Top Ten Best Male Rock Climbers of 2015

Rock climbing has been listed as one of the most athletic sports in the world (number 2 according to ESPN Magazine). It takes a combination of mental ability, focus, physical strength and power, hand/eye coordination, nerves of steel, etc.

The climbers on this list are the best of the best in climbing in 2015. While not all the best climbers are men, this list is all about the boys. Often the first to push the sport to new limits, the men of climbing are pioneers and adventurers of the highest sort.

The Top Ten

1 Alex Honnold

It's one thing to project a difficult problem and succeed. It's entirely another to put your money where your mouth is and solo the routes Alex has. Alex begs the question, what makes you a better climber - Difficulty of a route/problem, or the mental aspect involved and all the obstacles you have to overcome? I believe the answer to be a combination of both, with more weight given to the mental aspect of climbing. Alex is that guy - He's the best.

This trad/sport/alpine/soloist climber has done it all. The hardest lines all over the world have fallen to Alex's hands. His nerves of steel soloing Yosemite walls have put him in the world news and provided some new boundaries for what can be done. - Finch

He's an amazing climber, but the best in the world? No. He's definitely the most popular right now, mainly due to his free soloing publicity, but he's no where near some of the other climbers on this list.

Just waiting to see him blind free solo el caps dawn wall.

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2 Chris Sharma

Pioneering in the sport, Chris Sharma is perhaps one of the most iconic climbers of the modern era. He has consistently put up the hardest routes in the most daring styles. From hard sport routes in Spain to incredible boulders all over the US, Sharma has put rock climbing in the mind of the mainstream. - Finch

He was the first ever person to climb a 5.15 route!

The best.

3 Adam Ondra

This Czech native has climbed the hardest sport routes in the world and done so at the tender age of 22. Winner of World Championships in two different disciplines, Adam is only just beginning his reign at the top. - Finch

I think Adam Ondra is the best rock climber in the world especially because he is only 23 so he has a lot more coming but he is still very good for 23 years old.

He's young, he's strong--he may scream like a banshee--but he's well on his way to taking things to the next level in climbing.

Best Climber hands down, beats out anyone at indoor comps and crushes outdoors.

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4 Dean Potter

Both infamous as well as revolutionary in the sports of climbing, BASE jumping, and highlining, Dean has redefined the sport and pushed the limits of what is possible. From climbing iconic Arches in Utah to free-sloing some of the highest and hardest peaks in the world, Dean has been in the spotlight for decades. - Finch

The one and only.

5 Tommy Caldwell

Known as the best Yosemite climber in history, his groundbreaking ascents of big walls have been the stories of legend. With an attitude of possibility, Caldwell has challenged himself beyond what was thought possible. - Finch

I did a report on this guy. He's really awesome.

Completely awesome... for real... and a humble decent person. The best thing for climbing since Royal Robbins.

6 Sean McColl

All around beast with incredible strength

He is a beast I don't think no one is better than him

American ninja warrior Europe team

Awesome grip skills and very adaptable!

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7 Daniel Woods

He's a goofy, laid back guy who is also incredibly strong. Definitely the best or one of the best boulderers of all time. He won ABS nationals for bouldering multiple times in a row and has climbed first ascents up to V16

This boulderer/sport climber has put up and sent some of the hardest problems and route anywhere. His cheerful attitude and impeccable style on the rock makes him an impressive athlete to watch. - Finch

8 Paul Robinson

Another boulderer, Paul has some amazing abilities to hold rocks nobody else can touch. While he is a specialist, he is an amazing specimen nonetheless. - Finch

9 Alex Megos

One of the smooth and amazing climber and pushes the limits

One of the strongest climbers I've seen, amazing finger strength.

He's really good

He’s so young and has so much potential - we’ve definitely not seen all Alexander Megos has to give!

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10 Isaac Caldiero

Two words to describe this man, humble beast.

Caldiero is one of the best rock climbers in the whole world. He was also the first ever American Ninja Warrior.

He was the first one to win 1,000,000 dollars in American Ninja Warrior

He is the conqueror of the 75 feet rope at 26:14 and mountmidoryama

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The Contenders

11 Joe Kinder

This guy has been around for years lurking in the shadows. His ascents might not get the attention they deserve but are impressive by any accounts. - Finch

12 Sonnie Trotter

This Canadian hardman has set some new limits on trad climbing that will be hard to follow. His landmark ascents have been immortalized on film and made headlines in and outside of the climbing world. - Finch

13 Ashima Shiraishi

Best female climber in the world I hope that she will become the best. I look up to Ashima Shiraishi so much but she is the best

She's on track to being one of the strongest climbers in the world.

A girl climbing a V15 boulderen at the age of 14? Ondra didn't do that. Chris Sharma dreamt about it...

She has the most potential out of anyone else on this list. Give it 5 years and she’ll be the best female, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she was also competing with the likes of Ondra and Megos and whoever comes after them.

14 Cedar Wright

Cedar is a climber who's personality almost rivals his climbing ability. Seen anywhere from Yosemite to Indian Creek, his ascents of hard climbs and boulders make him a great mentor to learn from. - Finch

15 Jan Hojer

I have never heard of him I bet he climbs v12

Won the 2014 bouldering world cup and came in second 2015. As far as I know currently the best German climber. Further bouldering achievements: 3rd place during the world championships 2014 and 1st at the European championships 2015. Definitely one of the best boulderers in the world.

16 Nalle Hukkataival

World's best boulderer. First ever climber to scale a V17.

17 Dmitri Sarafutdinov

Triple bouldering world champion! Enough said.

18 Leo Houlding

He is brilliant and the way he moves is so smooth. The best!

He's a brilliant climber search him on you tube

He has such a smooth style.

19 Christian Core

He has been climbing for years. This soft-spoken man let's his beast strength show who he really is. He has set the original path and has sent what many say to be the world's most difficult boulder problem, a V16 named Gioia, which many say to have microscopic crimp holds. It has only been repeated by 2 other legendary climbers, Adam Ondra, and Nalle Hukkataival.

20 Tomoa Narasaki

He is the best Japanese climber, at the same time he is the best at dynos

21 Magnus Midtbø

Strongest climber

Top tier climber with even better strength

22 Nikken Daniels
23 Jyothiraj

Best climbar I seen

The Jyothiraj alias Kothiraj is known as Monky man. He is the Indian number one rock spider man. He can claimb big Rock, Fort Walls, Gokak and Jog Falls wall and Buildings without using precautionary instruments. He is living in Chitradurga, Kadnataka State, India. He is too human kind. He has been giving free education and training to poor people who has interested to learn climbing the rock. Really he is the finest and best claimber in the world. You can search him in web by putting his nams.

U suck deez nuts

24 Ben Harnden "Butters"
25 Felipe Camargo

" Has won Beast master thanks to his amazing climbing skills
"He started climbing at age 10!
"Was international master of bouldering in 2013
''Climbed Chinas largest cave
"Hs won Brazilain Climbing championship"

26 Mirko Caballero
27 Lee Cossey
28 Jernej Kruder
29 Janja Garnbret
30 Kai Lightner

I think that he is one of the younger generations and will soon be getting up to the top of this board

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