Little Mix Songs with the Best Chorus

The Top Ten Little Mix Songs with the Best Chorus

1 Black Magic

It's so catchy. The bridge is GREAT too!

2 Hair
3 Shout Out to My Ex

The chorus is what the song is really famous for

4 Wings

'Spread your wings, my little butterfly' try harder, believe in yourself, and you'll achieve what you never thought you could.

5 No More Sad Songs

This should be higher on the list!

6 Move
7 Touch
9 How Ya Doin'?

Good song!

10 Power

'You're the man, but I got the power.
You make rain, but I'll make it shower.'

Best chorus for sure! - 23MACCAja

The Contenders

11 Secret Love Song

'...Cause I'm yours"

12 Oops
13 Change Your Life
14 Mr Loverboy
15 Towers
16 Love Me or Leave Me

Great Chorus - 23MACCAja

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