Top 10 Worst Things About Having No Friends

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1 You have no one to talk to

I am a nobody. I'm just the one everyone can be jerks ton and I just have to take it. I used to have friends. But, then they just turned into jerks. My mom even abuses me. Even my best friends just started treating me like crap. Now I feel like I have no point in being in this world. I can predict suicide in the next few months.

At least you make a list like this one. It's a start. Even if you think that nobody wants to talk or to listen to you, there are always people who wants to talk or listen to you. The difficult part is to meet them but like they say " After rain comes Sunshine " and it comes mostly at times when you don't expect it.

2 You become even sadder

Nothing is eternal in life. Sometimes you can get so sad that you lose hope. When that happens it looks like this is an emotial state that will stay forever. Before you can make or even want to try to make friends you should first try to get rid off the lack of hope.Only then you will be ready to give and receive friendship. The difficulty is to know how to get rid of your lack of hope and sadness. There is no real formula for that. Everybody has a different way to trying to solve that problem. I personnaly try to read classic greek philosophy ( especcially Plato ) because it gives me sometimes hopeful answers about questions of love, friendship that I couldn't understand. That's for me a way of helping myself but like I said it can be something else for someone else. Just be aware that it will take time, but one day it will give you the fruits for happiness. Even if you don't believe it now it's a sure thing that it will.

3 You get anxiety meeting other people

If you feel anxiety for that it proves that you are a true and emotional honest person. Someone ( and believe me, there are people out there who does ) who can understand and who knows that is a potential friend. Your little social anxiety will be understood and forgiven when you talk to a person with those beliefs of knowledge. Sometimes it's the other person that will come talk to you ( those people exist ).

I have friends, and I still suffer from this. You can message me if you want to talk about it, PrincessKiana--I kinda understand where you're coming from.

4 You have no one with the same interests

Maybe you should take someone you think you can trust in confident and explain your problem(s). If he or she don't care it would never been a friend and if he or she cares and listen to your problems it will maybe the start of a friendship. It's more easy to say than done but if you don't try you will never know. To receive you have to give.

I'm a teen girl who collects pokemon cards, plays minecraft/video games and hates makeup. Since most of the other teen girls in my local area are makeup-obsessed I feel left out.

5 You feel insecure

In my case other people thought I'm insecure but the truth is just I'm brutally honest with my opinion. that's why they mistaken it as a sign of insecurity.

Having no friends is one of the worst, most lonely feelings in the world.

6 You have no one to pair up with for projects

When the teacher tells you to divide up into groups and you have no one to go with and you have to go with the teacher is literally the most embarrassing feeling in the world.

I work alone because in groups there is always that one bossy idiot.

Like one time some girl CUT up my drawings.

Whenever that happened in class, I'd just end up working alone. And I didn't mind that...too much.

7 You have no one to make you happy

I can understand the need of expressing your feelings to someone. The difficult part is to find the right person who understands and who listens. If you're a shy person it will be most of the times also a shy individual who will be this other person. Because we're talking about shy persons here it's for sure that it will take time but sort seeks sort ( I'm saying that in a good way ) and that happens in life like a kind of magnetic power.

I almost never talk at school but really, I'd like to punch practically everyone in the class.

8 You have no one to go places with

I'd love to do fun things like movies and stuff. With someone other than parents or siblings.

Better to go alone. No one forcing you to do something, just you and yourself

I don't care. It's nicer being alone

9 You become less social

I don't think it makes you lesser social ( there is no social communication or connection so how can it be social? ) but Ithink it makes you more shy and lonely and that's what makes you think that you're not a social person but a loner. The good thing is that loners are thinking a lot and that makes them usual stronger ( they learn better than anyone else who's a fake and who's not ) once they're are trying to become more social with the right people.

10 You have no one to play games with

I love this list. You totally speak the truth and what comes from you heart, Kiana.

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11 You are the last one to be picked for teams
12 You are easier to bully
13 You might be thought to be creepy
14 You feel lonely
15 You don't get noticed
16 You feel like a loser
17 You have no one to talk to anyone about your family problems
18 You feel like no one likes you
19 You are ignored
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