Dante's Inferno: Ring #5 (The River Styx)

IronSabbathPriest Virgil is walking through a random tunnel of hell, when all of a sudden, his earpiece crackles and Minos starts talking.

Minos: Virgil, report!

Virgil: I'm still on patrol, Minos.

Minos: Be advised, a minion from heaven is right here in hell. If you encounter him, persue and destroy him.

Virgil: A minion from heaven? I like the sound of this! But I still need to round up all the toptenners.

Minos: You mean you're not finished yet? You'd better hurry up! Or else Satan will be sorely displeased!

Virgil: I'm on my way.
Animefan12 and Forever_Smiling13 are fighting off the zombies.

Forever_Smiling13: Look out!

Animefan12 looks around at the zombie behind him.

Animefan12: AHHH!

He raises the spear but he is too late and is overpowered by the zombies.

Virgil sees this and clicks his fingers, Forever_Smiling13 is teleported away.

We are taken to a cavern with a river in it. It is not unlike the one the toptenners used to get here. Except the river is none other than... The river Styx!

SuperHyperdude: Holy crap is that...

DapperPickle: It's the river Styx!

Virgil: Cross the river to win.

DapperPickle: But how?

Virgil: I don't know! I ain't a walking instruction manuel. Just find a way across.

SuperHyperdude: Well, this is annoying.

DapperPickle: We could build some sort of raft?

SuperHyperdude: Nah, that would take too long, plus, that acid river could just disolve it.

DapperPickle: Well, we have to try.

40 minutes later

DapperPickle: There, I think we did an ok job.

SuperHyperdude: For 40 minutes work, yes.

DapperPickle: Lets test it.

They push the boat in the river, it floats.

SuperHyperdude: Well, waiting around ain't gonna get us anywhere. Lets go.

So they jump onto the makeshift raft, and set off. But halfway across...

SuperHyperdude: Holy crap, look up there!

Giant flies start decending from the darkness above. There faces look lflies faces, but bigger.

DapperPickle: We have to go faster!

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