Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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1 Being Buried Alive Being Buried Alive

If you're like me, or any other reasonable human being, at some point you'd probably try clawing your way out from below ground and when that part happens I'd like to think that suffocating to death with dirt clogging up your airways would be better than rotting away underground doing fine for the most part, until you need to go to the bathroom.

Lel guys you can survive being buried alive. First, you take slow deep breaths to conserve your energy. Turn on a flashlight if you have one, and punch the middle of the coffin. Take a piece of cloth for your access to breath. When the coffin is full, stand up, and crawl upwards, wriggling like a worm. Just in case when your friend dies, don't forget to put in a flashlight and a brass knuckle in there

I read that it actually happened to someone. A woman was mistakenly thought to be dead, when actually she was just out of consciousness. During her own funeral, she woke up, but then had a heart attack. She died after finding out she was in the casket about to get buried.

You're buried below ground in a coffin, no one is there, you will be starving and being dehydrated for the rest of your life, and If you had to go to the washroom REAL bad, unfortunately you can't go at all. This is why It is on the Top Ten List.

2 Going to Hell Going to Hell

Hell is not fictional. Quantum physics has proven that the conciousness moves out of the body after death, and that it goes somewhere else. Sure, life is hard, with relationship struggles, deaths of family members, being fired, etc. , but Hell is worse. In life, there's hope. Jesus died for all of our sins (you name it, it can be forgiven). God doesn't tolerate sin, and we all sin weakly. If Jesus hadn't died for our sins, heaven would be empty. The real reason why people go to hell is not accepting Jesus as their savior. Hell is the most horrifying place ever. Worse than any horror movie or nightmare. Pure evil everywhere in that realm. It's where souls burn forever, and are tortured in horrific ways. There's no hope, at all, because hell is eternal separation from God. If you don't believ, it's good to start now.

There is suffering in life. Lots of suffering. But life is temporary. If you go to heaven your suffering is over forever. In hell, the suffering is permanent and much worse than suffering in life. In hell you can see the wicked, people burning, the devil, and demons. Hell is the worst place to go. Just believe in god, say prayers, be good, and fight against evil because it pains me when a human goes to this terrible place

When you get sick, the worst case scenario is that you die. When you die, you go to either hell or heaven unless there is no such thing. However, I think there a such thing as hell and heaven. If you go to heaven, you can enjoy your afterlife forever. However, if you go to hell, there is no way you are going to enjoy your afterlife and it is just endless torture forever. This should be number one for this reason.

Imagine going to sleep and then waking up the next morning in a fiery furnace while going through the most extreme torment imaginable and then you're stuck there for all of eternity! I feel so horrible for people who have gone here. Even the most evil and horrible people don't deserve to go there in my opinion. God bless the world!

3 Lose a Child

I lost my 2 kids ages 3 and 5 and my wife of 8 years in a car accident when I was 29. That was 5 years ago now. I think the hardest part of my life now is.. When you have kids you feel a true meaning to your life accomplishments and a new kind of pride. I remember what that felt like. For the first 2 to 3 years I had this feeling of that I didn't know what to do with my self and where to go with my life I guess like will smith in the movie Seven Pounds but I didn't want to die like him in the movie. how I take it is. I'm just like an old person that lives to long and out lives there family but this all happen to me when I was in my late 20's so I guess its not the same. It sucks but has to happen to someone in life... there you go that's better. I feel bad for my parents most of all. Its hardest on them I think. The thought of there kid wakening up everyday to such a different life day after day.

I have twins aged 2 years old. I read an article on the internet about the murder of a 2 year old little girl, her parents killed her. every time I read stories like this, I cry and pray to god that no harm ever reaches my children. After reading the article I thought losing a child must be the worst possible thing to happen to anyone in this life and that's how I ended up on this websites article. To all the parents who have lost your dear little angels, I can't begin to imagine the pain you have endured. Unspeakable, unforgiving pain. For a human to go through that much pain I know there has to be justice. Can life really be that unfair? I hope and pray and truly believe that all those amazing strong parents will be reunited with their angels once this life is over. This life is so hard, harder for others and hardest for the strongest souls.

Nothing in life to find your 18 year old child hanging from a rope in your garage from suicide. I love my parents but they know they have had a life. People that put their parents first have never I repeat never experienced the love of a child. Contractions as a new bearing mother and contractions as a mother in lose when your child has died.12 years on and I am still so sad. Some people have no experience in life and hopefully they don't have to experience what I have and am still going through it.

By far the most devastating thing that can happen to someone who is a parent. Certainly is #1 to anyone who is a parent. A child gives you purpose, meaning and accomplishment. If anyone ever wants to experience unconditional love, have a child. No stronger love or bond than that. When you lose a child, your identity, purpose and life meaning are destroyed forever. It crushes your soul, and although the pain softens over time, it never goes away. It's with you for the rest of your life.

4 Getting Raped

Well, I have never been... you know, but I was sexually harassed when I was 12. It really destroyed about two years of my life. I can't even imagine how it would have impacted someone who actually experienced it. I think that this should be #3 or #4. I do believe in Hell, but that is not something that would happen to you in your life. If you are good then you don't need to worry about experiencing it in the afterlife either.

Its torture. Little girls, or anyone, should not be abused for sex. They don't get a say, and it puts them at risk for pregnancy, or a disease like AIDS, even for young girls. Plus, it would be you to explain it to your parents.

All rapists are the scum of the Earth. They don't deserve any kind of human rights and I hope they and everyone they love suffer and they all deserve to go kill themselves. Seriously they need to shove a dildo in their ass and then jump off a bridge

@09ShamsulBahriel, it is rather rude of you to assume pain is gender specific. I am rather confident many men would NOT enjoy it, it is not a 'maybe' situation for one gender, and not the other!

5 Listen to Justin Bieber Listen to Justin Bieber

HOW is THIS one of the worst things? Like, SERIOUSLY?! People have opinions... Wow... And apparently, the site says "negative comments will be removed" well your comments are negative. Telling him to "rot in hell or die." And the site agrees and comments that comment! This is so opinionated.

WHY does it ALWAYS have to involve Justin Bieber!? Seriously, on every negative list, there's pretty much always a slot about him being terrible in some way. Those slots definitely deserves to be up there somewhere, but it's getting ridiculous at this point… how so many TheTopTens members hate Justin Bieber.

Why the crack does justin bieber have to be so high on any "worst" list, he's a bad singer I know that. But why the hell is he above "painful death" Painful Death hurts everywhere on your body, but Justin Bieber just makes you annoyed.

He makes my ears bleed! He is awful and has done awful things too! He started out as a sweet little boy with a good voice then money and growing up to quickly started and he went down hill! So sad!

6 Going to Jail for Life

Instead of learning new things or skills, you'll end up being stuck on one place and improving nothing. And I heard the food is awful here.

It's not so bad to go to jail. Think about the food, clothes and shelter you get in there. Out there, I work so hard and so stressfully, but I still can't afford enough food and clothes for my family. don't let me start on about shelter. We will become homeless very soon.

It may see terrible. But sometimes, people really do deserve it. (Just imagine if the Joker was real, would you want him loose on the streets? Or a what if Hitler was still around, you would want him gone, correct?

Life sentences are thrown around way to often, completely removing a person from society and ruining the rest of their life and any chance to make up for what was done or to change the world in a good way.

7 Dying

I had to go to therapy after watching 1000 Ways to Die. I'm not kidding, death scarred me. Murder, Cancer, Aids, Suicide, Heart Attack, and that's to name a few. And listen to this, you don't know when, or where, or how it's gonna happen. It's terrifying. But the thing that makes me think again, prove me wrong atheists, but I imagine walking side by side by Jesus Christ. My savior. That helped me a lot thinking about that.

If You have to go to the bathroom and there's only a girl's bathroom and you are a boy and you wish you would be dead, and your wish comes true and you wish you knew that saying,"be careful what you wish for", and you are in big trouble.

Come on guys, ya just gotta realize it's gonna happen! So live life to the fullest! Because trust me I'm terrified too, I just gotta remember life after death! So just accept it even though it's hard. Just live life now.

Well, there's nothing you can do about this... The best thing you can do is just live your life why you still have time left.

8 Seeing the Love of Your Life With Another

Well if you never tell the person you love that you love them do you expect them to be a mind reader if you don't tell them they will just date a person who is confident enough to ask them out. Also usually when someone rejects me I lose all feelings and I also of a sudden lose my crush on them so I wouldn't care if I saw them with someone else. the worst thing in my opinion is when you had a boyfriend that treated you like crap when you were with him but now he treats his new girlfriend better then you that is worse.

Well...This happened to me...It pained me to see her with someone else...Even worse it was my "Best Friend" who she was into. My best friend always bragged about it and taunted me I won't ever find love. I'm starting to beileve him. My best friend is no longer my "Best Friend" now no more then a aquatince. This story left me quiet for about 2 days. Everyone noticed. I hate being noticed when sad. This story also made me not date till high school. I'm currently starting grade 7 in September so 2 years of freedom. C:

That would be terrible and especially if you changed everything about you just to be with them. Also they rather be with another and you just feel sad because you changed just to be with them and they throw it back at your face.

That's happened to me before, he used to like this girl that I hang out with, but now he is dating someone else and it's all over Instagram and all the people are talking about it, I just can't escape.

9 Getting Cancer Getting Cancer

I've hade cancer for one and a half years it really does ruin your life I go to hospital at least three times a week. Having cancer I don't get to do all the fun stuff like swim or climb and I normally can't go to hang out with my friends. I'm a gymnast, swimmer and a dancer I do street dance' hip hop' contemporary and acro witch is and dance gymnastics mashup, so getting cancer was literally the worst thing that has happened to me

I agree... getting cancer is terrible... but love and taste the life until your last breath... cancer is not an end to a precious life... cancer is nothing before a satisfied life... there are many things in our life which is worst than cancer... jealous... rage... etc.. many are suffering from these kind o f diseases... mainly WITHOUT ANY SELF MEDICATION... only self medication could be provided for that kind of diseases... cancer is nothing before your love towards your life... enjoy the life without worrying about your cancer...

I have Cancer, It really sucks, I was in hospital for 9 months, and having chemotherapy really makes you tired. At first I didn't want to tell anyone, but after a while I told my mates and then the news got out. But now I've got used to all the medications so it just seems like reality

Two of my BFF's mom (They're sisters) has cancer, and she just shaved her head... Even though I'm not related to them it hurts because I've known them since I was 6, and the person it happened to was so kind and wonderful, I can only imagine my two friends'pain. It's so terrible.

10 Your Pet Dies

My dog. I miss him so much. We re-homed him because he was getting nippy after my sister was born. He was seven years old and when he bit her hand that was the last straw. We gave him to a nice couple. I cried so much because I loved him so much. And then, on vacation, we got the call. He had bitten somebody bad enough to make her get stitches. And the Animal Control person thought he had a tumor in his brain. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, Casey. I hope you are happy now. R.I.P. *Also my parents won't get another pet but I miss the space where his bed and his food used to be. We didn't even get his ashes! despite having adopted him and spending the most time with him, his new owners got the ashes! I kept his collar because it reminds me of him, but it's no real replacement. Again, may you rest in peace, Casey.

My first pet died when I was 5 because she had cancer then she beat it but she got pneumonia and was put on life support. My mom told the vet to take her off without my dad, my sister, or I being there. When I was young, I was mad then she explained she needed to. I forgave her then my second pet was put down when I was 8. My second pet, Emma, was 15, or in dog years 105! She was very old but I was so mad at my mom and sad my parents let me stay home from school that Friday. I cried so hard that eventually I had no more tears to shed and I cried with no tears! (It's a very strange feeling) I used to write notes to Emma at night and cry. It's so hard losing a pet that loves you. Emma used to come over to me when I was sad and muzzle me and sit on the couch next to me. She was a special dog and my family has not had a dog since then. For those who are first time pet owners and fear the day your pet will die, just know that one of the best ways to heal is to get another pet! I got a ...more

Oh my gosh... This happened to me and I was really broken. My cat, Holly died at only 3 years old... Poor thing. She went outside one day to explore. After about 2 hours we started to get worried. Usually she came back after 1 hour. I looked all around my neighbourhood to find her only to find Holly surrounded by blood. She was dead. I never actually found how she died. It will always remain a mystery to me... R.I.P Holly

It's very painful, one day you may wake up and your pet has been put down after 11 years. Which is a good portion of your life if you're 24 years old. I can't express the pain, the only solace is she lived quite a long time (11 years old). She ran out and got hit by a car unfortunately.

Keep your pets safe please. Especially from cars. You never know how much longer they will be around.

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11 Nobody Likes You

Ugh, I hate that feeling. I was at my friend's B-day party and three of my BFF's (Including the B-day girl) were all hanging out and ignoring me, I was worse than a 3rd wheel I was a 4th wheel. I tried talking to others at the party but my BEST FRIENDS were the ones who I can really connect to. I had fun but I felt like they didn't like me. It's happened to me on many other occasions too.

Secondary school sucked. Lots of memories I do not care for. Meeting someone from that secondary school - not nice. Try someone answering their phone pretending their daughter was calling when their phone was black and their speech was all over the place. Another. My niece told a friend of my neighbour I was strange and no one in the family liked me. THINK I QUALIFY FOR NUMBER 21

Should be in top 3 you get treated like dirt they just walk on you nakedly they bully you even your friends use you to get glory/get girls but then you stop them then you repeat it again in school almost every month!

Nobody likes you it the worst. Imagine if you're in high school and year 7 8 and 9 including teachers hate you. The second you go into a new school after leaving you don't know how to act

12 Dying Alone

Growing old all alone is the worst thing that can ever happen to a man that really had hoped to meet the right woman to settle down with. Being a single man like me has so many disadvantages since wherever you decide to go which you will always be alone, especially if you have no friends at all since the ones that I know are all settled down with their own life. And the single life can be very sad and depressing as well. And for the people that are married really do have the best life of all since they really are always together wherever they go, especially if they have children. Married people should really be very thankful for having one another since they were certainly very blessed and extremely lucky when they met one another. It is just too very bad that many of us good single men never met the right good woman to settle down with, and I do know other friends going through the very same thing right now as well. Women today have really changed from the past making it very ...more

I always believe that the modern human has something to value. Dying alone is like saying you weren't worth affecting no-one... That is just terrifying. I know it's not technically 'in life', but it starts in life and simply... Carries over I guess. (by the way: Modern as in 1980's onwards, just to clarify).

Well when you think about it the worst thing that can happen to dying alone is dying alone with a world of people around you. It's sad to think about it.

I find this sad because, you'd feel like no one ever loved you! (Romantically) I hope that I don't die all alone, If I do I at least want friends by my side...

13 Be a Virgin Forever

Marrying isn't necessary, because you still have close friends, and overpopulation. I will stay a virgin, and if I wanted a child I would adopt one. Do you realize you don't have to make kids yourselves and increase overpopulation? That you can give an orphan child love and a home? Many children wait to be adopted, you know.

I'm not afraid of that. I always tell myself "what does it mean to be married? What does it mean to give your life to someone both physically and mentally?" Now this isn't for everyone, but I just ask myself wouldn't it be boring after a while, while I'm still married?

Who cares? It would be nice to find a partner and all, but is not getting REALLY worse than being buried alive, or going to hell. Being a virgin forever is not fun, but it's not like you're being buried alive or going to hell... right?

Who cares about sex? It's overrated. Besides, I am not interested in love or having children. I would rather go mountain climbing or explore the Grand Canyon.

14 Painful Death

I was once in a rush and took some food with me that got stuck in my throat. My body was almost paralyzed and I couldn't breathe properly. I couldn't cough it up or swallow it down. If it wasn't for another person in my house calling for an ambulance, I'd probably died that day because of brain damage due to lack of oxygen. Extremely painful.

I once had a fever of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and stuff stuck in my lungs. It was a thing called croop. Luckily, it wasn't pneumonia but it was hard to move and every time I sat up it felt like my pillow was on fire! I had to sleep with tons of ice packs all over me. It stunk. I was really little when this happened so I thought I would die. The scariest part is, with such a high fever I actually could've.

This is number 1, it's so scary thinking of everything... Like fires, murders, shark attacks, crocodile attacks, swarms, drowning, shot, stabbed, poisoned, diagnosed with a disease, falling to death, freeze to death, being buried alive, exploded by a bomb, and a tons of more.

If a jellyfish tried to sting me, I would see it, get a heart attack, and die.

15 A Very Important Person In Your Life Dies In Front of You

I seriously always thought that loosing someone you love is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. I mean, imagine loving someone from the bottom of your heart, spending all your time with that person, telling them all your darkest secrets without being afraid of judgements, and then, in a blink of an eye, that person is no longer among the living, you will never see them again, never talk to them, never laugh at their stupid jokes, never kiss them, hug them or even have the right to talk about them freely! Isn't that the worst thing that could ever happen to a human being? Losing the only person that used to make them feel NOT lonely in this world!

I can remember the death of Stephen Hawking. I wasn't really on about it, because I wasn't a fan of him, but just recently, I have felt really sad of this death because he has now become one of my favourite people.

It's hard to find a good friend/person and they'll just gonna die? That's very emotional painful!

This should totally be the worst what would the point be can you even go on with life?

16 Going Blind

I am practically blind. I have these special lenses in my glasses because if they where normal they would be the size of the bottom of a coke bottle. That is huge.

Some lucky blind man got struck by lightning, survived and got his sight back! He was so happy and resolved always to take care of his eyes.

I couldn't imagine living life without being able to see, I thought I was going blind once and I had the WORST panic attack in my life...

You can't see anything anymore. Your wife friends and everyone you ever saw. You need someone to help you go everywhere

17 Being Burned Alive

I don't see how Justin Bieber is worse than being burned alive.

I think this would hurt worst than being buried alive...

How come it isn't No. 1? :O

This sounds fun!

18 Accidentally Killing Someone

I can't even kill an ant without feeling really guilty. They had parents, they had a family, they had a unique personality. I will die of guilt if this ever happens to me.

Haven't kill someone, but accidentally killed my beloved dog while practicing shoot, one of the worst days of my life.

19 Sleeping With Justin Bieber

Gosh. Sleeping with the most irritating and annoying singer ever? No thanks. Seriously, how is he famous? Should be infamous for singing stupid songs 24/7. Should be number one on this list.

Don't even propose that! I am so disgusted from that thought that people actually SLEEP with that monster that I feel sick!

My girlfriend would be so pissed that I cheated on her with the worst singer of all time.

This is awful. He is basically a girl I am bisexual but seriously him of all people just no.

20 Get Bullied

Ugh, it hurts so bad to be bullied! All through elementary school I got called fat, told to stop being myself, got stuff stolen, picked on by a substitute, and now in middle school me and my "loser" friends get picked on for stuff we like, (Pokemon, harry potter, cartoons, anime, etc) Basically our existence bothered people. Last year in 6th grade in drama class kids would literally move seats so that we wouldn't be next to them, act disgusted that we were in their presence, tell us to shut up even though they were louder than us. I had a friend who was gay and thought of suicide because of kids at our school, me and my other friends tried to do stuff, but he (our depressed friend) wouldn't let us. We told the principal in secret once and she said she would "Do something" but she never did! Ugh, and our school is supposed to be "Bully free" yeah right. People should really take more action against this problem!

Bullying is a terrible experience, coming from a healthy narcissist. I've never been bullied because of high confidence, but if you get bullied often, remember they're wrong. The only way to stop getting bullied are tell a trusted adult, learn to be a healthy narcissist (a healthy narcissist means that you have high self esteem and you feel nothing can put you down) and stand up for the bully yourself. I used to put myself down a lot, but thanks to narcissism it made my life a lot better.

This is very bad search up Amanda Todd in the YouTube search bar and you'll see how serious this is. I was bullied from 2011-2013. And had to move schools because of it and now I have another bully and I have to move again. Out of state. She called me fat, stupid, dimwit, gg (goody goody), etc. like I said now I have to move again because this kid was older than me and could really hurt me. Thanks a lot my secret bully. (In sarcastic voice) yay can't wait to move.

I was bullied in every year of my grade. The bullying reached its peak between 4th-6th grade. It was horrible in 5th and 6th grade. I had to go to the councilor's office every week and had to take pills to help me contain my emotions.

21 Being Forever Alone

I was always alone. I have schizophrenia and one of the things I do is isolate myself, I was without friends and family didn't care much. It was like hell and was tormented with pain. I think the worst thing is being always without someone to share life with.

So sad*infinity
Anyway (not about this),* means times. But not always:
The thing came in the door.*
*Nothing did. But the thing came in the doorway.*
Here it means look down. The next one meant this is where you go to.The final one meant ok, you can go back up now.
Or two or more when used more than once:
... and the bomb "dynamited"**
**"dynamited" means blew up**
Do you see how all of them were in sets of 2? This is because it was the second one.
Mainly, the x and + together as a exponit is a asterisk. When you look down to see what you have to read next, you look down to read the footnote. You look down to see your feet, so you have to look down on the book to find a footnote. It is a note, so a footnote is the perfect name.
Barely, there are another set of asterisks in a foot note.
Else it means times (or groups of).Example:4*19=76

Being alone...yes it is worst...though we have and enjoyed all the luxurious parts and moments of our life...but without anyone... We are still unaware of the eternity and pleasure of leading a good and fulfilled life.

I'm scared this will happen to me, and believe me, at 15 years old, this is really tough.

22 You Get Robbed

Once I came home from... I think it was dinner... And as we entered the house my dog was shining and barking and she was so scared and angry. My papa said it was nothing but as we came closer to the kitchen to put away leftovers, we realized our back door was open. My papa said it was my sisters fault until... We realized all three laptops were missing. We went back to my room and I said "Papa, I don't feel so good." He told me it was just because the robbers came. But then we realized... They pepper sprayed my dog! (POOR LITTLE JUNIE) Since my sister was at a sleepover my papa called their house and asked if I could stay there for the night. It was okay but I was scared to death.

It's even worse when they make your environment worse by pressure with the addition of their weapons and their high stakes demands which provides mental and physical force against the victim which that's my explanation of how the environment could be worse if you get robbed.

My cousins' house actually got broken into once and it was shocking and scary, to them AND to us and our other cousins as well.

One of my biggest fears.

23 Trapped Under Ice

You could try to sing Trapped Under Ice by Metallica, but then Justin Bieber tapes your mouth and starts singing Baby to make the Ice thicker! Stupid Justin Bieber has to ruin everything.

Scream as loud as you can, it may crack, call someone for help, wait for it to melt, etc.

You must be very, very unlucky or out of your mind for this to happen to you.

Hopefully there isn't water under it.

24 Accidentally Killing Your Significant Other

At least you killed somebody. be sure to wear gloves that cover your entire hands, be silent, use light boots, a mask, use a generic knife, wear black clothes, and a hood. And that no one saw it. And also, if you see or have one, run away with an Aston Martin Vanquish. If it's not yours, throw it in a lake or a river. Take off your mask and hood when no one is seeing, and WALK normally to your hideout. This works better when it is cold and dark outside.

Anakin, you're breaking my heart.

25 You Become Homeless

This can happen very quickly in fact. I know a person in a house his was renting when the landlord died. The family of the landlord after that decided to sell the house. He did get 6 months to find something else but he didn't find something in that short period. He had to rent a hangar to move all his stuff and going back to his mother. You could say that he had some luck because what if you don't have family anymore?

My church works with homeless people it's so sad to think of what they are going through. One time my dad saw a homeless women sit outside the food building crying her eyes out! That's so sad because she didn't have a home or family to go back to. It really put a good perspective on my life and how good I have it.

I never want to have this happen! My church works with homeless people and it always gives me a perspective on how good I have it!

I really feel bad for the children who live alone on the streets...

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