will be put into children's minds? That their parents will invent a time machine, travel to the past, terminate their pregnancy, and live happily ever after?

Regardless, even if "abortion" isn't the best choice of words, the point remains the same. Parents daydream about what their lives would be like without some or all of their children. Doesn't mean they'd prefer that life, just means they've thought about it.

Even if it wasn't a serious thought or consideration, it probably crossed their minds at least once. Staunch religious followers and atheists alike, they pictured their lives without you.

I'm autistic, and my mom actually told me this that if she knew about my autism before I was born, abortion would be a better choice.

I'm being absolutely honest, but I wish I was aborted. Not kidding.

3 Other kids are smarter, kinder, and better looking than you

Not every child can be the brightest bulb and your parents know it. They spent the first few years of your life convinced that you were going to graduate from Harvard at the top of your class but by now they know otherwise.

Mom says that. "Pia is more smarter than you! You have to keep up! " Althoygh I am Valedictorian of the class.

It is a true fact. No matter how good you are there's always a bigger fish.

Yeah. I feel inferior to others sometimes

4 Your opportunities in life are limited

You probably won't be president/prime minister or an astronaut.

But you can still get off your lazy behind and pull your own weight, plus have a bit extra to help those who really do need help.

Always be ready to help the helpless, but not the clueless.

For all of the "you can be anything you want to be" speeches, just know that your parents have a pretty good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and probably know exactly what you can and cannot become in life.

But you don't have to tell me that when I'm 7!
You know what, I'm determined to be a singer when I grow up and when people ask me "why do you want this career? " I would say "My parents told me I couldn't, so I did it anyway! "

A billion kids told they can all be the first person to set foot on Mars. One billion minus one will be disappointed.

5 Rated R movies are realistic

It makes sense for a parent to censor the adult and inappropriate media from their children, but that severely limits what children can learn from it. When I am a parent, I would take time to know and judge how my kids will react to something before showing it. My parents would be too reliant on the number on the case.

Movies that are rated R tend to cover more problems in real life, such as abuse or drugs. Rated G and PG movies almost never cover these things. It's annoying when parents try to sugar-coat life for their children because the children will get a rude awakening by the real world (and I know for a fact I will, too).

With the exceptions of sci-fi and a few other genres, most movies that are rated R are actually pretty realistic. You might not be allowed to watch them or play their equivalently rated video games until you get to a certain age but it doesn't change the fact that real life is pretty true to the movies.

I'm a kid, already know this. Haha.

6 Your parents don't know the answers to many of your questions

Rarely does a parent admit that they do not know the answer to your question; it's all part of the power struggle. In reality, unless you ask a question that can be gleaned from life experience, there is a good chance you, or your Googling abilities, know more than they do.

My parents actually know the answers to a lot of questions that I ask. They just play dumb so that I could either look it up or expect me to figure out the answer.

I think that my parents are probably playing dumb to make me go look up the answers myself...

They pretended they didn't know the answer to "where do babies come from? "

7 They love your sibling more than you

I personally get this feeling coming from my brothers the most because Iam the most loved and everyone knows it even though I hate being in the spotlight it doesn't necessarily help when you know you're the most loved and your brothers know too. I try to help them to and get my mom to get stuff for them and not only me.
And to those wishing they could be loved more than your sibling(s), listen to me because its not easy being the "oldest, responsible, smart" girl in a family of boys with out being the most loved from the day you were born even if I mess up it wont go away, it's a nice feeling to be loved, but I want to share it with my brothers too

I know that, too! My parents don't really care about me that much, but they do care about my sister. Whenever I try to tell them something, they just ignore me and when my sister tries to tell them something, they focus all of their attention on her.

It's natural for parents to love one sibling more than the other and there's a pretty good chance that one of your other siblings wins the title of Most Loved.

I can tell my mom's favorite is my sister and my dad's favorite is my brother. They talk to them the most...

8 Their health isn't as good as they lead you to believe

As people age, health goes beyond minor aches and pains. Cancers, arthritis, allergies, etc. Your parents have more going on than they are telling you.

"I don't actually have to be qualified to be a dad, I just have to trick this baby into thinking I'm qualified to be a dad."-John Green, New York Times Bestselling Author.

Physical health is not the only type of health. Sometimes their mental health is unhealthy for the kids too

My mom has a rare autoimmune disorder and I'm always scared she's going to die

9 Your parents hate driving

Not only do they resent having to bring your lazy self everywhere, they are getting older and traffic is getting faster which scares them. Think about driving them around for once or walking instead of asking for them to be your chauffeur.

10 Your parents get scared too

No matter how old you are, you can freak yourself out between turning off the lights and getting into bed. They might not play the same games or watch the shame shows as you, but they still get scared during a movie.

I knew that, I scare them..

My mom won't let me watch horror movies or paranormal shows at night

This one's obvious if you have overprotective parents like mine

The Contenders
11 Your parents aren't actually the best people in the world
12 One or both of your parents had bad secrets in their past.

My parents were apparently the bad kids when they were young.

My mom's dad inflicted harsh and brutal punishments on her, my aunts, and uncles throughout their childhood

13 They use drugs

So I once had to use my mom and dads bathroom and I saw this towle covering a box and what I saw was homage cigars and weed and they said they stopped smoking before when I was little so... yah.

I caught my dad smoking WAY too many times...

14 Santa Claus isn't real

I didn't find this out until I was 11, when I found their presents in the office, with a big slab saying "To: Joshua, From: Santa". I was disappointed, but at least I experienced the truth

No! It can't be true!

15 They are the ones that give presents to you on Christmas

Yeah... "Santa" can be one of many things

16 Your parents have sex toys

Handcuffs are not Sex Toys Police Officers use them for robberies

17 They have a favorite child
18 Your parents have sex when they take showers
19 You are not the strongest kid in the world

My auntie told my cousin this and he believed her until I had a wrestle with him

20 They lose on purpose to make you feel better
21 You are not the only child
22 Some kids cartoons contain innuendo
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