Best Machine Head Cover Songs


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1 Hallowed Be Thy Name

This is definitely their best cover its not an easy job covering a song this great but they manged to make one of the greatest covers of all time while its not as good as the original its definitely the best cover of this song - christangrant

2 The Sentinel

Pretty great cover I must say and they even made the song heavier and Rob Flynn does a good Rob Halford Impression - christangrant

3 The Possibility of Life's Destruction

Discharge Cover that's heavy - christangrant

4 Battery

They did a great job at covering a Metallica classic - christangrant

5 F****** Hostile

Machine Head did a good job covering the band they were mainly influenced by - christangrant

6 Negative Creep

They managed to take a Nirvana song and make it Heavier and gave it a more polished sound - christangrant

7 Hole in the Sky

Something Machine Head and Pantera have in common is that they both covered Hole in the Sky and both of them were bonus tracks however the Machine Head one is more Nu Metal - christangrant

8 House of Suffering

Bad Brains Cover - christangrant

9 Alan's on Fire

Poison Idea Cover - christangrant

10 Witch Hunt

The Contenders

11 Colors

What were they thinking when they decided to cover a ice t song? - christangrant

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