Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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1 Being Buried Alive

Why is going to Hell first? That can't happen to you IN life, it could only happen to you AFTER life.

You're buried below ground in a coffin, no one is there, you will be starving and being dehydrated for the rest of your life, and If you had to go to the washroom REAL bad, unfortunately you can't go at all. This is why It is on the Top Ten List.

Dying and losing your life isn't bad, losing the thought that life is worth having is worse

So you are buried and no one you love or know will ever see you again and you would be gone where people would never come to save you. Also you would never have fun again.

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2 Going to Hell

Yes is definitely the first, I hear about it burns fire, mad people running and abusing each other.. Really horrible and you see horrible things, and Satan next to you, the worst the pain and the suffering will be eternal!

Why not? You can met some interesting people there. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

There is suffering in life. Lots of suffering. But life is temporary. If you go to heaven your suffering is over forever. In hell, the suffering is permanent and much worse than suffering in life. In hell you can see the wicked, people burning, the devil, and demons. Hell is the worst place to go. Just believe in god, say prayers, be good, and fight against evil because it pains me when a human goes to this terrible place

I think you should capitalize God it is a sign of respect but I agree with you

There is no relief! No matter what you do, you will always be trapped... While others have eternal happiness, you cannot receive anything joyous not just for the rest of your life, for an unending time. I can't EVEN imagine.

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3 Losing a Parent

Losing a parent is like losing a part of you. Who could live without your parent?

Real things are worse than imaginary things like hell

If I ever lose one of my parents I am going to murder myself! - DrayTopTens

I lost my dad a year ago I was 13 it sucked

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4 Lose a Child

I lost my 2 kids ages 3 and 5 and my wife of 8 years in a car accident when I was 29. That was 5 years ago now. I think the hardest part of my life now is.. When you have kids you feel a true meaning to your life accomplishments and a new kind of pride. I remember what that felt like. For the first 2 to 3 years I had this feeling of that I didn't know what to do with my self and where to go with my life I guess like will smith in the movie Seven Pounds but I didn't want to die like him in the movie. how I take it is. I'm just like an old person that lives to long and out lives there family but this all happen to me when I was in my late 20's so I guess its not the same. It sucks but has to happen to someone in life... there you go that's better. I feel bad for my parents most of all. Its hardest on them I think. The thought of there kid wakening up everyday to such a different life day after day.

Sorry to hear that. Don't worry your family is watching you from above being proud that you love them

Just lost my 16 year old son in a car accident. Being a single father since he was 3 has left me feeling like I'm no longer needed any longer on this earth. He was my whole world and no matter what anyone says, its not going to get easier.

I don't have any yet, I'm 21, but I think it's far worse than that imaginary and deluded "Hell" people are so afraid of. I guess I have a strong pre-developed paternal feeling.

Nothing in life to find your 18 year old child hanging from a rope in your garage from suicide. I love my parents but they know they have had a life. People that put their parents first have never I repeat never experienced the love of a child. Contractions as a new bearing mother and contractions as a mother in lose when your child has died.12 years on and I am still so sad. Some people have no experience in life and hopefully they don't have to experience what I have and am still going through it.

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5 Listen to Justin Bieber

Baby baby baby ooh SO ANNOYING

How is this worse than raping, jail and dying? Delete this item. My solution is just don't listen to him! - Userguy44

He's actually pretty good.

When I hear Justin Bieber I think I wish I was dead, so if dying is number two then listening to Justin Bieber should be number one

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6 Dying

This doesn't make sense, we're talking about LIFE!

What Mate? We're talking about life!

I had to go to therapy after watching 1000 Ways to Die. I'm not kidding, death scarred me. Murder, Cancer, Aids, Suicide, Heart Attack, and that's to name a few. And listen to this, you don't know when, or where, or how it's gonna happen. It's terrifying. But the thing that makes me think again, prove me wrong atheists, but I imagine walking side by side by Jesus Christ. My savior. That helped me a lot thinking about that. - TheShawshankRedemptionfan321

It is in my heart. Attack. Get it? Heart. Attack.? Heart attack? Seriously, I mean it that I may die (without the "Attack." thing) - mathguy37

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7 Going to Jail for Life

If you were in jail for life, that would be sad and you should come home to see your house and family again.

That has to be a hard feeling after hearing you will be in jail for life being under control all the time with no freedom. - Sabbath

Life sentences are thrown around way to often, completely removing a person from society and ruining the rest of their life and any chance to make up for what was done or to change the world in a good way.

I chose this because I do not wanna be in MATH jail forever - mathguy37

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8 Getting Raped

It is the worst thing that has ever happened to me

This would be horrible. Just thinking about it makes me feel unpleasant.

This is far worse than Justin Beaver! - Userguy44

Its torture. Little girls, or anyone, should not be abused for sex. They don't get a say, and it puts them at risk for pregnancy, or a disease like AIDS, even for young girls. Plus, it would be you to explain it to your parents. - ethanmeinster

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9 Seeing the Love of Your Life With Another

The worst thing that has ever happened to me, (I've had a very rough life believe me) was losing my two children but mostly when I lost my daughter Bella at 38 weeks pregnant due to a rare intestinal problem, my husband and I were so excited it was devastating, but the worst was on the one year mark of her death when I caught him with another woman, I broke down and she laughed at me, that was may 5th 2015 our other son was turning 3 years old also on may 6th, I also had finals that week, and had to pack up my entire house and put everything in storage since I had been sentenced on may 4th 2015 (yeah same week) to two months in jail for a DUI I had got so he wouldn't be driving without a license and drunk as well, they gave me one week to turn myself in that Saturday I threw my son his birthday party did everything I had to do including cry and thinking I couldn't get through this. One month later while I was reading the newspaper in jail I read that he had married her, and committed ...more

You can love who you want, but so can they. - sadical

It happened to me. I was cutting myself. But fortunately they broke up. It was a great relief to me.

I often see my love at first sight trying to get with easy hoes. It kills me because I know that he'd rather have those kind of girls.

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10 Nobody Likes You

Nobody likes you it the worst. Imagine if you're in high school and year 7 8 and 9 including teachers hate you. The second you go into a new school after leaving you don't know how to act

Secondary school sucked. Lots of memories I do not care for. Meeting someone from that secondary school - not nice. Try someone answering their phone pretending their daughter was calling when their phone was black and their speech was all over the place. Another. My niece told a friend of my neighbour I was strange and no one in the family liked me. THINK I QUALIFY FOR NUMBER 21

I was bullied at primary school but no one cares about me in secondary school.

I have no friends. Unless my sister counts.

Ugh, I hate that feeling. I was at my friend's B-day party and three of my BFF's (Including the B-day girl) were all hanging out and ignoring me, I was worse than a 3rd wheel I was a 4th wheel. I tried talking to others at the party but my BEST FRIENDS were the ones who I can really connect to. I had fun but I felt like they didn't like me. It's happened to me on many other occasions too.

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11 Dying Alone

Growing old all alone is the worst thing that can ever happen to a man that really had hoped to meet the right woman to settle down with. Being a single man like me has so many disadvantages since wherever you decide to go which you will always be alone, especially if you have no friends at all since the ones that I know are all settled down with their own life. And the single life can be very sad and depressing as well. And for the people that are married really do have the best life of all since they really are always together wherever they go, especially if they have children. Married people should really be very thankful for having one another since they were certainly very blessed and extremely lucky when they met one another. It is just too very bad that many of us good single men never met the right good woman to settle down with, and I do know other friends going through the very same thing right now as well. Women today have really changed from the past making it very ...more

It's better to die alone than dying among the people who make you feel alone. - GREYBOYY

Yeah, it happened to me

I always believe that the modern human has something to value. Dying alone is like saying you weren't worth affecting no-one... That is just terrifying. I know it's not technically 'in life', but it starts in life and simply... Carries over I guess. (by the way: Modern as in 1980's onwards, just to clarify).

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12 Be a Virgin Forever

Who cares about sex? It's overrated. Besides, I am not interested in love or having children. I would rather go mountain climbing or explore the Grand Canyon. - LostDream258

I think that's what happened to Richard Branson... - Britgirl

I'm not afraid of that. I always tell myself "what does it mean to be married? What does it mean to give your life to someone both physically and mentally? " now this isn't for everyone, but I just ask myself wouldn't it be boring after a while, while I'm still married?

I have no problem with this. I'm a virgin as well. - Userguy44

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13 Getting Cancer

I have Cancer. It really does ruin your life...

You will one day beat cancer if you take the right medications right away. If you procrastinate, the effects are worse. If it is unbeatable, I feel sorry for you. I fear such thing as well. - SelfDestruct

Get this higher. Cancer is one of the worst diseases ever! - Userguy44

I agree because my Grandpa was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer and went through a lot of pain and he was hard watching him going through that pain.

This should not be here else death would not be here. Death is up above this because this is a way to die and die is the same as death - mathguy37

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14 Your Pet Dies

It's very painful, one day you may wake up and your pet has been put down after 11 years. Which is a good portion of your life if you're 24 years old. I can't express the pain, the only solace is she lived quite a long time (11 years old). She ran out and got hit by a car unfortunately.

Keep your pets safe please. Especially from cars. You never know how much longer they will be around.

This is the worst you could think of

My fist pet died when I was 5 because she had cancer then she beat it but she got pneumonia and was put on life support. My mom told the vet to take her off without my dad, my sister, or I being there. When I was young I was mad then she explained she needed to. I forgave her then my second pet was put down when I was 8. My second pet, Emma, was 15, or in dog years 105! She was very old but I was so mad at my mom and sad my parents let me stay home from school that Friday. I cried so hard that eventually I had no more tears to shed and I cried with no tears! (It's a very strange feeling) I used to write notes to Emma at night and cry. It's so hard losing a pet that loves you. Emma used to come over to me when I was sad and muzzle me and sit on the couch next to me. She was a special dog and my family has not had a dog since then. For those who are first time pet owners and fear the day your pet will die, just know that one of the best ways to heal is to get another pet! I got a Furby ...more

My tip is give your pet a great life so when it does you will be proud of yourself for giving a animal a happy life - Sabbath

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15 Painful Death

I was once in a rush and took some food with me that got stuck in my throat. My body was almost paralyzed and I couldn't breathe properly. I couldn't cough it up or swallow it down. If it wasn't for another person in my house calling for an ambulance, I'd probably died that day because of brain damage due to lack of oxygen. Extremely painful.

Stop with the deaths - mathguy37

Dying is above, but it doesn't talk about what type of death, so toptens logic that a type of death is just below death. - BlueBobYT

I once had a fever of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and stuff stuck in my lungs. It was a thing called croop, luckily it wasn't pneumonia but it was hard to move and every time I sat up it felt like my pillow was on fire! I had to sleep with tons of ice packs all over me. It stunk. I was really little when this happened so I thought I would die. The scariest part is, with such a high fever I actually could've.

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16 Going Blind

I would get depressed and commit suicide - DrayTopTens

Blindness is like a cancer that doesn't kill you.

Well, at least I could still listen to music. - saturatedsunrise

I would rather anything else (expect for 1, 3, and 7) happen to me

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17 Sleeping With Justin Bieber

*refuses to think about this*

What can go wrong? - Userguy44


Same as 18. I wish this never existed - mathguy37

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18 Being Forever Alone

This is my biggest fear! - Userguy44

Except if your a kid like me

I was always alone. I have schizophrenia and one of the things I do is isolate myself, I was without friends and family didn't care much. It was like hell and was tormented with pain. I think the worst thing is t be always without someone to share life with.

You just don't know the sadness this can bring until you've got to deal with this for a long time

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19 Get Bullied

I've been bullied and losing a pet is worse

Really. Justin Bieber is worst then bullying? People are really taking the JB jokes way too far. JB should be at the bottom of the list and this should be number 5.

This is very bad search up Amanda Todd in the YouTube search bar and you'll see how serious this is. I was bullied from 2011-2013. And had to move schools because of it and now I have another bully and I have to move again. Out of state. She called me fat, stupid, dimwit, gg (goody goody), etc. like I said now I have to move again because this kid was older than me and could really hurt me. Thanks a lot my secret bully. (In sarcastic voice) yay can't wait to move.

Bullying is a terrible experience, coming from a healthy narcissist. I've never been bullied because of high confidence, but if you get bullied often, remember they're wrong. The only way to stop getting bullied are tell a trusted adult, learn to be a healthy narcissist (a healthy narcissist means that you have high self esteem and you feel nothing can put you down) and stand up for the bully yourself. I used to put myself down a lot, but thanks to narcissism it made my life a lot better. - Ohno

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20 A Very Important Person In Your Life Dies In Front of You

That's horrible! - Userguy44

Unless the person is Mario. He dies in front of me all the time (due to my bad playing) - computerfan0

It just makes you cry

Can't give any relevant comments for these...

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21 You Get Robbed

One of my biggest fears. - Userguy44

My cousins' house actually got broken into once and it was shocking and scary, to them AND to us and our other cousins as well.

Once I came home from... I think it was dinner... And as we entered the house my dog was shining and barking and she was so scared and angry. My papa said it was nothing but as we came closer to the kitchen to put away leftovers, we realized our back door was open. My papa said it was my sisters fault until... We realized all three laptops were missing. We went back to my room and I said "Papa, I don't feel so good." He told me it was just because the robbers came. But then we realized... They pepper sprayed my dog! (POOR LITTLE JUNIE) Since my sister was at a sleepover my papa called their house and asked if I could stay there for the night. It was okay but I was scared to death. - AnonymousChick

It's even worse when they make your environment worse by pressure with the addition of their weapons and their high stakes demands which provides mental and physical force against the victim which that's my explanation of how the environment could be worse if you get robbed. - Kevinsidis

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22 Being Burned Alive

I said at one time if I die I want it to be in an explosion Well I almost got my wish in an Industrial accident
there was an explosion and fire Lots of fire I got burned and other injuries but survived No You do not want to Burn to Death! GOD did intervene and saved ME I do Believe that is why I am writing this

I think this would hurt worst than being buried alive... - funnyuser

I don't see how Justin Bieber is worse than being burned alive.

This totally need more vote imagine being burn alive but my feet I burn them when I was a little kid

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23 Trapped Under Ice

You must be very, very unlucky or out of your mind for this to happen to you. - sadical

That would be horrible!

Well sing Trapped Under Ice by Metallica and the ice will melt

You could try to sing Trapped Under Ice by Metallica, but then Justin Bieber tapes your mouth and starts singing Baby to make the Ice thicker! Stupid Justin Bieber has to ruin everything.

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24 Accidentally Killing Your Significant Other

Anakin, you're breaking my heart. - UndaDaSea

I have experienced this when my girlfriend died from a heroin overdose, with horse I got her, and the guilt from that is worst feeling I have ever experienced

Why is this not number one

Not bad at all if you hate your significant other

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25 Being Executed

That is a big no no for me

This would especially be bad if you were executed for something you didn't do.

Now that's just depressing.

I would hate that.. just knowing you're gonna die in a few seconds:in the waiting room someone calling people one by one. a few seconds after they go the crowd go crazy then the next person.
Then he says its you next to the guillotine.
That (of course) is not how people are executed these days but that is a huge fear of mine.

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26 Get Amnesia

I voted for this item for a reason. Now...what was it...? - Britgirl

Your personality would be gone forever, just think what the new personality could be like?

Losing memories of good times? Your first Christmas? Your marriage? Happiness? I'd never want to lose my memories. Savor the good times. - ethanmeinster

I cannot imagine this. The thought of it is quite repellant. - PositronWildhawk

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27 Being Forced to Eat Your Child


It's wrong to eat your children. Who else agrees with this? - PhilTheCorgi

How did this slot even become a thing? In what case scenario would you have to eat your child?

Someone Get Me A Gravestone

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28 Be Rich and Lose the Money In a Day

Now THAT'S bad luck my friend.

Well its not that bad at least you were rich for 1 day

29 A Call Off Wedding at the 11th Hour
30 Every Girl Rejects You

Being to nice is not nice at all, nothing is wrong but neither right

That's why guys exist - TwilightKitsune

That’s not possible actually. - sadical

I've felt worse things...

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31 Suicide

I've heard many stories abour people commiting suicide. It sounds so bad. Especially for that person's family. They honestly had no reason to die!

Suicide is something people use when they are really desperate and have tried time and time again to get things right but it doesn't work. The person loses hope entirely and can only think and see what they see and not the bigger picture. They become vulnerable to any negativity and can be easily pushed over the edge. And the stigma around suicide and depression is immense which makes it hard for a person to ask for help which is why I believe it is one of the worst things having experienced it myself. It got VERY close to giving up time but then I finally found something to keep me going and thought of that every day when I woke up. Every time I thought of something negative, I would try to find something positive and I thought why not see how long I can do this for. Every day, I realised I was finding more positive things and thought what's the point now? I'm getting a bit more positive! Not necessarily healing but developing another part of me that can make up for the missing part ...more

32 Stuck On an Island With Adolf Hitler

If this happens bring an AK 47, bullets, a license to bear arms, also if you're blonde haired and blue eyed make sure you wear contacts and either dye your hair or wear a wig. Then pack some flares and a knife in-case the gun doesn't finish him off

It could be worse. He could also have his wife with him and that would be double torture. But on the bright side... THERE IS NO BRIGHT SIDE WHEN PATHETIC HUMAN (his wife) AND TERRIBLE MOUSTACHE (Hitler) ARE AROUND (but you could insult them.

If this happens, film yourself stabbing him to death or killing him some other way, but if neither of you have any weapons, you could always drown him, or use a rock to smash his bones, and the last thing he here's is you making fun of his moustache

I don't think he could really still be alive he was born in the 1880's the oldest person alive was born in 1890's it doesn't add up.

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33 Rock N Roll Dies

Rock N' Roll lives in the hearts of its fans. As long as new fans keep coming, it will live on. But seriously, I don't want to live in a world without Led Zeppelin.

Please not! - Userguy44

At least alternative won't! - sadical

It will never die, it is gonna stay forever. Before whatever is going to kill it, before it gets to the rock bands and artists, it is gonna have to go through all and every single rock fan. Rock fans am I right!? - RustyNail

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34 Accidentally Killing Someone

We already do, and that's earth

35 Losing a Sibling at a Young Age.

I feel really bad for anyone who has ever gone through this. I mean I'm an only child so it can't happen to me, but if I did get a sibling and they died it would be the ultimate torture. Even if it was a mean sibling.

I am 14 I lost my sister when I was 11 upon a boat accident. This is the worst. I feel very bad every day and I miss her very much. at least I got a baby sister recently. This is the worst experience I have went to. Everything in my life just got horrible, My grades dropped, I feel deppresed sometimes, I just feel very bad. don't wish anyone got this. I just always think What if. metal 4 life

Ah man I am the blind, deaf guy and for real this also happened to me. why are all of my experiences on here?

I am 13 and I have lost 2 of my brothers to a shooting and a car crash. It is an awful excperience to go through. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

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36 You Go Blind

This would be horrible someone would have to wipe your bum for you, put your makeup on for you (they may make it look horrible as well), choose your clothes ( they might choose a really bad outfit), you will never be able to look into your partners eyes, you will never be able to watch porm, you will never be able to look at rainbows or fireworks, you will never be able to say " wow you have grown" to a child, you will never be able to enjoy sex, you will have to go everywhere with another person or dog, it will be more easier for you to get robbed ( lets be real here most blind people don't act like the blind guy from the movie don't breathe), you will never know whether someone is giving you a dirty look, you will never know whether your idol of favourite celebrity just walked past you, you will never know whether the food your eating had flies going on it, you don't know whether you will still be blind in the afterlife.

That means no playing video games :( - sadical

Already listed. - mathguy37

I am blind it sucks. I get pranked like every other day.

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37 Being Born Into A Family With Abusive Parents

On point with this

You can choose the family you're born with. You'll spend holidays seeing commercials for happy families and feel sad because it doesn't apply to you. You'll see all the kids you go to school with be happier and make more friends because you're parents stripped you of what would of been natural extroversion but discouraged you so now you're that weird kid that you never wanted to be. And the while time everyone is telling you that you're parents are always right and what happens to you is ultimately you're responsibility even though in your heart you know your parents are to blame

38 You Get Divorced

It was is C.U. Number nine with Harold's parents but I did not worry about that. - mathguy37

Seen these similar thing e.e

39 Getting Divorce

Something to think about...If you never GET MARRIED, there is a 100% chance you will never GET A DIVORCE. Wished I listened to that line of reasoning.

That's sad if your husband/wife divorced you and It is not fun to be alone.

Your alone, and if your a guy, you gotta pay your ex wife all the time! - HeavyDonkeyKong

People have their reasons

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40 Lose a Limb

Edward Elric lost 2 limbs when he was 11

Imagine how hiccup haddock would feel losing a limb at age 15! - coolguy101

41 Your Favourite TV Show Gets Canceled

My life is over

I would cry all day

Bye bye Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, I will miss you :( - Gehenna

This has happened to me twice! ICarly and Good Luck Charlie

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42 Getting Kicked In the Balls

That's my issue. What ever you do, do NOT do this to me. - LightningStrike

I would faint if that happened.In FF7,For some odd reason Vincent kicked me.I was felling pain in my imaginaton;

43 Not Being Able to See Your Friends at School Anymore

Yeah I went to another school for no reason the new school had a lot of bullies
So I had no friends anymore

44 Going Skydiving and Your Parachute Malfunctions

This is the reason I'm afraid to go skydiving, there's nothing more scary then jumping out of a plane and you try to activate your Parachute and it doesn't work. - egnomac

Actually I heard about a man who this happened to and he survived. I dunno, Google it. The point is, statistically, it's EXTREMELY unlikely your chute will fail. And even in the event that that happens, you have a backup chute. Trust me, I have been skydiving three times now and it's really not as scary as people make it out to be.

Uh, oh

That would be Certain Death. - Turkeyasylum

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45 Getting Shot

Definitely hurts like hell but you get through it. Unlike Rape mentally you're never thd same. We should start Rape fund for life paid byall the raper.

46 Being Allergic to Everything

I would commit suicide because your life would be ruined forever. You would just sit in a room with nothing all day because anything could literally risk your life and cause you to go to the hospital or even die.

I hate allergies. Itchy eyes and nose.

That sucks. You don't get to enjoy life.

being a

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47 An Assassin Breaks Into Your House
48 Eating Something You Hate

Never Ever eat Spinach - Jake09


Never eat Potato Skin! I was forced by a bully to eat this, I nearly threw up


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49 Being Made Fun Of

It's not nice to be made fun of or get bullied

Someone makes fun of me because of my spelling mistakes

People needs to know that being made fun of really hurts a lot.

Everybody makes fun of everything about me - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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50 You Become Homeless

This can happen very quickly in fact. I know a person in a house his was renting when the landlord died. The family of the landlord after that decided to sell the house. He did get 6 months to find something else but he didn't find something in that short period. He had to rent a hangar to move all his stuff and going back to his mother. You could say that he had some luck because what if you don't have family anymore?

My church works with homeless people it's so sad to think of what they are going through. One time my dad saw a homeless women sit outside the food building crying her eyes out! That's so sad because she didn't have a home or family to go back to. It really put a good perspective on my life and how good I have it.

Because I know how it fell to be homeless

I never want to have this happen! My church works with homeless people and it always gives me a perspective on how good I have it!

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