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1 Jonathan Antoine Jonathan Antoine Jonathan Antoine is a classically trained English tenor. He rose to fame after appearing on the sixth series of Britain's Got Talent in 2012 as one half of the classical duo Jonathan and Charlotte.

This guy doesn't sing opera! Every other male TRUE OPERA singer on this poll is far and away better than this guy will ever be.

Voting this guy to the top of the poll doesn't make him the best singer.

Really overrated! He will never come close to Pavarotti, despite what the spammers think.

There are no words really to describe this amazing talent

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2 Luciano Pavarotti Luciano Pavarotti Luciano Pavarotti, Cavaliere di Gran Croce was an Italian operatic tenor who also crossed over into popular music, eventually becoming one of the most commercially successful tenors of all time.

Of course Luciano Pavarotti is the top male opera singer. No other male opera singer, dead or alive, young or old, can compare with him. He leaves them all behind the starting blocks.

There will never ever be another male singer as great as Luciano Pavarotti.

Luciano Pavarotti is the absolute BEST OF THE BEST & always will be.

No brainer - Luciano Pavarotti!

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3 Andrea Bocelli Andrea Bocelli Andrea Bocelli is an Italian classical crossover tenor, recording artist, and singer-songwriter. Born with poor eyesight, he became permanently blind at the age of 12 following a football accident.

In my opinion one of the most inspiring voices I have ever heard. His ability to perform across a number of genres is fascinating and his ability to capture the attention of even the youngest listener is amazing.

This man has (In my opinion) the best male singing voice through time. What makes him better is that he has been blind most of his life (since the age of 12).

Best tenor ever!

He should stick to Italian love songs. He cannot begin to compare to a host of greater tenors. This is show biz. Where is Caruso, the greatest of them all. Where is Björling. Listen!

4 Enrico Caruso Enrico Caruso Enrico Caruso was an Italian operatic tenor. He sang to great acclaim at the major opera houses of Europe and the Americas, appearing in a wide variety of roles from the Italian and French repertoires that ranged from the lyric to the dramatic.

Pavarotti is the best that we know of, but we will always wonder; what if Caruso lived in modern times?

The world of music is diminished for not having modern recordings of his voice. Certainly the equal of the great Pavarotti,and even possibly superior. We will never know.

5 Placido Domingo Placido Domingo José Plácido Domingo Embil, known as Plácido Domingo, is a Spanish tenor, conductor and arts administrator.

The best ever and the king of all opera singers - unparalleled in all aspects of art and personality

6 Boris Christoff Boris Christoff Boris Christoff was a Bulgarian opera singer, widely considered to have been one of the greatest basses of the 20th century.
7 Mario Lanza Mario Lanza
8 René Pape
9 Jose Carreras Jose Carreras Josep Maria Carreras i Coll, better known as José Carreras, is a Spanish tenor from Catalonia who is particularly known for his performances in the operas of Verdi and Puccini.

The most beautiful voice in the world. Still fantastic at 70.

Very smooth voice and fantastic tenor!

10 James Morris

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11 Dimash Kudaibergen Dimash Kudaibergen Dinmukhamed Kanatuly Kudaibergen (Commonly known as Dimash Kudaibergen born May 24th, 1994) is a Kazakh singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Dimash is best known as a contestant of a talent show "Singer 2017" in China where he was declared a runner-up. He is also known for possessing a wide more.

For heaven's sake, this guy IS NOT AN OPERA SINGER!

Dimash has the widest range of voice from Baritone to soprano.

The best singer I have ever heard. Classically trained. Voice of an angel!


12 Dmitri Hvorostovsky Dmitri Hvorostovsky

A greatly trained classical voice. I love his style!

Best baritone of this era

Best baritone ever.

The best in voice, charisma, & operatic acting

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13 Franco Corelli
14 Josh Groban Josh Groban Joshua Winslow "Josh" Groban is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. His first four solo albums have been certified multi-platinum, and he was charted in 2007 as the number-one best selling artist in the United States, with over 22.3 million records.

Josh Groban is an amazing singer, but he is NOT an opera singer. Neither are several other names on this list, though all-time greats like Pavarotti, Domingo, and Caruso definitely are. Possibly re-title the poll to say "Singers with operatic-style voices", or "Classical singers", something like that.

Josh Groban has an amazing voice andd his songs have helped me through many of bad days.

15 Beniamino Gigli
16 Ezio Pinza
17 Gerald Finley
18 Jussi Björling

Nobody has ever surpassed Jussi in my view

19 David Hobson
20 Bryn Terfel
21 Ben Heppner
22 Alfredo Kraus
23 Tito Schipa
24 Nicolas Courjal
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