Worst Movies of All Time

While there are great movies in history, unfortunately there are also many flops that have been made. Certain movies just aren't that good. They can be boring, annoying, or just plain dumb. If you like any of these, try not to feel bad. Everyone has liked something unpopular before.
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The Garbage Pail Kids Movie The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Product Image

Justin Bieber's number one because, he's Justin Bieber, it's just a harmless documentary. This on the other hand is disgusting, heck it says that it is a "kids movie" when it really isn't.

This movie sucks, I watched a scene where this ugly alligator thing had a box of severed fingers and toes. He kept offering them to the dad, and the kid and the others just grimaced in disgust. Then the kid was going to take a bath, and when he was in, he wiggled his toes. Then that ugly alligator thing appeared again and tried to BITE OFF his toes, but the dad threatened him. How is this even a kids movie with a scene like that? This should have never been made, EVER. Plus, none of the scenes are so called "jokes" were funny. -5/5 is the rating.

Did you find this movie while trying to find a great movie that your kid will love? Well, you might want to keep looking. This movie's title explains a lot of this movie, it has made by preschool children using whatever they could find in a alleyway trash can and an unflushed Chipotle toilet. The director also knew that the community hated gross out humour, so that's what the film is about. My advice is that you see a copy of it on DVD, run in the opposite direction until you forget about what you are running from.

The worst movie ever made! NO STORY! NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! NO LIKEABLE CHARACTERS! NO CREATIVITY! since when did the card characters ever become good at making clothes?!? A kid being chased by people probably in there 20's! STATE HOME FOR THE UGLY? Really? Who puts gandhi, abraham lincoln and santa claus in the state home for ugly people? the messages are awful, if there even is a message, the kids are mean they threaten people, one has a knife, are they aliens? from another dimension? they never tell us! the main character fall in love with someone in there 20s, its creepy! god nothing good comes from this movie! do not show this to people or watch it yourself! 1/2 a star out of 5. awful.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Product Image

If you are a Justin Bieber fan. Give me one reason to like him. I feel so bad if you have Bieber fever. It's infected you with horrible music, given you a terrible attitude and must be cured immediately. I recommend a therapist. Justin is very ugly, he sounds like a girl, and he thinks he is so cool at a "generous" person even though he committed many crimes and got arrested once. I don't know why anyone would like this joke. And guess what! There was even a petition to get Justin Bieber back to Canada! 100,000 people signed and all must have had an education. So if you like Justin Bieber or this movie. Go jump in a volcano.


*Really? *


Is this honestly the worst that the cinematic landscape has to offer? A harmless documentary about Justin Bieber? Is this such a woeful piece of film-making that it deserves to be dragged into mud filthier and deeper than the likes of Birdemic, The Room, Troll 2, Catwoman, Battlefield Earth, and so on? Is this competently made Wafer cookie of a film so horrendously awful, that it truly deserves to be referred to as the worst piece of filmmaking to ever exist?

Think. Justin Bieber. He is... How do I put this... Um-- AN IDIOT. The only song I like the tiniest bit by him was "Let Me Love You." And he didn't even write that song. He hires people to write the songs for him, and he takes the credit. But when I saw he has a MOVIE!? I almost puked. Seriously, who wants to see a movie about a liar who has egged houses, stole cars, and has drunk driven. I'll admit it: I like a few of his songs. But him? No. Guys, comment and like if you agree. This is an OUTRAGE!

Oh come on, THIS is the worst movie? Why not Foodfight!, the ugliest movie ever? Actually, I take that back, The Garbage Pail Kids is uglier. Freddy Got Fingered, the most INFURIATING movie of all time, because of its horrible jokes, disgusting scenes, and HORRIBLE morals, at #8? REALLY? Justin Bieber is only at #1 because, well, he's Justin Bieber! That's the only reason. At least JB's movie wasn't a porno movie.

Batman & Robin Batman & Robin Product Image

Worst batman movie of all time. And this movie is in the 4 film favorites batman collection WHY. (It doesn't deserve that). This movie had bad costume designs, disturbing scenes, bad action especially from George clooney, and it's movie of a movie about 2 gay guys in gay costumes. In 2006 Joel Schumacher even apologized for this movie (I accept your apology Joel). The movie before this batman forever was ok but this movie is trash. This movie is worse than batman v superman (I thought batman v superman was the second worst batman movie). Go watch batman returns or batman 1966 instead those are classic movies.

People are just biased against Justin Bieber and only vote never say never for the "memes". It's just a documentary and it is really annoying that people vote never say never because "everyone else says Justin Bieber is bad" This batman movie is really bad. First the nipple suit. then robin is just so ANNOYING he just is annoying and whiny I want poison ivy she my girlfriend I don't care if batman says she hypnotize me I will just whine and beg batman. Then poison ivy's character is really bad. She is so ANNOYING and just tortures everyone, and her attitude is just bad.

I added my own personal worst, but this one is my 2nd. What can be said other than, "It's gonna be a cool night in Gotham! " or my personal favorite, "You're not sending me to the cooler. " Horrible casting, even worse dialogue, just piss poor. If I was Schumacher, I would have retired after this one. The only good thing to come from this movie was David Goyer and the Nolan brothers. Having seen such a great series ruined it fueled the furnace for their creativity and genuine care for the Batman genre.

Here is my experience with this movie: I went to see it and it was so terrible that I had to get extra popcorn just so my brain wouldn't rot of boredom and I got a peice of popcorn stuck in my teeth and I couldn't get it out with my tongue cause it was at a weird angle so then I went to sleep and I woke up at three am cause it hurt and I couldn't fall asleep cause it still hurt so I went to go get some water and I fell on the stairs on the way there which broke my bone which set me back 40000$ in medical bills, so I couldn't go to college so I didn't get a job so my life was sent into depression.

Other than that it was OK.

Twilight Twilight Product Image

This and the book never should've been made. Would've saved us from obnoxious fangirls and the destruction of the vampire genre.

I've never read the books or watched the movies, but just from watching clips and hearing bits from the books and movies, it's horrendous. Maybe the books are better, but I'll never read them to judge. I know people say "don't judge a book by its cover", but I'm not going to pick up a movie/book with the cover of expressionless, stone-faced, bored-looking "protagonists".
I despise Bella. No, despise doesn't have the capacity for the amount of hatred I have for Bella. She's a selfish, whiny, self-centered brat, and even worse to boot, a damsel in distress. She's SEVENTEEN, and she wants to become a vampire and get married to Edward. Everyone's saying she's throwing her life away, and she hasn't even finished high school, but she's so ignorant and delusional she wants to marry Edward. And when Jacob seems supporting in the second movie, (or whatever movie they hook up, I lost count of how many times Edward and Jacob argued over a whiny hypocrite) she throws him away for a guy who ...more

You have no idea how much I hate. Vampires do not sparkle in the suns, they burn. Also, as much as I know about "love at first sight", this went way too far with it. It's technically saying "Hey, I just met you, saved you from a car crash, but acting like nothing ever happened. Also, I hated you before I saved you, so wanna get married now? Also, don't mind if I strip down in your room and act like a drunk rapist as I push you onto the bed and unzip my pants like a thirsty hoe." Thanks, but no thanks. I would at least want to get to know a guy first before I decide to even try to kiss him, yet they just met and already almost "went there". Therefore, this movie is mostly a cheesy romance that doesn't make any sense and is nonfactual.

I run a movie blog on Tumblr, so I have to deal with a lot of bad movies. My tolerance rate for those is extremely high. But I quit before half of this had even shown up on screen.

To say that this movie was underdeveloped would be the equivalent of praising it.

Twilight is like if a drunk (modern standard) M Night Shyamalan movie and a bad Nicolas Cage film got together, made babies, that generation of children committed incest for many generations to come, and then somewhere along the line something mutated. Then they abandoned that child in a vat of amino acid, and it came out with half rotted sparkly flesh, ten meters tall and the bones had terribly twisted calcium growths sticking out at odd angles.

The Last Airbender The Last Airbender Product Image

They tried to fit 20 episodes of a television show into 1 movie, which caused major consistency and pacing issues. Plot was moving too fast, lots of important details were missed, half the lines were exposition, the characters were inaccurately portrayed, etc.

This movie shows that you should never turn a collection of episodes into a movie. They had to rush the story just so the whole first season could fit into one movie. The acting was awful as they acted like they didn't care. Also, why is everyone white? I know that sounds racist, but most of the characters in the show aren't of that race. Heck, the director is a black guy. Had he even seen the show before? The only good thing I can say about this movie is that the effects weren't bad. Other than that, it was just horrible. It didn't even get sequels for the seasons that came after!
However, I feel this should be lower on the list, because while it did suck, I enjoyed watching it suck. I'd say it's more of a so-bad-it's-good movie.

I can agree, they left out HUGE parts in the plot line, especially where firebenders in the anime could already create fire on their own, but when Sozin's comet comes, they practically become gods of fire. The movie, however, is where they have to have a source of fire to use because they can't make fire on their own, when the comes this time, they can make it on their own. Next, the movie was supposed to be fun and inspiring and aang himself even more so, in the movie, its depressing and sad. Also, if they ever made a second movie, Toph, who at the end of the second season could bend METAL, will either be a boy, not blind, a boy AND not blind, or not even exist. The creators of avatar knew that some greedy bastards would want to make this into a movie so they made it into an episode (the one before the series finale).

Agreed and even the creators of the series hate this movie, it's that bad.

I don't even understand why this movie was made if they were just going to mess up the story. They had entire seasons of Avatar The Last Airbender to watch and understand the characters and the mythos of the Avatar. Yet they choose to ignore it in favor of their garbage! Obviously the cartoon had something going for it since so many people loved it so why would they change it? When something is liked why mess with it? The writers for this movie had no clue how to handle adapting the story for the big screen which is a shame because this could have been an amazing movie franchise. I'm just disappointed with the way a great story like Avatar can get lost in translation. Someday someone can redo this movie and set this mistake right.

Freddy Got Fingered Freddy Got Fingered Product Image

This film is crude and absurd, with a generous helping of annoying. Which is a wonder why I enjoy it.

It really is hard to explain why one would enjoy this film and I'm not looking to sway anyone's opinion on the flick, but I am at leas hoping you can understand why I do like it.

Tom Green is annoying as hell throughout the film and they make it seem like he is an unsung hero. He also lives with his parents, with a father who cannot stand his son. There is also a running joke where a kid gets maimed every scene he is in, which is sometimes hard to take in.

But it is the absurd nature of the film that draws me in to its insane little world and it holds my head down, giving me no time to breathe. It is almost like surrealistic art in its badness. Or more appropriately, anti-art.

I can certainly understand why people hate this film, but it will always have a place in my heart.

Justin Bieber only got number 1 cause he's Justin Bieber, but have you not seen this movie? I agree with Strider when he says that this is the worst movie of all time. I never felt so disgusted and enraged by a movie in my life until I saw this one. Tom Green's character was a complete scumbag and I had zero sympathy for him. The story was a complete trainwreck and the jokes always went over the line. I see why Strider considers this movie the worst one. I DO NOT recommend this movie at all. Stay as far away from it as possible. This should be number one on this list, not Justin Bieber. He's just an awful musician who's got nothing on this movie.

Seriously, "Never Say Never" is number 1 because Justin Beiber helped make it.
I was watching an Amityville movie, then stumbled upon Amityville Exorcism.
I got the curiosity to look up the Top 10 WORST Movies of all time, then found a version that Phantom Strider created. Just to see where (if) the movie stands. It turned out there were movies that were so bad that you can't even compare them to Amityville Exorcism.
When I got to #1, I realized Amityville Exorcism is a blessing compared to this... THING.
What got me off the most was the movie characters are.. playing with animal genitalia?

This movie is pure cancer... And worse than Sans's fangirls.

Why would a harmless documentary about Justin Bieber, a cheesy vampire story and a Disney Musical be above a movie full of horrible acting, stupidity and DISGUSTING humour? Just like Garbage Pail Kids, I’ve never seen this film, but Nostalgia Critic and PhantomStrider’s reviews have already given me enough warning not to see it.

Foodfight! Foodfight! Product Image

How to make the Foodfight movie.

1: Animate the film using earwax and toe jam.
2: Don't even write a script and have the voice actors say whatever comes to mind while the characters randomly move their mouths.
3: Make every character look like something from your worst nightmare.
4: Have each person be either annoying or unlikable so the audience hates it more.
5: Look in your kitchen and work every food mascot into the film.
6: Use food puns so often that it basically means that you guys are begging for you to laugh.
7: Motion control is great for CGI films, how about Xbox Kinect for the arm movement.
8: Speaking of movement, do it a lot, even if it means waving your arms in the air every time you speak or spinning around for no reason.
9: Show that you aren't scared to pass the boundaries and add sexual innuendos to every scene.
10: Barricade your house, stock on food and water and try to prepare your for a lot of hate mail and a few death ...more

I know I may sound like a ditto when I say this, because you've probably heard people say the same things Foodfight is the worst movie ever made because of it's ugly, and I mean UGLY, animation, the incredibly thin and basic plot, awkward voice acting, and $65 MILLION dollars were put into this hot piece of garbage. This was supposed to be released in 2002, in fact you can find the trailer from then on YouTube, and it even has better animation than the final product. All I can say is besides what I did say is that if you do want to watch this movie, DON'T rent it or buy it, find it on YouTube.

This movie is just about the worst movie that I have ever attempted to watch. There is a character that is named fat cat when it is a rat. And also all the characters are racist stereotypes. The dialogue is terrible and don't even get me started with the punch lines. " let's strawberry and jam out of here." And other things like " frankly my dear I don't give a spam. They made one of the best quotes ever one of the worst quotes ever. It is a flat out fetish film.

Shame how the production of this movie was screwed up so terribly, because it looked decent back when it first started. I'd be nice if a different company remakes this movie and actually make it look a million time better. This movie is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. It makes Norm of the North look like it was made by Pixar or Disney. It is atrocious, especially the animation and the rendering. Also some of the character designs really creep me out.

High School Musical High School Musical Product Image

I have nightmares about this movie.
And when you see Vanessa Hudgens singing, "When there was me and you," she was SMILING. Compare that with its dumb story and abysmal characters, and you have Disney's worst movie ever.

Everybody loves this, I heard a group of girls discussing how it's the best trilogy in the world, even better then the Lord of the rings. And the star wars trilogy. I'm possibly the only girl in the world who hates this movie to hell. I felt like punching something when she said it's better than star wars. Who cares about some cliche love story and a jock growing more interest in music than sports? It was to unoriginal and cheesy. And some spoiled brat who has people waiting on her hand and foot, and treats her own nerdy brother and fellow classmates like slaves. I see some obvious faveritism among the siblings. How come her brother isn't wearing designer clothing? In conclusion I hate this movie so much.

Better than Star Wars? Someone needs to get slapped in the face. Badly.

Reasons this movie is the crappiest thing ever:

1. Directed by disney CHANNEL

2. It's a story about a boy and a girl who are supposed to be "great" singers who fall in love

3. A "hot" (Yeah right! ) basket ball player being tricked into singing with the popular girl, or that was the second movie?

4. It's a musical with super crappy music that is supposed to be a realistic high school drama, but who sings for no reason in a non-cartoon?

...I don't understand the other girls in this school, they don't get me. I'm known as the disney obsessed in my school, not disney channel but disney as in Tangled, Pinocchio, BRAVE :) Frozen and such. I absolutely HATE disney channel. All the girls love this movie and since I love disney they find me as a weirdo for hating this movie.

I watched this as a kid, and it was implanted into my brain that I might encounter a stereotype highschool life when I get older.

It lied.

Whether you meet a school jock, a girl clique, a nerd, an emo, a glee club member, a band member, or end up getting a boyfriend or girlfriend, you won't even tell them apart. They're just like everyone else and you included. And no one's melodramatic about it.

And from what I read in the school paper, HSM is the most hated movie in here. Praise Jesus.

The Emoji Movie The Emoji Movie Product Image

This is bad. I was really mad about what happened in the animation industry. They cancelled the Popeye movie and replace it with this movie. It’s like replacing Sweet Victory with Sicko Mode during the Superbowl last year.

I watched it with my cousin on a vacation to see what this movie was. it sounded bad, and boy, sure it was bad. the graphics were decent, but the plot was HORRIBLE. I don't even remember much of it that was how dumb and boring this "movie" was. this a horrible excuse for a movie. its total garbage.

This was never going to become a good idea, rips off many Disney movies such as Wreck it Ralph and Inside Out. Might as well make a movie about toilets.

It was just extremely uninspired and brought nothing new to the table. The art style is good, but that's honestly the only good thing about it. I could predict every plot point, no particular character interested me, the writing wasn't very good, and I feel like the script wasn't reviewed. For example, Jailbreak claims that female emojis could only be princesses or brides in her time- which contradicts that Smiler, a female smile emoji, is the first emoji ever. I feel like the concept COULD work in the right hands, but this honestly feels like one big ad,

Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat Product Image

As a 7-year-old, I loved the Cat in the Hat. When I found this movie on TV I was so excited to watch it, but that excitement quickly faded. Crude humor, abandons the plot of the book, seriously how did this get made? Thank god my mom turned it off because she thought it was "inappropriate". Don't try to defend this movie by saying "it's a kids movie". Zootopia is a kids' movie. Up is a kids' movie. Into the Spider-Verse is a kids' movie. You get the gist - if you're a parent, watch anything but this with your kids, and stick to the book. This movie does not exist.

Please stop defending this movie. This is one of the worst films ever made. Literally every aspect is awful from the effects to the acting to the characterization to the failed comedy. The humor comes across as desperate and exhausting. It's obnoxious, ugly and pandering from start to finish, and is a disgrace to one of the best childrens' authors of all time. Anyone who unironically defends this movie probably has a terrible taste in film.

The cat looks like a weird furry pedo, and considering it's Hollywood it wouldn't be too far fetchd. Also, there are way too many sexual jokes for a movie made for kids. I wouldn't be surprised if the director was some sort of demented pedophile.

Also, he almost said the B-word for no good reason. This actually happened in a fudging kids’ film. It should’ve been rated PG-13 or something like that. Thank God, it was censored.

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Fred: The Movie Fred: The Movie Product Image

Annoying, loud, stupid, horribly acted, and painfully unfunny, I wouldn't show this to the kids if my life depended on it. But the T.V. show was even worse. I wouldn't show this to anyone unless they wanted to see the worst movie ever made. Half of the scenes are filler, the other half are those scenes that good directors strive to not have, which are the ones that are incredibly slow, boring, barely add anything to the plot, and have you asleep if you can stand that annoying chipmunk voice of his. Apologies to all chipmunks reading this for affiliating you with that wretched character. Anyone who's ever seen this movie because they subscribed to the YouTube channel needs something to compensate for sitting through this movie.

God, this movie was worse than watching my cat give birth. The acting was extremely annoying/bad, the jokes were horribly disgusting and weren't even a bit amusing, and it ruined iCarly in certain ways that made me sad. The voice of Fred reminded me listening to a rooster scream in my ear, which it was much less annoying in iCarly. And the poop in the pool joke was especially gross, considering the fact that my immature brother didn't even giggle. I'm surprised they made more of these because the ratings of this movie were off the charts AWFUL.

! 13! Here is a very long and honest review about Fred: The Movie:

This movie rated PG-13/12A, was the worst movie of 2010! Fred's high pitched voice is annoying, irritating, disturbing and stupid! There are jokes kids won't understand, and pointless moments. If they had to make a YouTuber have their own film series, they should definitely find someone who actually sounds like a normal person! Sure I know they used a helium effect, but it's dumb, pointless and stupid! And SPOILER ALERT this movie, which actually should have never been made, finishes with Fred throwing up on his crush Judy (whom played by British singer Pixie Lott) which all audiences will find disturbing! Overall this is the dumbest movie I've ever seen (along with Cool Runnings and don't hate me Cool Runnings lovers) and I give it 1/5 stars and say it's ok for kids age 10+. I sounded like common sense media there! Bye xx

His voice was annoying & he acted randomly stupid & his "jokes" were nothing but absurdity & his hyperactive behavior was a wreck & a waste of time. I can't believe Nickelodeon made 3 movies out of him.

Frozen Frozen Product Image

"Frozen sucks and Let it Go sucks. It's so overrated."

How original. I'm not trying to be a fanboy or anything, but can someone give me one, just ONE reason why they hate this movie other than "it sucks" or "it's overrated"? This is seriously getting pathetic. I understand that the movie is popular. I've even complained about how all over the place it is in the past. However, something being overrated does not necessarily mean that it's terrible. I'm still looking for someone to give me a legitimate, mature argument for why this movie is awful. If you hate Frozen, tell me why. But if you even say the word "overrated", I'll just stop listening altogether.

I used to love it, like when it came out and stuff. But then I watched it a million times. Besides, I was a lot younger then. After a year or so, I told everyone I hated it. Yeah, I do hate it. It's such a joke. It's amazing the day you see it. Even little girls who like princesses and stuff are starting to get bored of it. Disney, why?! What happened to you? It's like your mind got poisoned. It's horrid! Who would ever see this? It's stupid. It's like every other animated princess movie. Princesses inherit, sing, fall madly in love, and kiss. Kissing looks so much better when the people snogging aren't animated characters. Real life snogging shows a ton more passion and love. Like a French Kiss. BRR. Gross stuff.

I only hate this movie because of how much hype it gets. To me it was an average Disney movie, so I didn't really care for it that much. In fact, the only shocking thing in the movie is the reveal of Prince Hans. Everything else was pretty predictable. Hell, I knew they were going to bring Anna back with magic. Why? Because it's a Disney movie. They ALWAYS do that with Disney Movies. In addition, the chose the most cliche way to save her. What was the magical McGuffin for bringing her back to life? True love. Seriously? We've seen that a million times already! I would give this movie a lot more respect if that wasn't the cure. I think It would've been better to kill Anna off. That would've been a much stronger ending. This is why my favorite franchise of all media is Mother (or Earthbound) because of how the series ended in Mother 3. It had a strong, powerful, and emotional ending. And sure it was sad, but it made it more powerful that way. And, I dunno if I am the only one to notice ...more

Actually, the twist villain thing started with Wreck it Ralph and kept going from there.

First of all, Elsa is the most evil criminal in the universe! It was the classic lame Disney movie. Parents die, Anna think's she's brave enough to get Elsa back, and then love saves her. If I were Anna, I would murder Elsa the first chance I get. I don't hate Fozen because of it's popularity. In fact, everyone I know hates it! I hate Frozen because the music sucks, the characters suck except for Olaf and Hans, and it's disgusting how they kiss. And everything about it is so messed up and horrible that I would pay a million dollars to get brain surgery to forget this movie if it was possible

Disaster Movie Disaster Movie Product Image

This isn't even a movie! There's no plot at all! No wonder it's #1 on IMDB's lowest rated movies! All the movie does is make pop culture references THAT AREN'T EVEN FUNNY! Also, despite being called "Disaster Movie" it references movies that AREN'T EVEN DISASTER MOVIES! Alvin and the Chipmunks, Hannah Montana, Kung Fu Panda, those are all referenced (but the former two are disasters...for different reasons). Literally every single joke is reliant on shock humor and nothing else. The only chuckle I had was the "Hannah Montana's dead!" joke, otherwise this is probably the worst movie ever. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, please quit moviemaking for good.

Yeah, this movie sucks. Thank God, I had never watched it. And how the hell is Frozen above this? This movie deserves to have a 1% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Clever, insightful, fast paced and hilarious, disaster movie is contrary to it's title bringing a complex subject of how life would be if the world ended to the big screen. It shows how large the media plays in our mind, and cleverly portrays each particle of the media in our mind. The movie's plot might be understood by few due to the insight & comedic yet complex views on politics, religion & media but to the few who understand it's truly a epic of our time. The movie is a masterpiece not missing a flaw, and almost a drama due to its sometimes serious tone it quickly switches into from time to time. A thought "what if the world ended" is mastered by these academicians who've spent there time researching today's media and poking slight fun while keeping a serious tone. Every recipe in the book is used through the Vinci, Dali & many elements of Jesus himself are portrayed seriously through exceptional actors. Please if you haven't please give yourself a favor and pick up a copy of ...more

You know, for as bad as some of the other movies on this list are, I have to say that at least most of them can be classified as movies with defined narrative structure, stories, characters, etc, save for the documentaries, of course. But Disaster Movie, despite its title, is not a movie. It's a fever dream of references with characters loosely tossed in to resemble a story. I can say that wholeheartedly for every single one of these "movie movies," with the only ones being remotely funny being Scary Movie 1 and 3. That's about it. I also can't say that Birdemic killed the horror genre in film, nor did Troll 2, nor did The Room kill dramas, nor did Never Say Never kill documentaries.

Disaster Movie, alongside its heinous compatriots, or as I like to call them the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, *did* manage to kill parody movies in theaters, at least for now. Sure, there have been more after these long since stopped coming out, but they've all been awful, and sparsely released. ...more

Son of the Mask Son of the Mask Product Image

Okay, The Mask is a guilty pleasure movie of mine (mainly because of Jim Carrey's performance), but this is probably the worst sequel to a movie ever made. Horrible effects, even worse acting (all the actors look bored), nonsense plot, and disturbing imagery for a KIDS MOVIE! Just watch the original instead of this pile of horse crap.

Okay... As for the green guy in this one, first of all, he looks nothing like the one by Jim Carrey. Second of all, he is not Jim Carrey. Lastly, everything else about him is ridiculous.

Just looked through over 20 pages of this list looking for 'The Mask', expecting it in Top 10, at least. I thought, there just couldn't be a worse movie. I've never seen 'Son of the Mask', but ended up voting for it. I don't think, I could bear sitting through it, considering I had to run out of the cinema (to be sick, of course) watching the first one. Don't know if Jim Carey is in this one too, but he must be the worst actor (can't exactly call him a comedian) ever.

I've never actually sat down to watch it but I've seen bits and pieces and the Nostalgia Critic review and those were enough to tell me that this movie is crap beyond imagining. I'm more convinced that the baby is possessed rather than a cartoon character. That dog is creepy. Why did they cast Jamie Kennedy in the lead when it could have been Robin Williams? This movie is atrocious and leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror Birdemic: Shock and Terror Product Image

Honestly, if you're convinced that notoriously bad movies such as High School Musical and The Room are the worst movies of all time, you don't know this one. This movie makes them look like The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the King.
I've had the horrible misfortune of seeing it. In the first hour of the film, we are waiting for the plot to develop. We get the highly uninteresting and difficult-to-believe story of a complete random who goes from a boring job to a millionaire in a week, and is still dating a tarty underwear model just because. For the rest of the film, these vultures and eagles that have a habit of exploding into flames as they fly into things start invading California. The CGI makes the birds look like puppets that just hang in the same spot on the screen in front of a shot of people running around and screaming. The "heroic" couple chase the birds and shoot at them, only with the sound of each gunshot coming three seconds or so after we see the gunshot. ...more

So this movie is an absolute cult classic, if you go in expecting plot and good special effects it isn't going to be worth your while, but if your looking to enjoy a movie that is hilarious for all the wrong reason then this is the best movie of all time

Many of us have heard of the masterpiece Alfred Hitchcock brought to the big screen in the 1960s. Now in the late 2000's, a college drop out decided to make some money so he can move out of his parent's basement. He eventually wanted to remake this movie with a budget of all the change he could find under the couch cushions. He quickly got the few friends he had and got them to film with coat hangers and fake acting. A few days into development, the man gets a text from his girlfriend (WOW that he has one) of the possibility of going on a week long trip to Vegas for some gambling and "personal business". Agreeing right away, he took what was left, added CGI birds that wouldn't pass as a 3rd grade art project, and put all onto one DVD that was never supposed to be released from its hell hole until it was published legally for the human race to have all its eyes melted off.

Why is this not higher on the list? The acting was for crap. One character's monologue has a goshdang THESIS STATEMENT, which should tell you how preachy it is. Food Fight had better CGI(I'm not even exaggerating), and overall, it's worse than any movie I've ever seen. If there's some redeeming factor to this movie that I'm overlooking, screw my life, but it's insulting to every movie higher than this on the list. Frozen? Yes, it's generic, but it's not horrible. Last Airbender? The special effects were presentable at least. Bottom line, calling this atrocity "bottom of the barrel" is insulting to barrels everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if NATURALISTS cringed at this.

Dear God... Why was this movie created? It has a boring plot that makes absolutely zero sense. The apocalypse starts over one night? Some tree hugger is trying to save the trees from beetles? Has a bill Nye old guy scene? Illogical characters? How bad can a movie get? The acting is garbage as well! It looks like some two year old drew it and then they animated it. The sound effects suck too. The acting is atrocious and... Just... Watch the clothes hanger fight scene...

Epic Movie Epic Movie Product Image

Another terrible movie from Friedberg and Seltzer reliant on pop-culture references? Yes, yes this is. It's not a good spoof movie at all; in fact, the only knowledge the directors know about the movies they're spoofing is seeing the trailers. Every single reference, just like their other movies, IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL! However, I will give this a 1/10 as opposed to Disaster Movie because Ms. New Booty is a catchy song, and it isn't as bad as Disaster Movie, since Disaster Movie makes this look like Airplane.

This film is inane, and super unlovable. With the title being EPIC MOVIE, you would think this feature length parody would be taking aim at, well, epic movies, and the tropes of the spectacles, Troy and Gladiator. But Epic Movie -- which was made by the people involved in Date Movie and the Scary Movie series -- goofs on a laundry-list of 2006 theatrical releases and T.V. shows, both epic and non epic, all pinned to a framework of Disney's The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The whole thing is a Robot Chicken sketch that escaped the small screen to the big one. What is the point? Simply, a state of the art ridicule of the most current film fads and insanity -- like the way the New York stage community has fresh editions of a spoof called Forbidden Broadway every season. But there is no insight beneath the inappropriate, rapid fire gags and celebrity impersonator cameos. Children are a basic to please crowd for this style of broad send up, and all of the ...more

This u=is just a shallow, cinematic waste. It's depressing to think about the fact that the writers genuinely thought this was going to be funny. Just throw in some random movie references, some fart jokes, some boob jokes, heaps of pop-culture references and BAM! You have a money maker.
I don't know what's more depressing: the fact the the writers thought this would make money, or the fact that these movies actually do make money.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to cry in the corner.

This movie should be called 'Epic FAIL! '
I hate Seitzer and Friedberg parodies. They're flat-out stupid, unfunny and annoying. Whenever you are fan of 'Charlie and the chocolate factory', 'The chronicles of Narnia', 'Harry Potter', 'Pirates of Carribean' or 'Snakes in the plane' I AM WARNING YOU: DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE! I'm so glad that their movies are now box office flops. 'Starving games' and 'Superfast! (Fast and furious parody) were box office flops and that means one: Bye-bye Seitzer and Friedberg, your careers will be soon over!

Where the Dead Go to Die Where the Dead Go to Die Product Image

Why oh why is Frozen above this? Say whatever you want about that movie, but at least it doesn't contain the sick, twisted imagery of this movie! Some of the imagery includes gore and blood, bestiality, child abuse, on-screen deaths, and CHILD PORN! I mean, not even The Emoji Movie would swoop that low! In short, this is by far the worst animated movie of all time, and should be #1 on this list.

I just won't allow myself to watch this... thing. It's nothing but sadistic child porn with no story from what I heard. From just the trailer alone, I was horrified. I think it's even worse than Midori, Midori. Please, don't watch this. I don't care how curious you are, avoid this movie at all costs.

Why I mean why is this so low? This is the worst movie ever in my opinion. In fact I don't consider it to be a movie. It makes no sense whatsoever, and the title is already so bad it doesn't make any sense at all. This movie has no plot either. Its basically just nothing but satanic child torture porn. Should be banned and should be number 1 in my opinion, even higher than frozen. Enough said

It shouldn't be Number 1. It should be incinerated and forgotten.

I wanted to vote for this but I wasn't sure if it counts as a movie or child porn. It's child porn for CRYING OUT LOUD! Literally the most disgusting this on the planet I've seen BY FAR! I had no idea a movie could be worse than NOTN but there was! And it's sucks! -2/10

Battlefield Earth Battlefield Earth Product Image

Many of our entries can be seen as career killers but Battlefield Earth brought John Travolta to an all-time low although most actors are forced to take these steps down for a paycheck Travolta spent years bringing this movie to the world claming its source material was "better than star wars" scientology founder L Ron Hubbard wrote the book in an attempt to bring the religion to younger audiences and that book serves as the basis of the sci-fi action flick needless to say the world wasn't interested when the most horrible acting you've ever seen is topped by camerawork that will give you a cramp in the neck it's not surprising that you have a recipe for unintentional hilarity Battlefield Earth could perhaps be the worst movie of all time

Its about Scientology should automatically be voted the worst movie of all time. Honestly Scientology is a joke it was written by L Ron Hubbard who wrote science fiction books before writing the book of Scientology. And you have to pay to move up threw their church, at least they tell you before taking your money unlike the catholic church.

This is the closest movie to Plan 9 From Outer Space, ever made. Producer, director, actor taking himself, and his movie, very seriously. Those watching? Not being able to figure out if it is a comedy or travesty. At least Plan 9 is so campy bad you can enjoy a good laugh. This is so horrible you feel depressed when you laugh.

One of my favorite books of all time. It's not about scientology just because the author later created scientology. But this movie is beyond awful. I went in excited that they had finally turned my favorite book into a movie, and I walked out of the theater halfway through, which I have never done before or since.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Product Image

Another superman film? How is this so bad? Well let me tell you why. Superman fixes the Great Wall of China with laser vision somehow and the poor laser effects don't even look like they're coming from Christopher Lloyd's eyes. It was also known to be unfinished reasoning to why the effects were so bad. It also has a very out of order plot and villain. And when Superman and Atomic Man go into space they're breathing defying the laws of physics. I can't explain the bad plot because it's so out of order in ridiculous. So that's how a superman film can be that bad.

You forgot to mention the fact they use the same flying effect with different backgrounds

This movie was terrible, it's not as bad as batman and robin or batman v superman but it's still not worth it. The villain in this movie looks like if he man wore a yellow jump suit and shaved his head. The special effects were extremely cheap and laughable bad. And the flying scenes look so fake, the same with the green screen. Go watch superman 1 and 2 instead. This makes superman 3 look like a renaissance painting.

Jesus Christ! Don't get me started on this movie. Terrible plot! Boring characters! Ridiculous dialogue! Special effects that make an Ed Wood movie look good! No wonder the Superman franchise didn't come back for 19 years. Also, if you think Batman and Robin is the worst superhero movie ever, you'll be taking those words back after watching this monstrosity.

This movie made me hate superman. I haven't seen any single superman movie since I saw this one many years ago. I can't even watch the original Christopher reeves superman movie just because I know this movie exists. This basically destroyed his career.

The Human Centipede The Human Centipede Product Image

Only speaks to the die-hard horror fans who love the most gruesome, inhumane, vomit-enducing, horror imaginable. If your not one of those people, then this may not be your pick

This is what happens when you have a... *creative* premise to attract an audience, and do absolutely nothing else. "Hey! We have a mad doctor kidnapping people and surgically connecting their mouths to their rectums! And that's literally it! Thank you for your money! " I hate the Saw movies for their over reliance on shock value and gore, but (at least in the first two movies) it actually had an interesting plot going for it with interesting character revelations and jaw-dropping twists. This though? Completely bare-bones plot. Forgettable, zero-dimensional characters, cheap special effects, and it's just absolutely disgusting. If you're going to give me a movie designed to gross me out, at the VERY least give it some substance! Provide some social commentary, some gripping suspense, a joke, SOMETHING! But no. This movie only exists to show you a doctor connect people mouth to butt and train it like a pet for 90 minutes. Nothing salvageable at all. No reason to watch it unless you're ...more

First of all, this is sure to give anyone of all ages nightmares for years to come. Second, it is just absolutely disgusting. Third, it has no plot and no ending. Finally, the target audience are people who enjoy watching torture, the human body being exploited in unspeakable ways, lots of screaming and just plain suffering. The writers must have been straight outta the asylum or something, cause this was just as bad as its gets. In fact, this shouldn't be even legal to show in theaters

What sick bastard came up with this, honestly? The whole thing sounds corny and gross. Getting sown to others mouth to anus and eating their excrement-GROSS! What is wrong with people?!

The Room The Room Product Image

I've never before seen a movie so pointless that just sticks in your head all day long with some of the worst acting ever and plotless scenes with nothing much going on at all.Everyone is basically dead in this movie especially the main actor Tommy Wiseau with his weird ass laugh and oh hi conversations. Probably after watching it was terrible but all in all it reminds me of my life with a girl I like but is secretly cheating on another guy. bottom line worst movie ever made.

How anyone could watch this and gain even a slight amount of enjoyment out of it is beyond me. If anything this move is so corrosively bad as to have damaged to mind, it is the only justifiction I can think of for why someone would say they liked it.

This should be used as a case study in how not to make a movie.

I went over my friend's house to watch a movie for his birthday a few years ago. He told me and everyone there that we would be watching a "funny" movie, but he wouldn't tell anyone which one. Turned out it was The Room. Ok, where do I start? The acting is mind numbingly awful. The script sounds like it was written by kindergarten kids. The characters never look at each other when they talk to each other. They always talk in the wrong tone. They act very lethargic even in the most intense scenes. The cinematography is mediocre. There is an obvious green screen on the porch. Johnny is a lethargic zombie. Lisa is a complete b____. Deny is a creeper. Mark is an idiot. Lisa's mother is a nagging old hag. The plot makes no sense. The reasoning behind the characters makes no sense. The character's behaviors makes no sense. There are a TON of subplots that make no sense and lead absolutely nowhere. The sex scenes are way too long. Everything that could have possibly been done wrong ...more

This movie is so bad, just so horrible in all its content, so stupid in its topic and so hilariously awful in acting that it's just good.

A film that's so bad it's good. It's definitely the worst movie by far.

You just admitted it was good movie, it can't be both the worst movie and a good movie

Jack and Jill Jack and Jill Product Image

I remember when my family bought this Blu-ray at Best Buy. This was a terrible movie that I regret buying! The first time I saw this, I was a 9-year-old who laughed at everything, and I didn't laugh at all during this horrible Adam Sandler movie. Racist and shock humor? Check! Product placement? Check! Bland story? Check! Also, Adam Sandler's performance is beyond irritating. If you thought his Whitey voice was grating, his "Jill" voice is even worse. The only redeeming quality was Al Pacino. Fortunately, Adam Sandler would rebound from this dumpster fire with Uncut Gems and Hotel Transylvania later on.

When I was on the computer in 2011, I saw an ad for Jack and Jill. I was like, "No! I wanna see news about Sonic Generations!" But no. They shoved Adam Sandler's bullcrap down my throat. And Rob Schneider is in this movie. Good to know.

Some of Sandler's movies are funny. Some are horrible. This was one of the worst. There are certain jokes he has that show up in every film. Not funny. He needs to learn how to be witty, not slapstick or idiot-humour. Maybe then he could evolve as an artist and find a happy medium between his old work and writing more adult and clever humour. (more like Tina Fey, Steve Martin, Monty Python, etc...not talking Shakespeare but something other than 'isn't she ugly' or 'she looks like a man' or 'boobies! ' as he always has in his movies). But yeah, I doubt Happy Madison/Sandler made any money out of this product and I feel like he may have been high writing & producing it. Skip it. I watched half, didn't laugh at all and turned it off.

How is this number 19?! It should definitely be in top 10.

I seriously despise adam sandler. He plays the same retarded man child in all of his movies, his jokes contain only in people getting hit in the crotch, someone falling down and poop jokes. I also hate 99% of the happy Madison production movies. There is the same stupid retarded formula for every movie happy Madison does : there we have the retarded main character played by adam sandler/rob schneider/David spade, there we have jokes which involves farting, hitting and crotch-related jokes, cameos by celebrities/singers/sports figures, product placements and in the end they decide to give us an 'emotional' ending where we have to feel sorry for those obnoxious characters. Jack and jill is just the same. The characters are annoying/mean/boring, the CGI effects looked terribly cheap and terribly lazy and the jokes weren't funny. This movie was pure torture. It was so bad that just when I saw the 2 minutes trailer it seemed ...more

Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House Product Image

The first three were good til u see the fourth...

The first three have a kid, who is alone near Christmas time. But this was REALLY different in a bad way. They copied the name Kevin again, and that name was in the first movie, then also the kid, Kevin wasn’t even in his own house. There were barely even any traps, compared to the others there were traps in all directions. In this movie... like 3-5 or something. But, it was a horrible movie and it should be in the top fives at least.

If there's one thing people hate, its people making remakes of everything when they didn't ask for it. Home Alone 3 was already boring, Holiday Hiest was even more boring, and I haven't seen this but by looking at this I can already tell

Did any one else know that the producers of this film were actually going to make this a Home Alone T.V. series from this movie. Yeah, like any of us want to see that whiny dork and French Stewart as the replacement of one of the greatest comedic actors of the 20th century, Daniel Stern. What were the writers thinking when they made this.

I was so angry! I loved the first two movies in the home alone series and #3 was OK, but this was disappointing.
I watched this with my neighbors and an old friend and everybody agreed that it was a terrible way to end the series.

The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure Product Image

Ok, where do I begin, the director is known for directing many at least ok films and T.V. shows, but this abomination was a disaster. They pulled some good actors and made them change their personalities because it was for the money I would assume. Plus, do these filmakers really think everybody is going to get up and dance when they say so?

How is this not in the Top 10?! This basically is a ripoff of the Teletubbies, and this is so creepy looking and bad, I'm sure not even a CHILD would like it. The creepy costumes, and the GODAWFUL faces make this a Top 10 in my eyes. This should be where Frozen is on here at #7 (Frozen doesn't belong, it's actually a good movie, unlike this piece of crap).

Right when I was going to see the Avengers, all of a sudden, an advertisement for this POS comes out and leaves me terrified for the rest of the afternoon! Never saw it but it looks HORRENDOUS! I don't care if I'm judging it by its cover! It not only looks bad, but I've heard it's really bad too! STAY AWAY!

Hey what geniuses thought a movie with everything bad from Barney Sesame Street law patrol the wiggles and every other stupid show for under 5 year olds would be a box office hit? No one because this movie barely made 1 million dollars

Dragonball: Evolution Dragonball: Evolution Product Image

Dragonball was funny heartwarming and full of exciting action! The lovable 11 year old goku, who lives in the forest and spent his life isolated from society, is found by a 16 year old bulma on her quest to find the dragonballs. They then continue to have various adventures throughout the series.

Dragonball: evolution is complete and utter crap that not only strays from the anime's classic storyline, but also craps on everything dragonball stands for! Here are a few differences between the two:
1 GOKU NEVER WENT TO SCHOOL! When Bulma found him he was a 11 year old who couldn't tell the difference between a boy and a girl and after their adventure he went straight to training with master roshi. He is a fighting genius though.
2 grandpa gohan was killed years before goku met bulma and he was accidentally killed by goku as a rampaging oozaroo.
3. Goku transforms at the full moon not an eclipse and that's only when he's looking at it. The only way to change him back is to ...more

I remember watching this, and I actually was sobbing. This movie is SUCH a disgrace to DBZ -- actually, all anime, if you ask me. Never, ever, watch this movie, unless you want to destroy all known brain cells.

Take all frustrating scenes in The Last Jedi, and give them bad special effects, bad acting, idiotic casting (you seriously cannot find anyone better to play as Goku? ), and cheap looking costumes, and that’s what this movie is

Ok so I don't know why do this isn't in the top ten the director must have not read any manga or watched any of the anime. In the manga and anime Goku is a fun loving all about fighting hungry happy powerhouse in the movie Goku is a moody teenage kid who only uses his ki when chi chi is around yeah and a lot of cgi lol

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