Top 10 Most Annoying Autism Stereotypes

I'm autistic and I get so annoyed by these types of stereotypes! I'll tell you right now that not all autists are like this, including me. I just hope these stereotypes completely die so that no one believes autists are bad people or anything.
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1 Autists are Unintelligent

I'm autistic and I can say I'm kind of offended by some of these and very offended by a lot of these and stereotypes piss me off! I can do anything anyone can do, I just think, work, and do things differently and I need a little more help than others. So what?!

This is such a annoying stereotype. I'm not the smartest person in existence but I'm not a uneducated dumb person either. It's been proven that autistic people are far more intelligent than non autistic people look no further than Albert Einstein.

This is really annoying. I know someone who has autism and he's the complete opposite of unintelligent! Ugh!

My classmate a few years ago was one of the smartest in the class and I'm pretty sure he has autism.

2 Autists are Immature

For some weird reason I can't type anything else after I do this or on another list on here so this will be big. There is an autistic person at my school. He be like "HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT I DID? I DID (something I don't care about.) And I am in high school. If you seen my one about people treating me like I am autistic you know I have 2 autistic friends and they are cool. So, the other autistic people are so annoying. They worship super Mario or any Nintendo game. I like Madden NFL or any Xbox game. In Mario party characters cry when they are in 4th place and throw tantrums. Ok, back to this. If you don't like what they like they yell at you. Special Ed rooms look like a kindergarten room. And they like the wiggles. what. That show is stupid. How do they think it is funny. They are like 15 they need to grow up. I am 14 and they annoy me.

Me and my sister both have autism and I think we're both mature for our age. Especially her.

I'm very mature for my disorder.

3 Autists are Depressed

This statement is false. I'm on the spectrum and I DO NOT have serious chronic depression! Although some of us felt depressed, at least once, in our lifetime, not all of us suffer from it. Depression is another mental health related issue. I am happy with my life.

I'm Autistic and I'm always depressed!

4 Autists Can't Take Jokes

I'm autistic and I have a weird sense of humor and I'm proud of it!

I don't take jokes too seriously. I love to laugh.

I can take a joke but it depends on the jokes!

I can but sometimes I just can't Tell if it is..

5 Autists are Introverts

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being introverted. It's just that sometimes you gotta come out of your shell so that you can communicate better with other people cause it's much more better for society.

Not true. At home I don't talk a lot because there's no one to really talk to so it can be boring sometimes but at family parties and vacations I go into extrovert mode and I talk a lot

Being introverted is not a bad thing. Many non-autistic people are introverted as well.

My aunt's boyfriend's son is most likely autistic and he's really extroverted.

6 Autists Have Mental Problems

Sure they have a disorder but that doesn't mean that they have psychological issues like mania, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc, that leads to them eventually going to the mental hospital.

I'm schizophrenic and I've managed to keep it under control with medicine.

Autism is a problem in itself!

7 Autists are Whiny
8 Autists are Mentally Ill
9 Autists are Violent

I'm autistic and I never think that violence is the answer. You can get locked up for inflicting pain upon another person ya know.

That stereotype isn't just annoying, it's dangerous. It's what can get us killed and further demonized.

Hey that's mean. I'm not autistic but I know someone whos autistic and he's not violent whatsoever. So this point is an epic fail

I'm a mildly violent autistic but this is not always the case!

10 Autists Watch Preschool Shows

Damn. I'm 13 and I'm autsitic and I watch Family Guy, South Park, and stuff like that. I know some Autists may like Bob the Builder and stuff like that, but I know when I'm too old for something. I do only have mild autism tho

I do watch some preschool shows, like Bob the Builder, Thomas & Friends, Lazy Town, Dinosaur Train, Clifford the Big Red Dog, WordWorld and The Rubbadubbers. Some other ones I don't like. Usually I'm more into TV-Y7 shows.

I'm autists 13 & I used to watch preschools but not anymore when I was 12 & I'm rather into video games & my favorite shows were Let's Go Luna, Thomas & friends & Curious George & they're not too babyish, I Personally think The Amazing World of Gumball is a preschool show.

This is true for me. As you can tell by my profile picture when you click on my name, I watch and love The Backyardigans.

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11 Autists are Fat and Lazy

I go walking around the Park everyday, I do weight lifts & I'm very good at dancing!

I am more physically fit than a significant portion of my school.

Friend with autism, could be a model.

Some are. Others aren't

12 Autists are Unable to Understand Other People's Feelings

I'm Autistic and I understand people's feelings.

This is very wrong

13 Autists are Pedophiles

How are us autistic people pedophiles? That's mean.

Really? Are some people that stupid to think so?

I'm autistic and I don't see anything sexually appealing about children

14 Autists are Cartoon Lovers

My brother says Pokemeon is simular to Loud house, Powerpuff Girls, Sonic, Kirby, Animal Crossing and Chuggington when Pokemeon doesn't even relate to them at all, He also annoys it with me non-stop. He really gets annoying with his Pokemon fetish.

I mean, I like Disney, Tom and Jerry and SpongeBob, but I also like books, like say Alice in Wonderland, Goosebumps and countless others.

I have aspergers and I only like comedy adult cartoons like South Park, Family Guy, Rick and Morty, American Dad, etc.

Hate this stereotype and it's definitely true. I'm autistic, and I am not a cartoon lover.

15 Autists are Zoophiles

I'm autistic and I don't see any sex appeal in animals (well, other than humans)

16 Autists Watch YouTube Poops

Out of the ten I've seen, I've only liked two. They were technically a two-parter that somehow wasn't stupid to the point of you wanting to delete your YouTube app.

NO I do not (now time to whatch a video about people getting killed more than 9000 times!

17 Autists Go to Special Ed

I'm autistic 13 years old & I Hate having an I.E.P & Going to those classes I just want to be normal & I can't believe I'm going in 7th grade instead of 8th grade might be because I had early intervention why would they even do such a thing & why would I have to get early intervention?

I'm in 6th grade and I never went to special ed. I went to social work but that was because I always interrupted in class.

I like going to special ed because I like making the other autistics look dumb!

Special Ed at School can is just like one word: HELL!

18 Autists Wear Diapers or Pull-Ups After the Age of 5

Eww! Imagine if you went to see Avengers Endgame movie trying to catch up with a moment with your favorite superheroes until you get disrupted by that disgusting diaper smell

I stopped wearing diapers at age 9 and started wearing underwear at age 7.

19 Autists are Nonverbal

There are some autistic people that are verbal as well as non verbal. It depends on their disability!

I used to but guess what! I speak now!

What are these words, then?

This isn't true at all.

20 Autists Take Things Too Seriously

I'll admit I actually do take things too seriously but I try not too cause being too serious about things isn't good for your health.

That is me in some moments. I am an easy-going person, although some situations can get me very emotionally attached.

21 Autists Can't Watch Edgy and Vulgar Movies

Um I like The Grudge, Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark, Saw, and I'd even say The Simpsons Movie could count as one.

I actually PREFER edgy and vulgar movies. Terminator all the way!

One of my best friends has autism and loves South Park.

I have autism but I love edgy/vulgar things like bojack horsemen,hazbin hotel and helluva boss.

22 Autists are Unhygienic

I always make sure to brush my teeth, wash my hair and face, and put on deodorant everyday.

23 Autists are Not Capable of Doing Stuff for Themselves

While most do need help throughout their life most can learn to cook, take public transportation, pay bills, etc...

It's called people with different needs. Understand that!

I have aspergers and for a lot of stuff. Everyone comes to me for help

24 Autists Have Obsessions

I do have pretty strong fandoms, actually. Mine are South Park, Amanda the Adventurer, The Simpsons, Owl House, Gacha, and Minecraft.

Sorry but it is true -- I have met many autistic people who have obsessions such as trains & cars. My cousin, who is an adult, is still really obsessed to the pokemon and the harry potter franchise ever since he was a child; he is very open to it. I once tried to control him since he would often be made fun of, but sadly that's really who he is lol.

I will be honest, I am obsessed with so much nostalgia it's unreal, and I am so obsessed with certain video games and books

25 Autists Like to Throw Tantrums

I used to do this. Not anymore.

I mean... When I was 6... yeah.

Maybe when I was like 6/7/8.

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