Top 6 Simpsons Season 1 Episodes

Gangem The Simpsons is the greatest show on TV , and I am going to count down the 6 best episodes of the first season, so without further ado, my top 6 Simpsons season 1 episodes

6. There's No Disgrace Like Home: This is a classic episode. There are some hilarious moments especially the therapy scene and when they look at nice families. I really like this one

5. Moaning Lisa: When I first it, I didn't really think much of it but rewatching it I realise this is a brilliant episode I really like the lesson and ending in the episode

4. Bart The General: A great way to introduce Nelson to the series in this very underrated episode that has some standout moments

3. Krusty Gets Busted: Sideshow Bob is an awesome character, and this an awesome episode and I really thought Krusty did do it

2. Bart The Genius: This is the most classic episode of the show and is comedy gold! It is really original and I think it is fantastic

1. Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire: I bet you are thinking, the only reason it is his favourite is because it was the first episode. Well you are wrong, love how heartwarming this episode is and it has comedy too! This is the best cartoon Christmas episode ever

What is your favourite season 1 episode? Comment below. Hope you enjoyed reading this! Bye!