If Liv and Maddie were sent to the Madoka Magica world

MLPFan Madoka Magica is my favourite anime. And I am really happy that It's on the shows where Liv and Maddie should be sent to. Why?
  1. Violence and death in Madoka Magica (seriously, a girl got her head eaten by a witch and witches were human, making it borderline cannibalism). A link to said death(this is from the first recap movie anyway, but the tv series version also has this death. Recap movies are only shortened and remakes of the original TV series: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ2xnHOJmO0
  2. The many amount of despair in Madoka Magica, contrast to the happy, cheery nature in Liv and Maddie. I want to see Liv and Maddie being tricked by Kyuubey and then they fall to despair. They deserve to die like that more than Sayaka(Why does Sayaka have to die like that?! And then Kyoko died trying to get her back (but she failed. If Madoka Magica was a kids show or a generic Magical girl show, Kyoko's plan to get Sayaka back from her witch form could've work!)
  3. Liv and Maddie are brats. Especially Liv! I hate Liv so much(heck even more than her sister, who I find slightly better than Maddie. Even she's also bad!)
  4. In the PMMM universe, Liv and Maddie can actually DIE!!! (I wish they would. So Liv and Maddie will be cancelled!)
  5. To see If they have PTSD (Decapitation, Despair, Blood, *Murder-Suicide esque sacrifice, **Half Digested body parts, Creepy looking witches, Creepy labyrinths, gunfire, and a cute looking evil cat-like creature)

So now everyone, feel free to write down any way you want Liv and Maddie Rooney to die in the Madoka Magica universe (Or If you haven't seen the anime, in any universe you want to see them die). Enjoy!!

*Murder-Suicide esque sacrifice: In Episode 9, Kyoko gave up to save Sayaka, seeing Madoka ending up passing out. So she broke a gem(her soul gem?) with her spear to kill Sayaka's witch, knowing that there's no way to get the old Sayaka back. But at the same time, she also killed herself so Sayaka won't die alone.
**Half digested body parts: Some people thought that the red gooey stuff on episode 3 after Homura blew Charlotte as blood. But no, It's half digested Mami. According to TVTropes..