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1 Freezing Moon - Mayhem

This song is the very definition of 2nd wave Norwegian Black Metal. Black Wizards, Progenies, and Dunkelheit all have a distinct atmosphere, but Progenies is too new to be considered a classic. As for the others, Mayhem was the forerunner of Norwegian Black Metal, coming before Burzum and Emperor. Freezing Moon has a distinctly evil feel to it and is probably one of the most recognizable of them all.

Even though it's pure black metal, you can't find anything like this in the whole black metal universe. It's something that could only come out of Dead's head! Wonder what would happen if Dead was alive by now...

2 I Am the Black Wizard - Emperor

The talent put into the composition of this is amazing. Ihsahn is brilliant at his goals, and the others play their instruments well. The atmosphere is brilliant. On a side note, Necrolord is the best cover artist I've seen, and this album was one of his greater works.

When I first listened to this song, I was blown away by the great work of symphonic elements.

One of the greatest songs written, period, not just for the genre. It's an almost perfect song.

3 Dunkelheit - Burzum

I love this song. It has a great riff and a deep atmospheric vibe. It projects the realistic side of black metal rather than satanic cliches and myth. I usually like melodic metal and it has some melody to it. I usually prefer un-blackened metal, but this is true art!

The main riff is one of, if not my favorite, of all time. The whole song is pure melody, and as usual, Varg delivered on a solo that actually fits the song rather than just showing off.

This is the ultimate black metal song. Dimmu Borgir is great, but black metal is about atmosphere, (re)creating an image in your mind, disturbing you, making you shiver, unpredictability, and harshness, and Progenies is just pop compared to this. This has all I have mentioned and more.

4 The Sun No Longer Rises - Immortal

This is the alpha and omega of REAL black metal. If your thing is pure and uncompromising black metal, look no further.

Immortal, the best Black Metal band.

5 Progenies of the Great Apocalypse - Dimmu Borgir

I never thought I'd get into black metal until I started listening to Immortal. Then, a friend told me that this song had vocals by Abbath, so I gave it a shot and was instantly blown away. This is a symphonic black metal masterpiece. Abbath does great vocals on it, the background symphonies make you feel like you're in the middle of the apocalypse, and Vortex's vocal part is powerful, mesmerizing, and just plain beautiful. This is truly a powerful black metal masterpiece, to say the least.

6 Forever Winter - Antim Grahan

Such a new talent in the black metal song industry. Forever Winter starts with pure, epic, and melodic music, like a snowfall island anthem. The music combination is great.

Their best track list:
1. Forever Winter
2. Angels Eternally Burn
3. Infected
4. 300
5. Spectral Vision
6. Infected 2
7. The Ruin of Immortals
8. I Wish You Death
9. Spectral Vision
10. The Lord of Misery and Sorrow

Special thanks to vocalist Parash Shakya, Pankaj Shakya on guitars, Surya Pun on drums, and Sabin Shrestha.

Back when I was just a kid (about 2004), I heard this song. The underground music scene was just uprising. I didn't know much about the song itself as I was a kid, but it definitely inspired me to explore more metal music. Hats off to this great masterpiece and the band. Let's hope the upcoming generations would appreciate old underground metal songs.

7 A Fine Day to Die - Bathory

You have to be kidding me! If this song is number 26, then numbers 1-25 shouldn't exist. All black metal bands look up to Bathory and owe a debt to them.

A pure black metal masterpiece. A perfect mix between my love for Bathory's earlier black metal records and the Viking metal ones. The solo is just pure bliss!

The reason why Quorthon really was a huge mastermind in Black Metal and one of the founding fathers!

8 Mother North - Satyricon

The first black metal song I had ever listened to! I stumbled across the music video on YouTube and was so fascinated by the video and the music! Great song, great band!

Very nice song, frost plays like a frost storm.

Much better than Freezing Moon...

9 Transilvanian Hunger - Darkthrone

What is this doing down here? Why are no Darkthrone songs up there in the top 3? Try The Hordes of Nebula, Quintessence, Transilvanian Hunger, In the Shadows of the Horn, etc., and just feel amazed.

This song is Black Metal. If you're looking for a better example, you won't find it. I can assure you of that.

This song is all about the cold Nordic spirit, which is the foundation of Black Metal. Why is it number 23, people?

10 Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark) - Immortal

Demons stride at the gates of Blashyrkh!

This song got me into black metal.

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? Eclipsed - Forgotten Woods
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11 Det Som En Gang Var - Burzum
12 Where Dead Angels Lie - Dissection

Very melodic song, but dark too at the same time. Just listened to it and it's good. The riffs, solo, drumming is so good. That scream though. Not a fan of Black Metal, but this is an exception.

I love how this song is so melodic and creepy at the same time, giving it a really spooky atmosphere. This song is almost as spooky as the Ghostbusters movies.

This should be in the top 5. What is this masterpiece and work of a genius doing in 34th place?

13 The Call of the Wintermoon - Immortal
14 Lost Wisdom - Burzum

This song just has the best black metal riff ever. Antim Grahan is the worst metal band I've ever listened to. And Burzum has Varg Vikernes as boss, who is an incredible figure of black metal history. Lost Wisdom forever.

Antim Grahan is nothing compared with this band. Burzum is the best black metal band ever! This song is the anthem of black metal.

One of those songs that force me to dance like a wild pagan spirit.

15 Deathcrush - Mayhem

Not many things are more black metal than 3 minutes of Maniac doing vocals.

16 Call from the Grave - Bathory

Seriously? 22? This song defines the dark and cold atmosphere Black Metal should always have.

17 All Shall Fall - Immortal

I think metalheads who do not like All Shall Fall are not true fans of BLACK METAL. This is amazing, everyone should vote for it to make it the number 1 Black Metal song.

Stronger than the gods we fought, triumphant for the Dark Prophecies.

18 Gateways - Dimmu Borgir

This is one of the best Dimmu songs. The female vocals are perfect. It's eerie and strange.

19 Blood Fire Death - Bathory

Well, to be honest, the most influential Bathory songs for black metal were Sacrifice and Enter the Eternal Fire...

20 Kyy - Azaghal
21 Enter the Eternal Fire - Bathory

Epic! Quorthon is the metal mastermind! Under The Sign of the Black Mark is a truly metal masterpiece! Along with Woman of Dark Desires and Equimanthorn are the best of the whole album!

How is this 21? This is the anthem of black metal.

22 Jesus' Tod - Burzum

Essentially everything that BM should be: harsh, organic, fast as a shark, with a hint of anti-Christianity and a touch of nature.

23 Black Metal - Venom

The first black metal band doesn't make it the best, but this song deserves more respect.

24 The Departure - Abigail Williams
25 Black Spell of Destruction - Burzum
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