Atrocious Animation #5: The Final Wreck-ening (Total Drama): Part One

Turkeyasylum Yep. This rant is in 2 parts, it's that bad.

Overall, the episode is the worst in Total Drama in my opinion. The first scene is Zoey saying she knows who Mal is, and Mal says she's gonna crush her. Then, when they arrive at a wooden fort, Chris reveals they will need weapons for the challenge. He reveals a lot of weapons, from the leech guns, to a bow and arrow, and even Mr. Coconut. I forgot what weapons each peraon picked, and honestly, I don't even care in the slightest. Then, Chris takes the contestants to the first challenge: they must get some of the past contestants out of balloons so they can help them in the next part of the dreadful challenge. Al least Zoey is in character asking if the contestants can breath in there. Mal (or someone) asks how the balloons got so big, and Chris reveals Owen, the fan favorite. He is eating beans, and farts (really, another fart joke? Wasn't The Bold and The Bootyful enough?) So, they have 30 seconds to get anyone out. Zoey is quick at first, shooting Gwen out, then Cameron. Mal, infuriated, shoots out Heather and Alejandro. Now, for the worst moments: The time ran out, and the contestants start to interact. Heather and Alejandro get ruined by a scene where they say they are "Fine with the rules", and they make out. No. Just no. They are a love/hate couple, not pure love. And they make Chris really unlikeable here: he asked an intern to get the other balloons down, and the wind blows away into the Sun. That's all we know. So the other 8 are just supposed to fly out into the sun? After you derailed Courtney in SMS? After you murdered Lindsay's character in HvV? After Scott had been dumbed out through the whole season? You are kidding me right? I kind of think of this as the One Coarse Meal of Total Drama. Chris is Mr. Krabs, and everyone else is like Plankton. He's so mean, and he just gets a laugh out of the contestants flying away on balloons into the SUN? And then he tries to cover it up with the "this is milk" joke. Dreadful. Dreadful. Part 2 will be here soon.


"Oh, I have an idea. Let's kill over half our cast members by putting them in balloons and sending them to the sun! Hilarious! Hardy har har har."
God, I always hated Chris. And are we sure Zeus Cervas didn't write on this? - Garythesnail