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1 XO TOUR Llif3

Love this song, or should I say that I love this song?

Uhh...2/5. OKAY lyrics but he sounds WAYYY too depressed and high and overdoses on autotune.

His best song and it's not even close.

Xo should be number one

2 PS & QS

Goat vibes and melodies

Uzi's classical "style"

The beat goes crazy

3 20 Min

So underrated - easily his best song. Sure classics like Money Longer and P's and Q's might be more popular, but the vibes this song gives off with its psychedelic beat are unmatched.

I'm in love with this song, the beat is so good. I don't know why it's so underrated. (from a french fan)

Favorite before Tiktok used it. Still a great song

Uzi is so versatile, he can make any beat sound cool. Best song in my opinion

4 The Way Life Goes

Don't listen to him much but this and XO Tour Life are good songs. One's a banger and the other is good for the feels

Very emotional, nice beat. I didn't like uzi's voice until this song

This is his best song

The best hands down!

5 Do What I Want

Actually this is one of his best. 4/5

Actually make it a 4.5/5

Best song out there

6 Money Longer

No. It's catchy but without t it's a complete disaster.

Best song ever

7 Neon Guts

I found a song better than DWIW. I love the catchiest and bubbliness of this track, it's fun and has all the qualities you want in a song. The fact that Uzi made this is baffling cause I usually detest Uzi but wow. 5/5

8 Sanguine Paradise

To be honest the beat is straight fire and it makes you feel like your on top of the world when you listen to it. ITSSS straight FIREEe bro

9 Scott & Ramona

So ambient and vibey, and Uzi's voice is really at a peak here. Super underrated.

10 Dark Queen

The best ever uzi song. Way better then Xo

Should be way higher

Should be higher

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11 Erase Your Social

One of my favorite beats, made by Cufool, makes you feel in space.

Just pure classic uzi

Just a classic

12 You Was Right

It is just so catchy and puts you in scenario and puts you as part of the story so well that you feel like you are there having the emotions, the repetition of the lines makes you feel like you are in his shoes in the room waiting outside the bathroom having messed up and thinking like a greedy bastard like many of us tend to do in negative situations

Repeats the exact same verse 5 times.

Amazing Beat by Metro Boomin, and super catchy lyrics and flow by Lil Uzi Vert himself, the best

It's called a chorus.

13 7AM
14 Of Course We Ghetto Flowers

Other than DWIW thus is his only song which has a catchy beat and no annoying vocals. The autotune suits the beat perfectly well here. 4/5

15 Luv Scars
16 Grab the Wheel

Awesome best song by him

17 New Patek

Definitely a great opening to Uzi's new album. Surpasses some of his greatest work so far. Deserves at least a top 5 spot. My list would be 1. Sauce it Up 2. Money Longer 3. New Patek 4. No Sleep Leak 5. Of Course We Ghetto Flowers 6. XO Tour Life 7. Erase Your Social 8. Dark Queen 9. Ps and Qs 10. Canadian Goose 11. Do What I Want 12. 7AM 13. You Was Right 14. Seven Million 15. Neon Guts 16. The Way Life Goes 17. Two 18. Grab the Wheel 19. How to Talk 20. Early 20 Rager. that's top 20

Best song along with Sauce It Up.

Just too fire

This is the best lil uzi song ever I feel like it and money longer should be at the top

18 Top

The best of Uzi is the "love Is Rage" and "Lil Uzi Vs. The World" days.

19 Canadian Goose

Best Song of that weak album. 4/5

20 Myron
21 Enemies
22 Feelings Mutual
23 Original Uzi (4 of Us)
24 Sauce It Up

Shouldn't be number one. But top five for sure

Needs to be top 5

The best by far

25 All My Chains

This is hyped up and lit but it's really repetitive.

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