Top 10 Reasons Why Disneyland is Better Than Disney World

Disneyland was the Disney park Walt Disney and his team built, and it’s a historical landmark.

It was what Walt Disney envisioned, and made into a magical place for all. But this list will show you why this goes with one of those things where bigger isn’t always better.
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1 It’s original

It's the place Walt Disney and his team built in 1954 and was completed on 1955, and it's original and a historic landmark.
He and his team built rides there that everybody would enjoy.
Although Disneyland had a horrible opening that nearly killed people, it was the 1st park to open.
Yet the castle is small, it was due to having a rather low budget for a bigger castle (which takes place at Walt Disney World).
It was what Walt Disney envisioned his land to be, and it became important for the world.

2 Disneyland has better rides and attractions

Many rides and attractions at Disneyland are better than the ones at Disney World.

Pirates of the Caribbean has a better storyline, as well as a better atmosphere and 2 big drops.
Peter Pan's Flight has better music and is more up to date.
Autopia has better theming, Tomorrowland Speedway is garbage.
It's a Small World is quieter, so less likely to get stuck in your head.
Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters has better guns, meaning better shooting.
The Haunted Mansion is better because it's original, has the changing portraits, and the holiday overlay every Halloween and Christmas, making it more spooky, atmospheric and festive.
Grizzly River Run has a vivid theme as well as more spinning and 2 medium drops.
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is more immersive and has the dynamite effect at the 3rd lift hill and a cave during the last few drops.
Space Mountain is much more atmospheric, up to date, has better vehicles, double seating, the track is much smoother since the 2005 rebuild, and there's onboard audio, better music, and a countdown, along with the occasional Ghost Galaxy every Halloween season.
Yet the rides even have seasonal overlays during the holiday seasons, while Disney World's rides don't.

3 It’s cooler

It's not as hot there, so a trip there is easier, while Disney World is in Florida, so it's blistering there.

4 It’s not as humid

It's not only cooler at Disneyland, but also less humid, so it won't feel all yucky there like at Disney World.

5 The events are better

The events like Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas are better and more magical at Disneyland than at Disney World.
Also, there's more great and better themed food at Disneyland's than at Disney World's.

6 Disneyland gives rides and attractions seasonal overlays

Disneyland always gives their rides seasonal overlays, Haunted Mansion Holiday, It's a Small World Christmas, Splash Mountain Holidays, Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters After Dark.
They're always up to date while Disney World leaves their rides to rot.

7 It’s cheaper

At Disneyland, tickets are cheaper than at Disney World.
Although items like a pizza slice will still cost $10, the overall ticket and event price and how much it cost to build is lower than DW.

8 Better nighttime shows

Disney World May have some cool nighttime shows, but they don't match Disneyland's.
There's a better Fantasmic and stuff, and there's World of Color.
Disney World's firework shows aren't that colorful like at Disneyland.

9 It's the happiest place on earth

Heck no, no Disney park is the happiest place on Earth, but Disneyland is original and better yet Disney took better care of Disneyland while leaving Disney World trash.
At least some of the rides at Disneyland are better than Disney World's and they are up to date.

10 They closed fewer good rides down

Although Disney World and Disneyland both close good rides and attractions down, Disney World has more of them closed down.

At Disney World, they closed down Rocket to the Moon, Mission to Mars, the Skyway, Horizons, Sum of All Thrills, Sounds Dangerous, The Timekeeper, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, The ExtraTERRORetrial Alien Encounter, America Sings, Pleasure Island, Snow White's Scary Adventures, Lights Motor Action, Maelstrom, Mickey's Toontown Fair, The American Idol Experience, DisneyQuest, The Great Movie Ride, Ellen's Energy Adventure, and they're gonna close Cirque du Soleil: La Nouba on New Year's Eve.

At Disneyland, they closed down the Rocket to the Moon, Mission to Mars, Videopolis, the Skyway, The PeopleMover, Rocket Rods, Flying Saucers, Carousel of Progress, Innoventions, America Sings, Toy Story Funhouse, Luigi's Flying Tires, and Tower of Terror.

Disneyland is doing much better than Disney World, though they're gonna retheme Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier.

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11 Disney gives Disneyland more respect

Disney always keeps Disneyland's rides and attractions up to date and alive, and gives them seasonal overlays, and always makes them better than Disney World's versions.
Also, Disney closes more good Rides at Disney World than they do at Disneyland.
Yet there are attractions like Snow White's Scary Adventures and Toontown Fair, which are still at Disneyland, but removed from Disney World.
Yet they provide more shade for their ride queues than Disney World does.

12 No Frozen ride

There's no frozen ride at Disneyland like at Disney World, which is called Frozen Ever After.
In fact, there's less Frozen overall at Disneyland compared to Disney World.

Good! Frozen is so overrated anyway.

13 Disneyland opened first

Though it had a horrible opening where everyone burned, starved & peed in the parking lots, it opened in 1955 whereas Disney World opened in 1971 though that had a better opening.

14 They provide more shade in their queues than Disney World does

Disneyland's rides may have long lines, but at least they provide shade in their queues while Disney World's on the other hand doesn't provide as much.
Yet Toy Story Land at Disney World hardly provides any shade, leaving everyone there unprotected from the Sun and thunderstorms.

15 You can do the whole park in a day without feeling like you're about to keel over

You can hit all of Disneyland in a day, but at Disney World, if you do that, you would literally die. Disneyland has the benefit of being smaller, but still has more rides, making it seem close together, and not forcing you to walk a mile from one end of Magic Kingdom to another ( like at Disney World)

16 You don't need Disney Transportation to get you around
17 The Princesses are sexier
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