Top Ten MMORPG Games

The top ten massive multiplayer online role-playing games to date.
The Top Ten
1 World of Warcraft World of Warcraft Product Image

The game title says it all. WORLD of Warcraft. It really is a whole world of its own and that's why people are consumed in it. It is an alternative reality with a lot of options and freedom of the real world. With professions, eating, socializing, shopping, and tasks, it has most of what we do on a regular basis. Except the difference is that it's more fun to do it on WoW because it's more fantasy based that we can't do in real life. Killing monsters, exploring dungeons, traveling worlds, leveling up, respawning, etc.
WoW is a world away from reality that entices you for hours. Very fun and very addicting. No other MMORPG can touch WoW at this time.

Nothing can compete to World of Warcraft. I can confidently say that WoW is the best online game of all time, and still is the best online game of all time. Some other MMOs are more in depth and have certain aspects in them than WoW, but WoW is the most fun video game I have played in my entire life. I Been playing since BETA and even on and off at some times. Lets say you get bored and stop playing, there's without a doubt in my mind you will come back to the game after thinking about it a month later. It's tough to put your finger on why WoW is so amazingly fun, but I will always play WoW for the rest of its existence, of course with breaks. I can go on and on about THE game itself, (and not just saying my opinion on how amazing the game is) but if you haven't played this game YOU have to play it! It's the most popular game of all time, I mean everyone heard of WoW. There's a reason why 10s of millions of players actively play this game.

Best game I've tried so far, following behind Ragnarok online.
The amount of fun you can have playing this game compared to other MMORPGs is outstanding! You don't need to grind in the middle of anywhere just to gain levels, you level up on doing quests, of which there is way too many in my opinion so you never run out. You don't have to worry about being to lucky to drop some good equip, because to get it all you need to do is put some effort in putting together a group and going to an instance or even simply do quests which in themselves provide great rewards (mostly an item and money with experience on top of that)

I love the amount of work Blizzard put into each class, they all differ so greatly and have their own strengths and weaknesses, making the game mostly balanced - you don't have to worry about being underpowered playing your own class :o It requires skill to master each class, not just standing there spamming skills and hoping the enemy will die, no, you need ...more

Everything you can ask for. I never buy subscriptions, but this was totally worth it. You get so much. There's so many options with many races, specializations, factions and classes... And the questing, even with twin characters, there's a huge chance you won't go through the same quest chains. There are so many options, and in some places, like Outland, the level of creatures adapts to your level. Also, there is an unimaginable amount of quest chains... It's so user-friendly, and there are many ways to grind XP... Also, once you max out on leveling, its not the end. There's still PVP and actually joining battles and attacks in capital cities, and all across the worlds. The graphics are absolutely amazing, and there are so many minor details. Hundreds of places, Thousands of armor and weaponry, Millions of people. It's so much fun and a great investment... There's always expansions coming out, and it never stops... Even after 10 years

2 Entropia Universe

Playing this game now for over 6 years, tried other games in between, but I keep coming back to Entropia Universe, The game is free to play and there are no limitations when not depositing, however it is quite tough and require really smart play and a lot patience when choosing this path. I chose this as a personal challenge and managed so far while having acquired most of the nice goodies in this game.
With respect to gameplay, this game, as like real life, does not guide you what to do next, besides some beginners missions and some challenges... This might be regarded as a drawback to some players, who would feel lost in the immense universe consisting of several planets, but for other player like me, it is the beauty of the game which keeps me playing... Its me who determine what to do next, where and how... And progress my avatar. This all combined with the really beautiful graphics and sceneries I can only recommend this game to everyone who is up for a challenge.

Entropia Universe is, not realistically a place to make money but, a place to spend money. It is loose on storyline (though that is changing) and more of a 'self-guided play environment' (though it is free to join it is very hard to do anything without depositing any money). It takes a long time to download and set up (you can't really get 'in-game' on the day you begin the process) but once you are in the graphics are beautiful! The flora and fauna are awesome to look at and is is just fun to run around and look at the untamed land (I frequently fantasize I am really there instead of real life, you know when real life is boring)! You MUST have a great graphics card and lots of memory! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

I have been playing for four years now.
With the constant updates and expansions it just keeps getting better and better.

There is a steep learning curve, but they have made recent changes and added a lot of low level quests and more and more options for players starting out that this is not nearly the issue it used to be.

The Real Cash Economy aspect of this game makes all other games seem shallow and pointless once you have played for a while. The pure challenge of competing against other players in a real economy where mistakes are actually costly and the right choices and game play styles will actually bring in the dough.

My wife even plays now and she was never a gamer, but once she started she really got into it and now is a solid mid-level player able to do anything she wants in the game.

If you want a brainless game to play once in a while I would not recommend this. But if you are looking for a true challenge and a game you can commit to and ...more

Entropia is like no other game. If your smart & think straight you can go far in this game without forking out a bank vault. It's one of those games you just can't put down, no matter how tough it gets or how many bugs show up, it's really entertaining & enjoyable sharing it with others in game. I love hunting monsters & grinding through missions all day long. Figuring out how I can be more efficient in my killing, how to gain more markup. It's just something different every time I log in. If I don't feel like hunting, I can move on or do other activities that benefit me ingame & value over time. With time I will achieve all I want in this game for sure.

3 Runescape Runescape Product Image

I started playing runescape almost when it was launched. I played for a long time after which I have paused as I could not find any time. I personally prefer first person shooter games, but this is the only game in a completely different genre that is on the top preference for me. I still steal time and play runescape, because I find extreme joy playing runescape, it feels like almost a different life, in which you can live, communicate, develop yourself, face adversarial and thrilling environments, work on the level stats. Going to fight with players in the Wilderness is one of the most thrilling one, where people make teams, make strategy and overpower player opponents. I will never forget the last wilderness pking trip with 45 players group. I will thank Jagex to make such a wonderful game, which never gets boring.

Personally my favorite MMORPG purely based on the content. I have not seen a game with as much variety of things to do as this game. If I get bored of combat, I move on to skilling. If I get bored of skilling, I do a quest or two. If I get bored of that, I play a minigame (and the list goes on). Also, variety is not limited to the different types of things to do but also the different ways they can be done. Take combat for example: Soul Wars, Pest Control, Slaying, and straight out Dagganoth fighting are only a few of dozens of ways it can be done. The only other game that even comes close in terms of variety is Mabinogi which has been on a downward spiral since G3.

Ugh judging a game by its graphics is a rookie mistake. Most MMORPGS are all about combat well runescape has SO much more things than just combat. 26 different and unique skills for you to train and master. The quests are nicely detailed and actually require skill. Runescape gets much more fun when you play it with friends. Honestly it's hard to describe how amazing this game is you will have to check it out for yourself. This should be #1, people need to realize that there is so much more to a game than graphics, so honestly don't judge the game by its graphics...

Okay, this is my opinion. World of Warcraft is way too repetitive quest's, and dungeons. It's always "Kill a # of this and that" or "Kill and collect a # of this". RuneScape's quest's are so diverse, and actually have a story instead of mindless killing. Dungeon's are the same exact thing.  Also, World of Warcraft is $15 dollars a MONTH! Overkill. I know it has more content, but its repetitive content. Also, graphics doesn't matter. I like RuneScape better. Little nerds don. Another thing is graphics doesn't matter! Do I need to say that RuneScape didn't start it's game as a multi-millionaire company like World of Warcraft, so RuneScapes engine isn't the best because they don't have all that money.

4 Dream Of Mirror Online

DOMO is by far the best MMORPG game. There are tons of fun stuff to do besides leveling. The players are great; they're active, nice, and just plain awesome. This is the ONLY MMO I have been able to stick to. I have been playing for a little more than 2 years, and I'm still leveling all the time. The job system is awesome. You can be any job you want, and change jobs any time you want. And, you can have subs from two other jobs on the one you're currently on. For example, you could be on Doctor, and have Wizard or Musician subs. The system has endless options. You really can't run out of things to do when it comes to DOMO, it's great. c:

Wonderful game! The GM's are great and actually helpful! They actually ban the hackers if any. I haven't seen that many hackers, and any bugs and stuff are fixed quickly.
The people who play it are fairly nice, and I like how it's a social game, so levels don't always matter. You could be teamed up with a level 10 fencer who's a level 58 doc! You never know. &
The pets are awesome, and I like how they actually help you. And I also like how some of the Items in the Item mall, such as costumes don't dissapear after a certain amount of days, unless you buy the ones that say they do. No hassle having to buy the same costume over and over.

A game based on relationships, player interaction, and overall community play. Dream Of Mirror Online is the best game for anyone that decides to play with friends, lovers, or even make new friends.

The publisher and company is very interactive with their players, the GMs are extremely active. They don't stay hidden from the players and do background work. All problems and reports are solved quickly and bugs and glitches are addressed in the best possible way.

The community is also mature and literate, not typing in 1337 and 'net speek. There's a few bad people here and there, but they're eventually reported by the Game Sages, local volunteer "Game Masters" with no powers except being able to directly talk to a Game Master. Game Sages are legit, they're like any normal player, just with more trust with Aeria and their employees.

The graphics are cute and perfect for anime fans, with cel-shading and glow effects.

The gameplay is amazing. Class system is ...more

The company and its employees, Game Masters and Moderators, actually interact with their players, rather than hide and do background work. Problems are quickly solved, and issues, such as bugs, glitches, and hackers, are reported and fixed.

Gameplay is relaxing, it's not a constant grind like any other online game. Many quests await you as you log into the game.

It's community and relationship-based, so find your friends, lovers, and family, and bring them into the Mirror World!

5 Guild Wars Guild Wars Product Image

Guild Wars is by far the best MMORPG in my opinion. Brilliant Graphics, awesome storyline and incredibly structured. And there's no monthly subscription fee after buying the game. Everything in this game feels alive and makes us wanna know everything there is about it. It's like reading a book and watching a movie while at the same time you get to be in the center of this world, the main character of the story. I recommend this game to everyone. As well as the Guild wars 2 when it's gonna come out

Despite the game being 6 years old, Guild Wars is definitely the best online game in my books, especially for serious players and deserves a number 1 spot. It's balanced and well thought out and unlike some games, you will never see things being sold by GW for real money that would advantages one player over another.

The first thing I look for in a game is the storyline, it has to be interesting and immersing, to keep me wanting more. Guild Wars certainly offers you that. A very rich main story to follow, interesting and often difficult missions bonuses to complete and lots of optional side quests. The game has a nice clear direction to follow which makes it fairly easy to get started.

All your characters are able to explore the beautifully detailed vast world of 3 campaigns (each very different, yet connected) as well as an expansion pack so there's is lots to do if you get them all. I've been playing almost every day for 2 years and still have a bit left to do. So ...more

Great Game I have been playing for over 6 years and looking forward to Guild Wars 2. This game is not a grind game as you will only get to level 20 and it is mostely making a great build. Once you have learned the game you can come up with solo builds that can be supper fun. you will not have to go it alone in this game as their are heros that help you and you can add to your party list. I is all in your hands you set them up with runes on their armor and such.

It's the best MMORPG ever created. It has amazing graphics and not a high requirement for a G card. No subscription absolutely puts it in this list and the gameplay although not so free as you may find at other MMOs but its different and at least try it! Thanks!

6 Lineage 2 Lineage 2 Product Image

Lineage 2 probably is the hardest mmo to play. There's only few quests that you have to do, and that keeps you exploring, uniting with others, and thinking new ways of making items.

Quest based mmo's suck, because' you don't need to try hard to be the best, you have everything that you need by doing simple tasks, and I don't understand, how people don't get bored of that. Try Lineage 2, try killing an epic boss, or collecting materials, recipes for your gear, that's much more rewarding, than killing 10 gremlins and getting it.

Addictive! Been playing it for years now, never got tired of it. Graphics are the best I've ever seen. I played lots of different servers, from as low as 1x to as high as 5000x. Private server can suck at times because of unbalanced classes, skills, glitches, bugs etc. But generally you love the game itself, you fall in love with the lineage universe. I tried the other most popular MMORP game too (no need to mention the name ;) ). But I couldn't stand it more than a couple of days. If you play Lineage for a fair while, every other game sucks, graphics wise, soundtrack wise, skills wise etc. Highly recommended!

There was not a game better than Lineage 2, until they kept screwing with it. The upside is huge nice armor, nice weapons. Castle Sieges Rock and may be the most adrenaline pumping action in any game ever.

All of the above is still true, then they nerfed the adena drops so far I hunt things that are level 97 or less and what it looks like is that they made the drops and spoils 10% of what they were. So a mob that dropped 1500 adena now drops 150 and for level 75 monsters to be dropping that little is ridiculous. One trip through the gate keepers after level 76 can cost 100k. So how can you afford anything in this game? Maybe at 99 the Mobs jump up in drops but as of right now this sucks.
I realize that the NCoin is how they make their money now but this is just awful.

Gripe 2 is that without seriously good gear and buffs you will die a lot. So the mobs that now drop less are tougher to kill unless you have ISS buffs. So every group has to have at least 1 ISS after ...more

I've been playing L2 about 5 years now, and it's the best because of the gameplay, you feel the PvP essence and you enjoy it OFC. Now it's free to play and servers are way so populated so you can enjoy this MMORPG as it's supposed to be enjoyed, sharing experiences with other guys, leveling up with your mates, making clans and clan wars, and the best part.. Sieges to conquer castles, no other game have this feature. Join and enjoy people

7 League Of Legends League Of Legends Product Image

Riot is working so hard on the updates and the population is going uo drastically. This game is so fub and addicting!
League of legends is a perfect MOBA if you are into games like Dota 2, HoN, Smite, and Bloodline Champions. This game is getting better and better every patch. But you got to be careful with the community because its really BAD compared to DOTA 2 and other games. This has been the main game a play for 1 or 2 years straight. This is definaly a game to try out but it is a little hard in the beginning. And the best one of the best thing is that there is no cash avantages and profile level avantages and items beside runes and masteries and the players experience. And the games gonna last a long time.

I adore this game! The community though is really bad this game would be a lot better if people would leave other people alone. I do love the game play, the characters, the lore, and the skins I have probably spent a lot on this game laugh out loud but totally worth it! I hope it gets higher up on the list because at least the creators do a lot for their players even taking skin ideas from fan arts! I love League and if anyone wants to pla Dacsgoddess is my name

I used to play WoW for PvP but the grinding took too much time to get some decent gear. Since I have wife, kids, work and study there is not much time to spend on gaming and farming is not the best way to spend your time. Laugh out loud gets you to PvP right away. Its also free and if you want some perks you can invest some cash in it. If you love PvP you must try this game. -Papuchon

Because its free, its addictive and one of those games that isn't rigged because they want your money. Although the community and it's abuse to newer players are increasing to an alarming rate, and you need more skill than usual to excel at this game. It's good.

8 Star Wars: The Old Republic Star Wars: The Old Republic Product Image

If one were to grind this game out there would still be more than 600 hours worth of gameplay. The story lines are great, each one completely different from the last. 8 story lines in all, graphics aren't bad, 8 classes in all, plus you can be a Sith Lord, what more could you want? It takes Stuff from Mass Effect, the story changes on how you have chosen things in the past, you can get to know about your companions' past and even romance them (and maybe something more). Not to mention the new content coming out every month now, this game has so many possibilities (and zombies).

Just about right.
It offers the new players a comfortable storyline that helps introducing you into the galaxy, and gives you a preview of the development of your chosen class. It is quite easy to learn to play your class after a dozen levels, but it is really challenging learning to master your skills all the way to 55. That's why I love it!
I have four 55s, I raid with each one of them and it was quite the run getting there.
The near end-game content is rich sory-wise, and the grinding is abundant after the expansion release.
Not to mention that it's a Star Wars game, the best in my opinion.
I gotta admit that space battles would be a lot better with an EVE-like gameplay, but you can't ask for more.
SWTOR has 8 different stories, 16 different advanced classes (8 Republic + 8 counter-equivalent Imperial) and a whole galaxy for you to discover full of Flashpoints, operations, missions, group content, planetary stories, bonus series and it goes on and on and ...more

Ok this game is simply amazing. I'm aware that Star Wars Galaxies was out awhile ago, but this truly defines what MMORPGS are and will become! It is going to lead the way into the future of Online gaming. You may say WoW is better, but you can't compare it to this game for 2 reasons!
1. WoW has been out for what 8 years?! SWTOR has only been out for just over 1 year.
2. They are of 2 entirely different genres, if you like fantasy, go be a mainstream MMORPG player and play WoW. If you like Sci-Fi and the greatest adventure of a lifetime, go play SWTOR!

Simply amazing. Even if you are not a subscriber, it is mind boggling. Great story lines for EVERY type of character (8 total types) ranging from the jedi/sith warriors to the troopers/assassins. You get to work together with other players or go solo! The system is simply flawless! It brings the Star Wars games into life and even ties into the Knights of the Old Republic I + II! BEST GAME OF 2013!

9 Final Fantasy XI Final Fantasy XI Product Image

As long as this game has been out, it never fails to captivate me and pull me into an adventure that I won't ever forget. The people I meet, the monsters I battle, and the rewards I seek always give me something exciting and fulfilling to do. I've played maybe a dozen games listed on this chart, as well as a handful that I haven't seen on here and I must say that when everything is weighed out, FFXI just does something for me that none of these other games have come close to. It brings me back to the level of excitement I had when I first started playing MMOs. Before I started looking too closely into mechanics, graphics, and the companies that run them, back when the game itself really felt like another world and I would wait all day just to relive it again that night! It's a great game and I think anyone with an open mind and a heart yearning for adventure can really fall in love with it and its colorful characters.

I started FFXI at the NA release, it was my first MMORPG, and continues to be the best I ever played. It is not a game you can just jump into and expect to get something done in 30 minutes and then log out. You had to immerse yourself in the world, your character, and the community. I don't have the time to dedicate to this game anymore, but if I did I would still be playing.
Gameplay was challenging, rewarding, and fun. The story for each city-state was unique and engaging. Side-story offerings were amusing and fun.
All other MMORPG's are incredibly shallow in comparison.

I played FFXI for 6 years and I still miss it. It has the best and most expansive story of any MMO that I've ever played, and the music is awe-inspiring. The interface is odd and unique, since it was designed for multiple systems, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy and fun. This game takes a lot of time though, as nothing in this world is simply given to you. Everything is hard work, but it also makes you feel like you've really accomplished your goals and completed something. You feel like you've earned your just rewards. I love this game!

Always been a FF fan, but XI exceeds any game I've ever played. Met a few crazy people during my 5 years ingame, but 98% of the players are super mature an great to hang out with.
The game requires lots of time an effort, but the rewards feel so much rewarding that way.
I love the graphics, music, and stories. All the plot lines, missions, and npc's end up being connected one way or another, it's pretty cool :D.
I will always carry the memories I made in this game with me till I die.
Love this game!

10 Maplestory Maplestory Product Image

MapleStory was the most addicting I ever played. Hats off to Wizet, and now to Nexon who currently own it. You guys designed, potentially, the best 2D MMORPG every made and published on this earth. It had the perfect trading system, unlike most MMORPGs (like runescape), there was a chat box in the trade and stores, so people could easily communicate. The questing system was very organized, and the Job Advancement system was one of the best. I quit this game last August, because, although it's one of the best games, and I still love it, the people in it aren't nearly as great. Some very immature and unethical players and WAY too many bot/hackers. If this was fixed, and the game was mad more mature, I'd come back any day.

It's a fun relaxing game that can be played whenever you feel like it. If you judge games based on their graphics you should not be writing reviews. Maplestory has so much content you won't be able to do it all at once. It's also a game that is easy to get rich in, not like other ones where you have sit for hours grinding or hoping for a rich person to pity you. Nexon tries to add as much content as they can as fast as they can leaving you with events and new things to do every month or two (if you've been playing for a long time)

This game is the best MMORPG ever. I've been playing for 5 years now and I'm not going to stop. The trading system is original and great, because it's easy to chat about the price and maybe even make friends. MapleStory isn't all about the levels, you know. Also, about the graphics. They might seem bad in the first place, but when you get into the game more, they actually start to look way better. Although, the new patches are kinda making MS worse. I've lost many friends after the Big Bang-update.

BEST GAME IN THE WORLD I've played since the day it came out. I've played all of the games posted here, and I would say maplestory is the best game in this top 10 ratings. I have been playing since the beta came out and have been playing ever since. If you don't really care about the graphics and want to play for fun you would play this. If will get fustrating at some times, but in the long run it's the best game out there.

The Contenders
11 Neverwinter

Gotta be one of the best FREE MMORPG games out there. The graphics and effects are nice, very nice story line, awesome quests. Plus, the Foundry. It virtually has infinite amount of quests so you'll never get tired of it. PvP is awesome, the guild system works amazing. I really don't know how this game is free, but I'm glad it is and that's why I think it deserves to be in, at least, the top three.

I love this game. Its captivated me for months on end. My parents grounded me for a while just to get me off this game

Neverwinter is the best I find this game's combat amazing but the storyline can get repetitive

This game has one of the best character creation systems I have ever seen

12 Star Wars Galaxies Star Wars Galaxies Product Image

Even thought a lot of people hated the Combat upgrade, I still liked the game very much as it existed, before the dark times, before Lucas has become greedy and closed it for the new game... Even after reaching your maximum level, the game has just started if you reached it, the collection system, the City battles for Faction control and points, the special Events all of this made this game better then A LOT of other MMORPGs where after reaching maximum level you just don't got anything to do. RIP SWG, and I hope Lucas knows what he did to all of his biggest fans with closing THIS game...!

Best and most advanced crafting in any game. Most promising MMORPG ever up to patch 14(? ). Then it was worsened with CU (Combat Upgrade) and then utterly destroyed with the NGE (New Game Experience, aka WoW-clone).This game should be brought back (Pre CU) with better graphics, animation and some more thought put in to profession roles. I have (and had) no problem with unbalance between professions as long as every profession is needed and uniquely useful.Timeline should also be changed to take place after the three latest movies are finished so the lore don't limit possibilities. Players should be able to advance to Senatators, Chancellors and even be Emperor through plotting and the Politician profession.

Was the best game ever until the entire combat system was changed into a more easier kid-like system. Obtaining the jedi class was one of the biggest and hardest goals, and once achieved you felt like you had more power than the majority of players. You could make your own city and become mayor of it with other players under you. Amazing game for rp. But like I said the game is not what it use to be thanks to certain people.

The game was so ahead of time before they attempted to WoW clone it, freedom, space, unique crafting system and possibly the best ever made for a MMO.

Now there is only the EMU project left and private servers in that branche as well that is following the general pre-cu concept of the game, servers such as SWG:awakening and many more, so SWG has not been killed be reformed back to its former glory and frankly enough it provide more entertainment than any other MMO I ever played after SWG got killed for good with the NGE.

13 Aion: The Tower of Eternity

This is my second MMORPG game and it is one of the best because a lot of things you can do in a very cool: the story dynamic graphics and some very good atmosphere in the house playing

And this is only the beginning of the forthcoming new version 4.0 (on EU servers) under the new title of dark betrayal, and if you see what will be new then you simply have to agree with me that this is one of the best MMORPG game that should be among the top 5 in my opinion

I have been playing Aion since November 2009. The visuals are fantastic & beautiful, the interface easy, and the amount of grinding just right. The social aspect (legions) is super-fun. The PvP is intense... And your toons FLY -- truly 3-dimensional gameplay! Tried GW2 when it came out, lost interest after two months... Nothing comes close to Aion.

I've played AION since the release of version 2.7.
It is clearly an excellent game which fits your desires and has an epic storyline that just keeps you coming. With the new updates coming it, you always have something to do! Can't wait till August for version 4.0!

I've been playing Aion (NA Version) since it went free to play, and I love it for sooo many reasons!
The PVP is the best of any mmo I have EVER tried & the PVE is pretty great too (a little challenging sometimes but definitely do-able if you have great gear)

Only complaint about this game is that the publisher/devs need to get rid of the botters, gold spammers & animation hackers!

14 Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2 Product Image

Three words. Best. Game. Ever. This game fits for every type of person, people who like a challenge, people who like to throughly play the game, and people who like PvP. Does World Of Warcraft have a Personal Story? I don't know so whoever reads this please comment to me if it is or not. As I was saying, With the 9 different classes up on it, you can replay the game as many times in as many ways. Heck, who wouldn't want combo of 154 personal story choices? The storyline is also much better then World of Warcraft. What are you guys thinking? This should be in the top 3

What. The. Heck. Guild Wars 2 being ranked this far on the list would be understandable, but only if it were 2012. You guys have about a month and a half to put HoT on the list, and you still get nothing. I have a lot of haters at my school, who are all like,"There's no PvP! There's no PvE! " May I ask what in the H E Double Hockey Sticks exactly what an MMORPG even is if there isn't even PvE? But unlike Destiny or WoW, Guild Wars 2 and HoT adds a whole lot of other good game modes, like WvW, which is a mode built off of killing enemies and taking buildings with siege weapons, and the Living Story. The Living Story is a self explanatory game mode where ARENANET makes the story as they go. It's not choppy, like flash! You are working with the military units to track down a traitor in the government! Flash! You are the Commander of the three most powerful organizations in the world, and you are off to kill a undead dragon! I hope you all see the point and the not crappy games to at ...more

Great gameplay, excellent graphics. Very friendly social environment. So much to do and keep you busy. I love the puzzle jumpers and events. The Gem Store is fun or convenience items only, not gameplay updates to give people with money advantages. I love the Trait system. Large numbers of the same class can all have different builds based on their style of play. WoW is very cookie cutter which I disliked.I. E There is only one way to be effective at your choice role and it made it very restrictive gameplay.

It is a revolution in playing of RPG. No more tanks, healer and DPS needed. After 6 years in World of Warcraft I can compare it. In GW2 is smart quest system (there is no necessary take quest from quest giver, hand in quest, get another one in the same location and again and again), game is very social with a lot of puzzles, activities, separate PvP and WvW worlds. Personal bank system for all characters is also well done.
I think I will stay in the Guild Wars world for a lot of years if anything got wrong. World of Warcraft was perfect game 10-5 years ago but nowadays it is ancient game with ancient play system, destroyed story with nonsense kung-fu pandas, with strange tamagotchi pet improvement, not balanced leveling system where the highest level player is able run and finish Burning Crusade or WotLK dungeon alone...
Guild Wars 2 is a new way how to do top MMORPG

15 AdventureQuest Worlds

This game is one of my top favorite games. I'm max level and have the most op class in the game. If you wanted a simple not so laggy mmorpg game to play this is the game that is just for you.

An awesome game with many quests and lots of killing monsters, you can get to level 50 and dominate pvp or get different classes and abilities to kill things with.

Pay-to-win. Members get better and earlier enhancements and by buying boosts you can save yourself time.

It would be better if would be like in 15 or 14 because its simple and kinda hard to get things too

16 Dungeons & Dragons Online

Dungeons and Dragons Online takes the modern idea that an mmorpg should be an easy experience that you can hop in real quick and get half the game over with, and slaps it in the face with a disembodied orc arm. It has many different aspects that can appeal to people, but also some that can scare people off. As a word of caution every positive can be a negative to you.

First is the questing system and how it's different. The only "free" area is in the city of stormreach really, it's one of the few places that you can move around and interact with all the other players freely. Every quest is instanced. Each quest also has difficulty settings: Casual (for a lenient experience), Normal (the intended play), Hard (everything is +1 level above what it's suppose to be, on a scale of 20 that a lot. ), and Elite (+2 above, or the hardest mode). Personally I do every quest on elite, have not played any quest lower then elite for last year or two of playing. The casual play can easily be ...more

Only started recntly so I could be considereda n00b but the community I've found is verily different to that of WoW which I have played before... This is by Turbine Inc, a great company that makes good quality games such as Lord of the Rings Online. Once you click on the icon for launch of this masterpiece you will be hooked, even after 4 months ofplaying this I can hardly pry my eyes away from the screen...

Keep coming back to it. Maybe the graphic isn't as "new" as in ESO/Neverwinter, but the combat is great, not some "point to click" one, you can cast while jumping, you can tuble, you need to move to stay alive - thisis amazing. Also -due to multiclassing, your choice of feats and skills and enhancements you can create very original toon. Like undead wizzard paladin who swings a big sword and runs with a shield and heals from negative energy. Or like dwarf barbarian/ranger/roguue fighting with bow - whatever you really want and it can be viable. It's very cool :) In this game wizard/sorcerer can be build as melee. Divine classes are not just healbots - they can be good ranged, melee or casters.
One minus of game - lack of PvP - there's no real PvP. But PVE and raiding is great

Best PvE experience out there. If your looking for PvP look elsewhere. This is a team based game with loads of customization and regular updates. My favorite part is that there is very little grind and the journey to end game is just as good as the end game. Just don't go to the forums there all a bunch of whiners :P

17 The Elder Scrolls Online The Elder Scrolls Online Product Image

Tons of content. Tons of customization. Fun action combat full of strategy. Great graphics and immersion for an mmo. New significant content added every month or two. People are very critical of it because the sub and early bugs. Bugs are fairly fleshed out but you sill run into them occasionally. Some work still needs to be done with balancing. Some content lacks re-playability. I don't like questing being the primary grind. Future announced patches/content address most issues as the development team listen closely to players.

Should be ranked higher.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be the best game ever created. It has a completely original backstory and storyline. As like all the other "Elder Scrolls" games the elder scrolls online will have amazing graphics, and promising gameplay.

This game is really good because of the way they have skills. I like the way that you don't have to use a specific weapon just because of your class it lets players choose who they really want to be in an mmo

I've never played this game but I don't want to waste my money on it when the pictures I look up for it look a little to cartoony for me.

18 Silkroad Online

Silkroad is a beautyfull MMORPG-game, Silkroad has great graphics and good gameplay, Silkroad is so much better than WOW. I love Silkroad but I play WOW too. Silkroad is from begin to end better tahn WOW. I like this games both, but I like Silkroad a little bit more. A really beautiful game is Silkroad but WOW too. in WOW you have more options in characters but that's difficult to maker a choice, in Silkroad you must make a choice between the European or the Chinese. that's better to choice

This game is really something special. It is such an underrated game because it is so amazing and only Europeans know it. Please, if you want to experience a game from the golden age of 2005, type Silkroad Online into Google and get started! It is so good that you could say it's the mmorpg equivalent of ocarina of time...

As far as free mmorpg's go this game is incomparable, the graphics and animation are as good as it gets for free games and is easily competitive with games like WoW its only downfall is just that most people have never heard of it.

I agree the bots are no problem now SRO is a lot better then WOW what does WOW have better let me guess the map is infinite (no fun in that), the char can eat (no one cares), you can jump or fall (same thing no one cares) you still have to pay up to game...

19 DC Universe Online DC Universe Online Product Image

I have no idea how this game hasn't been added to the list yet! To be fair this forum is purely wiki, in the sense that the users are the ones who make the list, but surely some of you have played DCUO! It is an amazing MMORPG and the console controls are smooth as butter! Too many people these days are dwelling in the overrated games of today's era. World of Warcraft is nowhere near better than Star Wars: The Old Republic, yet WoW is ranked 1st and SWTOR is 151st. Despicable.

Like reading comics? How about being yourself a superhero of comic stories. Not being batman or superman. Create your own superhero and feel like you are saving the world with your hands. Man... That just awesome. And the only MMORPG that offers you that is DC Universe Online. Enjoy!

Great stories, great graphics, very poor uptime, very poor timing on server resets and updates (almost like they could care less about customers and more about the programmers... like the IT Department you see in comedy movies).

Brilliant game and truly unique! I wanted to try something different and this is it. You really should give it a go. Flying around Metropolis & Gotham is great fun in and of itself and the powers are great. Free to play too!


Eve Online has a truly engaging universe, where the actions of players are the only real driving force behind the game world. This game is defined by player action- from resource acquisition and manufacturing all the way up to galaxy-spanning wars. And it's not just superficial, either- everything on the market, with the exception of skill books, is player-made.

The wars aren't between the major empires of Eve (well, that's not true- there's faction warfare too, but it's more for newer players), but between player created, run, and populated alliances, made up of smaller (also for player by player) corporations that can also declare war on each other. And then, of course, there's the fact that the galaxy is all a pvp zone- it can happen at any time, any place, although in high sec it's a lot less likely.

Eve Online is a phenomenal game that achieves things that no other MMO is even close to. Is it for everyone? No, it's not. But for anyone who truly wants a sandbox ...more

I have been playing EvE Online for 6 months now, and it has become the only, and possibly the last game MMORPG, I will play. It's that immersive. In that time, I have earned the skill to proficiently experience maybe 25 of the game and 15 of the universe, New Eden. It's huge. If you are impatient and require instant gratification this game is not for you. EvE requires skill planning and treating your characters like real career pilots; from industrial business-types, care bear role-players, political hacks, corporate thieves, and cold-killers, to scientist-engineers and prospectors, EvE has them all and a niche for everyone with the gumption to be aware of there surroundings at all times. You are never safe unless you are docked and logged off.

If you are a Libertarian, this is a game world for you. If you want to play you gotta pay. That being said, it seems the whole economy is player based. If you go where you don't belong prepare to die or reap huge rewards. lots of Quest (or missions). I love single server, have met people from all over the world, great chats. Outrageous corporate (guild) intrigue and corruption, just like real life. Roving gangs always a threat out of the secure areas. Lots of crafting, even crafting skills. Check out combat on You tube. I like the future play more than the mystical and magical, although I did enjoy WOW, LOTRO, Rift, AOC, Neverwinter and others. If I commit to a single game it would be Eve. On the far side - Never to return home!

Eve is one of the only games that actually has a positive rate of growth throughout its long history. More so, it is still growing regardless of it being near a decade old. The only problem is the extreme learning curve. Many players are put off by failing to do the research required or to put in the long term planning and goals. The result is a deep-rooted community of older players and a higher level of maturity (at least overall).

It is always worth a shot to give Eve a try. You may love it or hate it, but I guarantee that CCP's creation is in a league of its own.

21 Wizard101

WHAT? lol 73? wow you guys suck, I have played this game for a little over 7 years, almost 2 months after the game was realeased :D to all your other games can suck it, exept maybe WoW cause that game is pretty fun too.

This game is FREAKING AWESOME. I have played it for about 6 months and I am hooked! This amazing game should at least be in the top 5 if not number one! I would reccomend this to any age group. It's very family friendly with fun characters too!

This game is the most well rounded game on this list HANDS DOWN. It starts simple enough for kids to play. My kid was able to play before he could even read. It evolves into a very complicated proceediing that will challenge the most seasoned hard core gamers. Especially if you PvP. And if THAT'S not enough for you, step out onto the Pet Derby race track. This part of the game involves breeding pets, training them to gain racing skills, and then racing other pets. It's VERY fast. As fast as any racing game out there. Like I said, something for everyone. It really does.

I've been playing Wizard101 since it first came out and this is what I think of it: Wizard101 is one the the best games ever created! You can use spells, go to different worlds, buy sub or crowns to go there, buy crowns to buy cool stuff, buy/farm for pets and train them to get incredible talents, talk and hang out with friends, ride fast mounts across the spiral, defeat bosses and minions, and so much more! I personally thought it to be one of the Best Games On Earth. It's unbelievable that this game is not higher in the Top Ten MMORPG list.

22 Free Realms

You could be anythong you wanted to be! Adventurer, chef, ninja, cart racer, and so much more!

Free realms is one of the best 3d free mmorpg with a huge world to explore and jobs to do iam surprised to find it in 183 position. I thought it would be in top 50 positions

23 Dragon Saga

I love to play this game... There are many 4 wonderful jobs like magician, arche, thief and warrior... Each of the are divided into 2 other jobs... This game can make new friends and can be married... The clothes are just so cute and the skills in the game are do awesome! If you want to know more go ahead and play the game... I know you won't regret it!
Vote for Dragonica people! #1

I play this game a lot and it's so cool, graphics and all, even the characters are cute! And it was the first mmorpg I played

It's an addictive game when you've first started.
I can't even stop playing when in school.

So Good at I can die

24 Ragnarok Online

Played my first game/server like 8 years ago but I still remember each and everything that happened that day. This game made me the guy that I am today. I got to learn so many Real life concepts, articles like norse mythology, history, science facts, team management, time management, basic economics like buying selling and many things. Have so many memories alive with me even today when I've gotten busy with my life and work. Don't judge this game by it's graphics. Probably the best game for people like me who are passionate, who loves fantasy and who are extremely competitive. Will always be the greatest MMO I might have ever played till death.

Ragnarok is a MMORPG with the graphic mostly based on anime style. There are lots of emotions you can use and which make your gameplay way more interesting than one would think. There are lots of builds for different classes, you can make for example a hybrid assassin/crit assassin/dagger assassin/sonic blow assassin/soul breaker assassin cross build and so one, and that jsut for 1 class. It is a very interesting game but it also has its minuses. Leveling your character takes ages and drop rates for those really good items are usually 0,01% drop chance and the monsters that drop them are usually really strong, but there is a unique pvp system. There is normal pvp where people fight each other and there is War of Emperium. Very much like a castle siege. Check some videos on youtube.

Ragnarok Online will always have a place in my heart. Sure, a quick look and people say the graphics are shabby, and move on. But as far as gameplay goes, RO has so much more depth to it than any other MMO I've seen, and yes, I've played a lot of other games.

From the variety of classes to unique systems like the card system, to the PvP and the War of Emperium, this game has not only become a classic with its own anime to boot, but has also influenced so many other games and media that we know and love today.

If I had to pick one game to live in for the rest of my life, Ragnarok hands down.

Hands down the best game. Although some of the older official servers do show signs of saturation, the game still manages to be fun, and allows newer players to keep up with the occasional introduction of new items. The game has just so many aspects to it and it takes years to try them all out. Just playing all the classes "normally" will keep you occupied for years, let alone all the experimenting you can do with customization and fun builds.

25 Lord Of The Rings: Shadows Of Angmar Lord Of The Rings: Shadows Of Angmar Product Image

Been playing this game since release. Played nearly every game on this list, and I can say, this game has the most dedicated staff out there. The amount of content that they put into this game is astounding. They do not stop, and are no where close to finishing their goals. Great support, great fan base. The game itself keeps driving you on to do more, very much like Everquest did. Great visuals, and story to satisfy the best of Tolkien fans. If you haven't played it, please give it a try. You won't be disappointed in what is there. For those that have left the game, I play a ton of games, and in so doing, have left for months at a time, but always end up coming back, and playing like an Evercrack addict.

I am an expert dedicated and proud hard core gamer throughout the MANY years, of all types and any types of games. I have played far and wide, from pc, to Nintendo64, coin-machines, ps3, to portable hand-held games, and everything in-between. And for someone of my expertise and experience to tell you a game is GOOD! Takes a lot, not even good, AMAZINGLY MIND-BLOWING! So mash that the MMORPG Wow, has been compared to it!, and not the other way around. In term of its advanced graphics, Combat system, community, quest, massive content, and over-all experience, it stands above and alone, and beyond! So mush, that it has won numerous awards of all the deranged types, throughout its five year life span which is pretty incredible, and that is not even scratching the very top of the barrel. This LOTR Mmorpg holds the most massive World ever developed, so much that there still expanding, and not even half way done, yet! And NOW has become A FULL FREE TO PLAY GAME! Instead of purchasing it! It ...more

LOTRO is easily the best free game out there, and competition for any game at all. The content never stops coming. Shadows of Angmar is only the last of a legacy. Each new addition makes its own contribution to a tremendous story line, but is true to Tolkien's vision.

Yes its leveling and dungeons and some kids around; but it transcends all of that. You can tailor make your hero, fight for point, guild, gold, or quest. There are hundreds of different fight spots of every conceivable type, and guilds are for every level of player (and level of maturity).
LOTRO knows how to do it right. Here's to seeing them out there keeping it free for another age of Middle Earth.

The game is truly the pinnacle of the fantasy genre, and even though its graphics engine may be somewhat aged it remains one of the most cherished MMORPG games by fans for the sheer fact that it is one of the most memorable gaming experiences ever. The developers team effortlessly integrates Tolkien's cherished writings with Turbines own lore to create a game world that is both grand in scale and breathtaking in beauty, and filled it with the creatures and characters that middle earth is known for to create what I think is the best fantasy MMO ever.

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