RRF: Worst Movies I've Ever Seen

RoseRedFlower Helllooooo everyone! I have enjoyed the community so much here, I decided to do something special. My Top Ten Worst Movies I Have Ever Seen. Remember, you don’t have to agree with this list and there are some movies I haven’t yet seen. However, I do strongly dislike these movies I’m about to mention. So spoilers and enjoy the show!

10. The Phantom of the Opera (1998)

Well, I already did a full review on it.
However, I’ll go over some brief reasons as to why I believed this movie completely failed.
  • It has nothing to do with the original source material. I don’t mind it trying something new but this movie shouldn’t have been called The Phantom of the Opera or credit Gaston Leroux (the author).
  • When this movie tried to be new, it failed. It wanted to be a horror version of the Phantom of the Opera. However, we already had one made in 1989 that was much scarier and the director Dario Argento already made a movie called Opera. That movie was much more Phantom of the Opera than this and scarier.
  • All of the characters are terrible. Either they’re too unrealistic, too disgusting of human beings or extremely obnoxious.
  • This movie tried to be romantic but romance and lust are two different things entirely.
I’m sure there’s more I missed but I can’t bother recapping why I hate this movie.

9. Ratatoing

I knew I would be adding a Video Brinquedo movie on here. I was debating between this one, the Little Cars, the Frog Prince and What’s Up: Balloon To The Rescue. However, I chose this one ultimately because of how unbelievably lazy it is. That and I like most of the voice actors on here. I like Wayne Grayson, Lisa Ortiz, Mike Pollock and even Dan Green is in here. However, I just can’t tolerate the forty minute movie of nothingness. From the beyond terrible animation, the lip syncing failing, the story that was told much better by Pixar and the fact that I sat through this wondering what I was doing with my life. I hope these voice actors do a much better job next time.

8. The Legend of the Titanic and Tentacolino/In Search of the Titanic

I decided to cheat a bit and add two movies in the same spot. They both suffer the same problems and I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t put them both on here. These movies just felt like someone didn’t like the ending to a movie they liked and went out of there way to create their own version. This version of the terrible tragedy that took place on the RMS Titanic ends with no one dying. Seriously? This would be the equivalent of making a movie about the Great Chatsworth train wreck and then making sure no one died. Let’s also add in some talking animals, a boring love story and magical moon beam tears too. The sequel is just as much as a mess. With rats trying to conquer the world, terrible singing and Atlantis. Yes, Atlantis is introduced in this movie when they’re looking for the wreckage of the Titanic. Might as well make the movie about Chatsworth train and they somehow end up in The Lost Kingdom of Shangri La. I don’t know what gave them the idea to make these movies but I seriously hope I never meet them.

7. Manos: Hands of Fate

One of the most boring movies of all had to make this list. Do you like movies of people just standing around, long scenes of people talking, horrible dubbed over voices and a script that’s so confusing to follow? This movie is just for you. I can’t tell you how many times I let my mind wander because this movie was so dull. The ‘characters’ could have been replaced with puppets and I wouldn’t have cared. The movie will just leave you contemplating about anything else but this movie. Because everything that isn’t this movie, is more interesting. A family ends up spending the night in some creepy house. The caretaker of the house (the actor was on LSD) keeps mentioning this master of the house. So many times you’re just thinking about, why these characters aren’t leaving the creepy house after their dog just died? No, instead we get long scenes of people talking about nothing and standing around doing nothing. What a mess.

6. Fred The Movie

I’ve seen Youtube movies and most are average but some can be terrible. I didn’t care for Lazer Team, the movie made by Smosh wasn’t very enjoyable but I would take those any day over this movie. Fred is just one Youtube personality I cannot stand. I’m surprised my ears are still working after this movie. Fred’s high pitched voice would make anyone’s ears bleed in ten seconds. This movie wanders from one stupid scene to the next. Fred going on a bus, Fred going to a water park and Fred trying to jump over a wall. I suppose the Fred fans liked it. It got two more movies and a TV show. However, with the lamest jokes I’ve seen, bad acting and a despicable character, I wish I never saw this movie. And we’re only at number 6.

5. Barney Live In New York City

Barney has made tons of movies and I’ve seen many. However, this movie was just a long process of getting to the next scene and the next. One after another, they kept padding out this movie. Whether it be through meaningless shenanigans, horrendous overly long songs or a laughable pathetic villain who has a terrible motivation. Radio City has played some of the best music of all time, what made them think that this would be a good idea? The kids aren’t interesting, the story was barely a story at all, Barney is just Barney and nothing was pleasant. When you think you’ll finally be getting to the plot, something else randomly happens. Like a tree suddenly sprouts from the ground, the characters playing baseball and Barney putting on a circus. Did I mention that Baby Bop is highly annoying as well? Please don’t let your kids watch this movie, watch something with quality.

4. Bratz:The Movie

Do you love movies about shallow stereotypical girls who love fashion and shopping? That’s not stereotypical of teenagers at all. That last sentence was sarcasm. This movie just infuriated me at every turn. I don’t think these girls are bad actresses but they were given no direction in this movie. Especially since this movie is based off the famous toy line that was trying to compete with Barbie. Even Barbie movies have good morals though, this movie has nothing to be invested in. It’s just a clumsy mess of a movie with terrible characters, a clique high school story and cheesy pop songs that will make your head spin. High School Musical offered a better experience. I can’t believe I said that.

3. Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure

Introducing the movie that made my head more empty then Charles Ruttheimer The Third’s pants. This movie is just….really stupid. I don’t care how many fake votes IMDB has that gave it a seven, this movie is terrible. Do you like movies in which characters randomly sing instead of accomplishing their simple task? This movie is full of that! Or how about talking to the screen like you’re watching an episode of Dora the Explorer? Plenty of that is in here too! This has some similar themes with Barney but the only reason it’s higher is because of the actors that starred in here. Christopher Lloyd, Jaime Pressly, Cloris Leachman and Cary Elwes are all in here. I wonder what their reward was for being in this movie. The story is they lost five magical balloons and they have to get in back before the Pillows birthday party. There, I saved you the trouble of watching it. Lifeless characters, ear scraping music, a dull script and a lack luster feeling left in you, is all that’s in this movie.

2. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

I saw this movie and somehow survived. Dear lord, this movie was way past dreadful. It’s something that crawled it’s way out of the core of the Earth and managed to break through the surface to plague us. This movie, I don’t know who it’s made for. It’s too juvenile for adults and way too mature for kids. The humans in this movie are all badly acted idiots who could have been replaced with stick figures. The writing is bizarre and hard to follow. The Garbage Pail Kids are not just ugly. They are revolting, repulsing, maddening and a bothersome curse to the world. My list of adjectives is running short trying to describe these things. There’s nothing to enjoy and I warn you to never even think about this movie.

1. Where the Dead Go To Die
Ajierier834ur8uexmijxixjj3jo23je3. Was the only thing going through my head when watching this. My brain tried to escape my head, my soul wanted to leave my body and my mind checked itself into a asylum. This movie….there’s no word in any language dead or existing to describe this movie. It’s an abomination to film making. With gruesome imagery, galling animation, voice acting done by a dying humans and a story that will give you nightmares until you’re dead. Somehow, someway, this movie got a sequel. Yes, this movie got a sequel. Not Roger Rabbit, not E.T., this movie. Life is cruel. Please, for your sake, don’t watch this movie. Forget it ever existed, move on and don’t think about Where The Dead Go To Die.


Wow, I can't believe you watched some of those awful movies. I know I could never sit through something like Fred. - HoneyClover

It was hard but I made it through. Not sitting through the sequels though. - RoseRedFlower

I hate Ratatouille as well! By the way have you seen the Shyamalan version of Avatar The Last Air bender, the Barbie movies series or Batman v/S Superman: Yawn Of Justice? If you haven't, please don't watch them.. - TwilightKitsune

I have seen the The Last Airbender movie. I've seen many Barbie movies (the worst in my opinion is the Barbie Diaries) and I have seen Batman V Superman. My curiosity is my worst enemy. - RoseRedFlower

Yeah, in The Barbie Diaries, Barbie acts like a self entitled bitch. At least it was actually realistic and didn't involve stuff like fairies or princesses or curses. But the way she treats guys in the movies makes me wanna slap her.

I'm surprised Shyamalan wasn't arrested for making the movie

I can't believe my brother likes Batman v Superman, ugh - TwilightKitsune

Doesn't it seem your brother likes everything you hate? - visitor

I hate most of these as well. Freddy Got Fingered is my worst though (it's jack2244, I moved to a new account) - visitor

I remember you. Never saw Freddy Got Fingered and have no interest in watching it. - RoseRedFlower

I'm planning on making a list of my 10 worst movies. I have the full list on Letterboxd if your interested in seeing it. - visitor

By the way, Troll 2 and Plan 9 from Outer Space are pretty good options for this list (if you've seen them) - visitor

Made my own post of 10 worst movies I've seen - visitor