Top 10 Saddest Heavy Metal Songs

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1 Fade to Black - Metallica

This song is about someone losing the will to live. Like One, it is about someone being tortured by a past and believes that life has nothing for them. Unlike One, the guy in this one actually commits suicide.

Best heavy metal song ever. When I feel sad I listen to this song, and by the end of the song I feel better. I love this song, and the solos in it are very nice

This song is the song with the best, and most emotional solo in my opinion, and I don't mean the intro, this song is engraved in my mind, knowing that this, is the saddest metal song I know, and Cemetery Gates is on par, but the solo is just phenomenal, and this makes it hit, the #1 saddest metal song of all time

Provides a scope on someone who is in this mindset. You can picture their pain regardless of its tie to your struggles.

2 One - Metallica

I think one takes the spot and I'm sad that people don't agree with me. Fade to black is very sad but one takes to another level. It talks about emptiness and sadness and the struggle of life and it's about a boy who wishes for death as he is in a coma I think it doesn't get sadder than that

Being alive for nobody around to hear your longing to scream for help is the worst hell imaginable. This will always and forever be one of, if not the saddest metal song ever.

Being trapped in my own body is my worst nightmare. This song always gives me the chills if not the cries.

Hearing about this man's tale is heart wrenching and just makes you feel bad.

3 Cemetery Gates - Pantera

The heaviest sad song of all time by far. Dimebag's riffs can be sad and angry, amazing.

Listen to the argument and the sad angry back and forth beteween Phil's voice and Dembag's guitar... Convinced yet/

It talks about the reality of death and how its hard to cope with someones death

4 So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold

I almost cried first time listening to it at first I thought it was a cover of so far away by stains but I now realize it is something much bigger. The rev will live on.

Honestly one of the best yet saddest songs I have ever heard. For those of you who talk down on us for thinking so, you haven't REALLY heard the lyrics.

You can hear the emotion in Matt's voice as he copes with the loss of his brother.

One of the only songs that have legitimately caused me to choke up.

5 Snuff - Slipknot

More of an acoustic rock song than a metal song. Still, manages to get me choked up every time I listen to it.

My smile was taken long ago
It took the death of hope to let you go...
If you still care then never let me know...

Not a heavy metal song, but deserves to be on this list. This song is pure emotion.

An amazing Slipknot song. However "Dead Memories" is an even better song.

6 Beyond the Realms of Death - Judas Priest

The saddest metal song ever (1978) - music, lyrics, performance. It's about suicide and right to choose whether to live or die (if you feel you don't fit in). It's a controversial viewpoint but the song is a masterpiece.

Halford wrote the lyrics and dedicated the song to "Anita Bryant and all those schmucks" (she was on a major anti-gay campaign in 1977). I wonder if Halfie wanted to kill himself because he was gay. The character in the song was saved once but he will try again.
"He had enough
He couldn't take anymore
He'd found a place
In his mind and slammed the door
No matter how they tried
They couldn't understand
This is my life, this is my life
I'll decide not you
Keep the world with all its sin
It's not fit for livin' in
Yeah! I will start again
It can take forever, and ever, and ever
And ever, but I'll still win."

7 Daddy - Korn

This song alone on the album was hard to listen to, but it's even harder to listen to when you watch as Korn plays this song live and Jonathan Davis has to relive the horrors of what this song means to him.

One of the most meaningful songs ever. You can even hear him crying in the song, how can this be at 28 and I would put it at number 1. Plus it makes me cry

Why isn't this higher on this list? The raw emotions make me angry at Jon's assaulter and happy that they're dead.

This song is so disturbing and so depressing that I can't even bring myself to talk about it.

8 Voice of the Soul - Death

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this, but Chuck wrote this while he was dying of cancer; that's what makes this even more impactful.

It isn't easy to make an instrumental song and have it sound sad like this. Chuck Schuldiner was one of the best musicians of heavy metal, although he is remembered more for being the first death metal vocalist.

For me, "Voice of the Soul" is the best instrumental song ever and one of the best sad songs. When I first listened to it, I fell in love with the song. It's pure beauty.

One of my favorite metal instrumental pieces (I added Black Star by Yngwie and Anybody There? by Rainbow - they also induce a similar feeling of being existentially lonely).

9 In This River - Black Label Society

An amazing tribute to Dimebag Darrell from Zakk Wylde. "In This River all shall fade to black, In This River ain't no coming back".

10 1916 - Motorhead

This one almost broke me, no song has ever done that to me before. Top 10 of all sad songs it's truly beautiful.

Lemmy has a voice that fits everything very well. In this one it fit the role perfectly.

This sounds nothing like Lemmy, but it is one of their best. Gets you thinking.

How did it get to 14? That's ridiculous

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11 Fiddler on the Green - Demons & Wizards

This amazing ballad in based on real life events: the singer & lyricist saw two car accidents in one week (same place! ) and two kids were killed - a boy and a girl.

In the song this story goes like that: Death took the life of the boy by mistake and to make up for it, the reaper also took the life of the girl, who his soulmate would have been in life. The reaper talks to the girl: "Would you mind if take you? "...

Words can't describe this perfect vocal performance and beautiful music (by Hansi Kürsch and Jon Schaffer, respectively).

Yes! This needs to be on the list.

12 Here Comes the Tears - Judas Priest

For me this is song is tied for the saddest song "Run of the Mill" also by priest. Another song that will tear up most anyone, especially if you read the lyrics and listen.

I don't see how this is not number 1. It's literally the most powerfully sad song I have ever heard. If not you do not find it depressing, you will still definitely find it sad and haunting

13 Alison Hell - Annihilator

I have listened to all the songs mentioned above and love em but the reason of me voting for this is because they are extremely underrated band.
Let everybody know about them.
These guys are great...

The story behind it is sad, but the way Annihilator tells it isn't very sad, which is why I don't think it should be here. Great song, but to be sad, the mood of the song has to be sad

Parents ignored the psychological problems of their daughter and her disease progressed to the point of no return. Sad and terrifying story.

Not exactly a sad song, more of a terrifying story of a little girl with psychological problems.

14 Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

People who say Nine Inch Nails isn't metal don't know what metal is. This song was covered by Johnny Cash himself.

Definitely NOT a Metal band, but easily one of the saddest and most powerful songs ever.

Should be in the top 10s

Not metal at all.

15 Dreamer - Ozzy Osbourne

I'm just a dreamer, I dream my life away... One of Ozzy's softer sounds, and one of his best songs.

16 How the Gods Kill - Danzig

Very sad and very scary. Some occult elements in the video. Great vocals from this underrated singer - he sounds like a darker, heavier and better version of Jim Morrison.

Danzig never changed, their magic of music still prevails, this song is a perfect example.

Just a truthful smart song.

17 Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden

2 A.M. is the saddest Iron Maiden song, and even that's not sad enough to be on the list. No wonder somebody on this site called them "happy metal"

18 Born Foam: Backtrack - Between the Buried and Me
19 My Last Sunrise - Demons & Wizards

One of the most intense metal songs (lyrics and music) and one of the greatest vocal performances in metal.
There's only one metal song that moves me so much - Beyond the Realms of Death by Judas Priest. Both songs are extremely sad, dark and hopeless.

"These are my last words - I need to rest
In fear and anger, I'll lay down my head
A faithless spirit in a broken man
... The hope became another lie
like the non-existing Father-God
I'll close my eyes, goodbye
Don't wait for me on the other side".

Looks like Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian and Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth teamed up to create the saddest metal songs and albums ever - thematically and tonally.
Songs are not only sad and dark - they are awesome.

20 I Won't See You Tonight - Avenged Sevenfold

I honestly don't see how this isn't in at least the top 10. I mean dang... this song can make a 6ft 7 person cry his eyes out! Love this song and love this band also. R.I.P The Rev

This song legit brings tears...Avenged Sevenfold is so amazing...honestly the most talented band ever

Synyster's guitar is crying with you too while you are listening to this

21 My House on Mars - Ayreon
22 The Unforgiven - Metallica

Should be higher on the list. "new born joins this earth and quickly he's subdued, through constant pain and scourge the young boy learns the rules" a sad song for sure and really good

This is first to me

Should be in top 5

23 Finally Free - Dream Theater
24 In My Darkest Hour - Megadeth

Probably not the #1 best Megadeth song, but definitely in the top 5, and musically probably in the top 3.

This song is filled with loneliness and lost hope. As if you reached the best part of your life just to fall to the bottom

This is the saddest one for real.

Amazingly heavy and sad musical tribute to Cliff Burton (even though the lyrics aren't about him)

25 Way Out of Here - Porcupine Tree
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