Top Ten Ways to Know You Are a Hipster

We've all seen them. Hanging around outside bars, convenience stores, in alleys, in the shadows late at night... You hope they don't approach you and ask for change - or worse yet, if they can take a Polaroid picture of you. If you're lucky you can just cross the street to avoid them and whatever they congregate to do but sometimes you turn a corner and get ambushed. You can't escape. You're surrounded by the stench of body odor and cheap beer. You see tank tops in the winter and knit hats in the summer. Skinny jeans and Toms year round. That's when you realize that you know all the names of the people in this group. And they know yours.

Face it: You're a hipster.

Hipsters are unfortunately here to stay (at least until American Apparel tells them to be something else instead) and there really isn't much you can do about it. Your best defense against becoming one of their ranks is to realize where that line is and how to avoid toeing it. Below are the ways you can tell if you are a hipster.
The Top Ten
1 You only like things when you think nobody else does

Ever really loved a song only to later decide it's mainstream crap - but only after your friend discovers it? Yup, if you like a band, a brand of clothes, a bike, whatever, only to immediately change your mind once someone else does, you're a hipster. Face it, someone else in the world shares your birthday too.

I like to use nachos hats and ride the ice cream truck to school so mainstream though

My dad likes very unpopular indie music and listens to it in the car all of the time

2 All your beer has to be cheap to be good

If you think that beer that has been crafted delicately by the hands of artists who adhere to the time-tested recipes of a hundred years ago is crap, but think PBR is "the only true beer for the working man" then you're a hipster. Cheep beer does not a revolutionary, anti-establishment puppet make. It just makes you pee and get bad breath.

3 You wear clothes in contrast to the seasons

Tank tops in the winter with your Ray-Bans? Sure, that totally makes sense. That wool beanie pulled ever so slightly back on your head making you look like a Hasidic Pappa Smurf during a 90 degree day? Why not. As long as you own up to it being an intentional fashion statement and not some functional purpose, we'll judge you accordingly.

This is plain ridiculous. It surprises me that more people who do this don't come down with hypothermia or heatstroke.

4 Your clothes have to show your indifference toward life

No, that shirt isn't "ironic", it's just ugly. You buying "vintage" clothing (usually brand new and made in the same factory as everything else but given the distressed look) doesn't mean you are fighting against the establishment. It means you are buying from American Apparel like every other of your group.

5 You treat your facial hair like it has magical powers

Nobody cares that you have a mustache - they've been around longer than you have. Same with your neck beard. You aren't fooling anyone. Join the dollar shave club and understand that facial hair is a fashion/grooming choice, not a civic sign of rebellion against the status quo.

6 All your stuff is from Goodwill, except your Macbook

Do you only buy previously worn clothes? Only have dishes you found in the dumpster behind an Italian eatery? Good for you for re-purposing items and not buying new - except for that brand new, sweat factory produced, Macbook/iPhone you're slinging. Make sure you show that off at the coffee house so everyone can see how you align with the "alternative lifestyle". Not that all Apple users are hipsters, but those who try to emulate paupers except for their electronics usually are.

7 You have terrible hygiene

There are a few reasons you can smell bad: You've just done something active of note (sports, climbed a mountain, run a race), you can't afford personal care items (homeless or destitute), or you just choose to "brand" yourself as Natural. In the latter case, you're a hipster. Nobody wants to smell your musk. If the salt-rock deodorant doesn't work, admit it and buy some Speedstick.

8 You think everything is Instagram-worthy

WOW. That picture of a shopping cart is so ironic. Do you sense my irony? You took a picture of an old refrigerator in the middle of the woods? Oh my goodness, that isn't the normal place for a fridge. So edgy. Face it, nobody cares what foods you are eating unless your niche is as a food blogger or fitness professional. Not everything is art just because you put it online and put a faux 70's era filter on it. Sometimes a rock is just a rock.

9 Your bike is your most important possession

Unless you have to bike commute to work or you work as a bike messenger, it's just a bike. Yes I agree, it can be a great way to exercise, a cheap way to get around town, and just overall fun to ride. But face it, nobody cares about the brand of seat you chose or how many gears you have or the color of your spokes - except other hipsters.

10 You listen to Arcade Fire
The Contenders
11 You deny you are a Hipster
12 You post everything about your life on line because you think your life is the most interesting one ever and everyone is hanging onto your every move.
13 You drink lots of coffee
14 You say Rocko's Modern Life is the greatest Nicktoon of all time
15 You prefer Britpop over grunge
16 You have a general malaise toward life

You live life so ironically that you ride your bike with no helmet, no hands, and no sense of traffic laws as you careen the wrong way down a one-way street. You forage for food in the woods or dumpster-dive to prove you are fearless about your health. You refuse to show excitement lest someone else higher on the hipster social pyramid laugh at you for caring about something.
Sometimes things can be fun and there's nothing wrong with showing excitement about life. Health is important. Paychecks are good and admitting you enjoy those tings isn't a crime.

17 You have The Beatles shirt on when you never listened to one song
18 You think you're smarter and better than everyone around you
19 You eat garbage
20 You wear plastic-framed glasses

I'm a little short-sighted and wanted a strong and practical pair of glasses. I guess I'm officially a hipster now.

21 You smoke weed
22 You unironically like what Radiohead has turned into
23 Arctic Monkeys is your favorite band
24 You drive a moped
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