Top 10 Worst Ways to Be Dumped

Thinking about dumping your bae or just been dumped? Well even if you're just curious about which is the worst, you've came to the right place! This list covers the worst break ups possible, and can even give you an idea on what not to do if you ever decide to dump your BF or GF. Now here are the top ten worst ways to be dumped.
The Top Ten
1 Ghosting/Being Ghosted

ghosting is more than rejection & getting dumped, ghosting is the last sword/knife getting pierced through your back, gossip/gossiping amplifies ghosting, someone who has never ever been ghosted dumped or rejected would evolve the victim to potential become something they shouldn't be, self control & gossip is a unspoken war. gossiping & ghosting go hand in hand together, ghosting & gossiping plays & toys with lives of the innocence, the innocence express themselves to be with the person they know they are destined to be with but if the destined individuals messed with creator will do anything & everything to make sure nothing isn't messed with ever again, creator erases gossipers who bleed false truths about innocent people/individuals, gossipers who danger the innocent are feed for beasts who balance all existences.

2 Being Dumped for Someone Else

Ahh... The familiar cousin of cheating, I've been there. Even though this technically isn't cheating (but similar) This is the worst way yet. Being dumped is painful by itself, but figuring out being dumped for someone else is putting the salt in the wound. If you've been the victim of this break up, then what I can say is that I'm very sorry for you. They lost an amazing person who deserves much better, and they traded you for a worthless piece of crap (the person they dumped you for is crap, definitely not you). I know it hurts now, and I know it may not feel like it will ever pass, but I know you'll find much better. All I can say for advice is enjoy your freedom, and take a picture you have of them, put it on the wall, and throw darts at the picture. Also, if you know that they didn't cheat on you, then consider yourself lucky, they did you a favor by not cheating on you, and also be lucky that you'll find someone better than that buttface. Like I said, this pain will pass, and you'll feel much better, even if it takes a while to move on.

3 The Being Cheated On Dump

It's self explanatory, and if you've been cheated on, then they're heartless d! (k faces that don't deserve anyone (Including you). But don't let that leave you wounded, it was entirely their fault, not yours. It's their fault for not appreciating an awesome person like you. They should go straight to hell and burn there, feeling sorry that they even thought of cheating on you. You deserve to be treated better than that!
(by the way, excuse my french)

4 The Facebook Status Surprise

This is when your bae (if you have one) decided to drop a bombshell on facebook by changing their status from dating to single before breaking up with you. The worst part is when you go to see why that happened to only be told that they want to break up with you. Tough stuff, if you ask me.

5 The Break Up Call

That is just brutal. If the dumper can't make up their mind whether to dump you in person or by email, then chances are they will just call to break the news instead. So now not only will they not talk to you face to face, but they will also leave you nothing but your memory to remember the tragic moment. It's even worst if they leave you a voicemail, for you to only check your voicemail and find out that you just got dumped.

6 The Relationship Terminating Text or Email

Similar to the break up call, this is probably the most common way to dump someone these days. Most people would say this is a brutally unacceptable way to dump someone, and believe me, they're not lying. Not only will you have this saved in your texts, but also know that you never got to see them one more time before being dumped. I know it can be hard cutting it off in person and can be awkward, but please show them respect by telling them face to face. If you do it over phone, you'll just look like a coward.

7 The Getting a Friend to Do the Dirty Work for Them Dump

Now that's just cruel. Not only will you not be able to see your bae face to face, but either their friend or your friend is doing it for you. It's how the relationship Mothea (however you spell that) works.

8 Dumped Before, After, or on the Day of an Anniversary or Holiday

Merry Christmas, I'm dumping you, that's my special present for you! That's just cruel on so many levels. Being dumped is bad on it's own, but soul crushing especially on your anniversary or a holiday. It's even worst when it's your favorite holiday.

9 Dumped at the Wedding
10 Dumped After Announcing Pregnancy
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11 Dumped After Intercourse

You're basically misleading them into thinking you like them until you break the news.

12 The Classic "It's Not You, It's Me" Dump

They're lying to you. They're trying to soften the blow by saying that. Let's face the Music, they really think it's your fault. If they didn't think it was your fault, then they wouldn't be dumping you. I'm not saying it's your fault, and I can't say that either because I don't know the dynamics of the break up (if you're going through one, that is). Most likely though, if you were the dumpee, it wasn't your fault. You weren't the one who decided to get dumped in the first place (unless it was a mutual split). They decided to break up, not you, so remember that.

13 Dumped on the Honeymoon
14 Dumped after moving to a new country for them
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