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The top ten massive multiplayer online role-playing games to date.

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1 World of Warcraft

I play world of warcraft for years and I will never stop playing I have 4 level,85 now and they own, world of warcraft can't be stopped cause no game would be better than this game! You need to eat drink repair dungeons quests armor mounts 1 big world love it

This game lacks the overall story offered by FFXI but finishes on top by having far better gameplay and combat variety, many games lack this, combat is what you will be doing for 90% of you time on any level based game. WoW also does not offer one way to level up as it is the case with most of the MMORPS out there.

FFXI is okay. It has a top rating on this site only because the WoW fans are too busy playing. I have been diehard as far as a FF fan but for this day and age, the games graphics look horrible compared to WoW. I uninstalled it. I could have improved it visually but that involved messing with the registry. And No one should have to go through all that. They need to stop making expansions and just launch a completely new one. Until then, WoW is better.

Love it so much

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2 Entropia Universe

Great 3D Cryengine 2 Graphics, breathtaking scenery, loads of untapped potential, many great people from all over the world and from all demographics. The Entropia Universe is in constant expansion.

A real cash economy. What more could you ask for to keep the weenies out! After over 2 years playing hard EU still rocks the competition. Other games seem pointless when a RCE allows you to actually gain real life value for your gaming.

Great for people who seek nice graphics, excitement and a lot less 14 year olds running around calling each other nub and other more unfriendly names

Make no mistake, the main reason I am voting this up is because.

1. I have never played it.

2. At least its not World of Warcraft, which not only was a big letdown for me, but its following expansions destroyed whatever potential it could, and should have had.

3. It has a pretty awesome name, Ill give this that much.

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3 Runescape

I personally love playing Runescape! My neighbor made my account for me when I was 8 and I've been playing for 5 years and I enjoy it!

Runescape is awesome! You can do quests, train levels, talk to other players. Not so great graphics though. It's really fun! Try it.

The best game I ever played its free and fun I played from 2003 and I still love it played with 5m players lots of skills lots of monsters and lots of fun quests minigames events rewards more then 100 servers try runescape!

I've played runescape on and off since 2007 when I was 9. I was never really a good player then. Recently I picked it back up and got my first skillscape in hunter and got 100+ combat. And It feels awesome to be one of those players I looked up to as a kid. Best game ever

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4 Dream Of Mirror Online

A game based on relationships, player interaction, and overall community play. Dream Of Mirror Online is the best game for anyone that decides to play with friends, lovers, or even make new friends.

The publisher and company is very interactive with their players, the GMs are extremely active. They don't stay hidden from the players and do background work. All problems and reports are solved quickly and bugs and glitches are addressed in the best possible way.

The community is also mature and literate, not typing in 1337 and 'net speek. There's a few bad people here and there, but they're eventually reported by the Game Sages, local volunteer "Game Masters" with no powers except being able to directly talk to a Game Master. Game Sages are legit, they're like any normal player, just with more trust with Aeria and their employees.

The graphics are cute and perfect for anime fans, with cel-shading and glow effects.

The gameplay is amazing. Class ...more - naikaze

DOMO is by far the best MMORPG game. There are tons of fun stuff to do besides leveling. The players are great; they're active, nice, and just plain awesome. This is the ONLY MMO I have been able to stick to. I have been playing for a little more than 2 years, and I'm still leveling all the time. The job system is awesome. You can be any job you want, and change jobs any time you want. And, you can have subs from two other jobs on the one you're currently on. For example, you could be on Doctor, and have Wizard or Musician subs. The system has endless options. You really can't run out of things to do when it comes to DOMO, it's great. c: - TreCoolness

The company and its employees, Game Masters and Moderators, actually interact with their players, rather than hide and do background work. Problems are quickly solved, and issues, such as bugs, glitches, and hackers, are reported and fixed.

Gameplay is relaxing, it's not a constant grind like any other online game. Many quests await you as you log into the game.

It's community and relationship-based, so find your friends, lovers, and family, and bring them into the Mirror World! - naikaze

It has the acronym DOMO

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5 League Of Legends

I love this game, it requires skill, but after a fews games you will actually learn to play and enjoy it. YOu get different types of champions and there are no money benefits, that's why I love it

BEST GAME EVER, there are over millions of people playing this game( doesn't mean everything) they won a lot of awards and they are the best pc game IN THE WORLD( my opinion)

I adore this game! The community though is really bad this game would be a lot better if people would leave other people alone. I do love the game play, the characters, the lore, and the skins I have probably spent a lot on this game laugh out loud but totally worth it! I hope it gets higher up on the list because at least the creators do a lot for their players even taking skin ideas from fan arts! I love League and if anyone wants to pla Dacsgoddess is my name

This game sucks,and it isn't even mmorpg

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6 Star Wars: The Old Republic

I've tried other MMORPGS with varying degrees of interest. However, none of them ever stood out as much as The Old Republic. I'm not wild about Star Wars but I loved both KOTOR 1 & 2. While this isn't exactly the same thing it's still incredibly fun and the fact that it's free to play helps. It just felt very story driven and the multiplayer was more of an added bonus than an essential part of the game.

The best ever.. Good graphic... Gameplay crazy good... Storylines the best ever see... Must too have when you like to play MMORPG... What to hell do this game on position 100 up... Crazy vote for this great game

If one were to grind this game out there would still be more than 600 hours worth of gameplay. The story lines are great, each one completely different from the last. 8 story lines in all, graphics aren't bad, 8 classes in all, plus you can be a Sith Lord, what more could you want? It takes Stuff from Mass Effect, the story changes on how you have chosen things in the past, you can get to know about your companions' past and even romance them (and maybe something more). Not to mention the new content coming out every month now, this game has so many possibilities (and zombies).

Of course this crap somehow always makes the list

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7 Guild Wars

Despite the game being 6 years old, Guild Wars is definitely the best online game in my books, especially for serious players and deserves a number 1 spot. It's balanced and well thought out and unlike some games, you will never see things being sold by GW for real money that would advantages one player over another.

The first thing I look for in a game is the storyline, it has to be interesting and immersing, to keep me wanting more. Guild Wars certainly offers you that. A very rich main story to follow, interesting and often difficult missions bonuses to complete and lots of optional side quests. The game has a nice clear direction to follow which makes it fairly easy to get started.

All your characters are able to explore the beautifully detailed vast world of 3 campaigns (each very different, yet connected) as well as an expansion pack so there's is lots to do if you get them all. I've been playing almost every day for 2 years and still have a bit left to do. So ...more

It's the best MMORPG ever created. It has amazing graphics and not a high requirement for a G card. No subscription absolutely puts it in this list and the gameplay although not so free as you may find at other MMOs but its different and at least try it! Thanks!

I have the game for 4 years and I still playing! Is amazing, you are not a Online playing if you not try Guild wars at least one time

It's just as good as World of Warcraft and there's no monthly fee. Plus I personally enjoyed it more than GW2

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8 Lineage 2

Very addictive but highly competitive PvP and PvE wise.

Open world PvP, fair karma system, exciting PvP with clan wars and mass sieges on castles, but allot of GRIND (level and gear) to be able to compete.

Suggesting to people who like grind and have competitive natures. Not suggesting to people who like to get all easy and get upset at getting killed.

I quit this game, and after looking at others, always return to lineage 2, hope they make L3 soon...

There are no comments to be made, it is pure and simple the best mmorpg. 90% from every mmorpg that came on market are some sort of cheap copies.
Thanks and NCSoft we wait for L3

The best mmorpg out there, million of people from all world play every day. It's more than 12 years and still very popular, updated... After first month of playing you will see, the best mmorpg

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9 Maplestory

This game rocks, you will love it. It is a game that will make you feel happy relax, and just plain have fun

Great game! Don't judge it just for the graphics. It's simple but that's what make you enjoy it!

this game can be troublesome for the system requirements but once played and you can't get rid of it from your mind

I've barely touched into MapleStory every other year and I've seen this game grow, I'm planning out on trying it officially today and I believe a lot of you should too

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10 Final Fantasy XI

best game simply for the community. cooperative, not destructive. I'm so tired of "newb/noob/n00b/nub got pwn'd/owned/pawned" my eyes want to bleed

i have played wow for 3 years. 85 on almost all jobs. stopped when it took my last toon 3 play days to get to 85. dailies and dungeons... and newbs/noobs/n00bs... nubs.

rift was ok but it got old fast. community was to start but slowly getting to the wow thing... nub

i won't even discuss the utter disappointed that it ffxiv. so much potential. the ball dropped and shattered.

i began ffxi at na pc release and played until our ls leader left for wow. I had about half the classes at 75 or 80 then. the best game ever.

much better graphics than wow. look at the procedurals on the models. ffxi's character model are MADE for each model. wow procedurals stretch to fit each model. makes it pixely. wow does have glowy effects to distract you from bad texturing.

ffxi does have a slower battle ...more

I played FFXI for 6 years and I still miss it. It has the best and most expansive story of any MMO that I've ever played, and the music is awe-inspiring. The interface is odd and unique, since it was designed for multiple systems, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy and fun. This game takes a lot of time though, as nothing in this world is simply given to you. Everything is hard work, but it also makes you feel like you've really accomplished your goals and completed something. You feel like you've earned your just rewards. I love this game!

FFXI was the first MMORPG I ever played. I fell in love with it from day one. I thought that MMO's were the greatest thing since sliced bread and that they were all created equal at this point. So I started playing a free trial of WoW that came in a magazine. In a week I had hit level 30 and had pretty much explored the whole continent because the higher level NPC's would only chase me for a hundred meters or so. I even got a bird to fly on in the first week which made it even easier to travel. I felt like I had experienced practically the whole game in week one.

FFXI on the other hand took me months to get to level 30 including sub-job, chocobo and an airship pass. When I was level 12 in La Theine a stranger around the same level asked me if I would accompany/escort him to Bastok for safety purposes. Up to this point I had spent most of my time chopping wood and learning the game in Ronfaure with little knowledge of anything outside of there. We loaded up and headed off. I ...more

This game is amazing and set a lot of standards for MMORPGs, from music to graphics, to player interfacing. Plus one of the very very few games that is truly cross platform.

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11 Guild Wars 2

Great gameplay, excellent graphics. Very friendly social environment. So much to do and keep you busy. I love the puzzle jumpers and events. The Gem Store is fun or convenience items only, not gameplay updates to give people with money advantages. I love the Trait system. Large numbers of the same class can all have different builds based on their style of play. WoW is very cookie cutter which I disliked.I. E There is only one way to be effective at your choice role and it made it very restrictive gameplay.

This game is amazing! There is always something new to do because they always add new content with the living story... It has the friendliest playing environment ever... And the story line is awesome.

It is a revolution in playing of RPG. No more tanks, healer and DPS needed. After 6 years in World of Warcraft I can compare it. In GW2 is smart quest system (there is no necessary take quest from quest giver, hand in quest, get another one in the same location and again and again), game is very social with a lot of puzzles, activities, separate PvP and WvW worlds. Personal bank system for all characters is also well done.
I think I will stay in the Guild Wars world for a lot of years if anything got wrong. World of Warcraft was perfect game 10-5 years ago but nowadays it is ancient game with ancient play system, destroyed story with nonsense kung-fu pandas, with strange tamagotchi pet improvement, not balanced leveling system where the highest level player is able run and finish Burning Crusade or WotLK dungeon alone...
Guild Wars 2 is a new way how to do top MMORPG

Amazing graphics, Amazing gameplay, Awesome objectives and Amazing events. For me at least, this tops WOW and SWTOR combined. But it comes down to opinion. haven't played in a while, But my Level 80 Elementalist and Everything else still has a place in my heart.

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12 Dungeons & Dragons Online

Dungeons and Dragons Online takes the modern idea that an mmorpg should be an easy experience that you can hop in real quick and get half the game over with, and slaps it in the face with a disembodied orc arm. It has many different aspects that can appeal to people, but also some that can scare people off. As a word of caution every positive can be a negative to you.

First is the questing system and how it's different. The only "free" area is in the city of stormreach really, it's one of the few places that you can move around and interact with all the other players freely. Every quest is instanced. Each quest also has difficulty settings: Casual (for a lenient experience), Normal (the intended play), Hard (everything is +1 level above what it's suppose to be, on a scale of 20 that a lot. ), and Elite (+2 above, or the hardest mode). Personally I do every quest on elite, have not played any quest lower then elite for last year or two of playing. The casual play can ...more

This game is amazing best game I ever seen so far if you compare it to ANY of the other games I think this game deserves a number one it have the BEST player vs player system and the best part is the classes JUST PLAY THIS GAME ITS GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL

Best PvE experience out there. If your looking for PvP look elsewhere. This is a team based game with loads of customization and regular updates. My favorite part is that there is very little grind and the journey to end game is just as good as the end game. Just don't go to the forums there all a bunch of whiners :P

Even though it is complicated that just makes it to where their is always something to new learn.

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13 Neverwinter

Gotta be one of the best FREE MMORPG games out there. The graphics and effects are nice, very nice story line, awesome quests. Plus, the Foundry. It virtually has infinite amount of quests so you'll never get tired of it. PvP is awesome, the guild system works amazing. I really don't know how this game is free, but I'm glad it is and that's why I think it deserves to be in, at least, the top three.

Neverwinter is the best I find this game's combat amazing but the storyline can get repetitive

This game has one of the best character creation systems I have ever seen

Best game ever I played

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14 The Elder Scrolls Online

Tons of content. Tons of customization. Fun action combat full of strategy. Great graphics and immersion for an mmo. New significant content added every month or two. People are very critical of it because the sub and early bugs. Bugs are fairly fleshed out but you sill run into them occasionally. Some work still needs to be done with balancing. Some content lacks re-playability. I don't like questing being the primary grind. Future announced patches/content address most issues as the development team listen closely to players.

Should be ranked higher.

It's fresh. I tested beta too. As a WoW player I can say it's amazing. Is it better than WoW? Not sure...

I will treat this game like my son. Of it doesn't get top 3 I will be so disappointed

Skyrim is fifty times better

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15 Star Wars Galaxies

Was the best game ever until the entire combat system was changed into a more easier kid-like system. Obtaining the jedi class was one of the biggest and hardest goals, and once achieved you felt like you had more power than the majority of players. You could make your own city and become mayor of it with other players under you. Amazing game for rp. But like I said the game is not what it use to be thanks to certain people.

Even thought a lot of people hated the Combat upgrade, I still liked the game very much as it existed, before the dark times, before Lucas has become greedy and closed it for the new game... Even after reaching your maximum level, the game has just started if you reached it, the collection system, the City battles for Faction control and points, the special Events all of this made this game better then A LOT of other MMORPGs where after reaching maximum level you just don't got anything to do. RIP SWG, and I hope Lucas knows what he did to all of his biggest fans with closing THIS game...!

There is just something about this game that keep's people coming back. unlike most MMO's where the entire economy/game/pvp is always the same and super easy to master, swg is always changing and once you master one thing, you see that there is so much more to be discoverd, I'm not sure if there is one person in that game that would honestly know it all

Dam you to hell Sony for ruining this game!

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16 Aion: The Tower of Eternity

This is my second MMORPG game and it is one of the best because a lot of things you can do in a very cool: the story dynamic graphics and some very good atmosphere in the house playing

And this is only the beginning of the forthcoming new version 4.0 (on EU servers) under the new title of dark betrayal, and if you see what will be new then you simply have to agree with me that this is one of the best MMORPG game that should be among the top 5 in my opinion

I've played AION since the release of version 2.7.
It is clearly an excellent game which fits your desires and has an epic storyline that just keeps you coming. With the new updates coming it, you always have something to do! Can't wait till August for version 4.0!

Damn man, this game is amazing, really good story, mechanics, pvp is very fun, faction system is great, well I don't know how a game so great can be here in this position, but if you like this like me, let others people to know how good Aion is.

Pros: Good gameplay, PvE-wise it's not bad, world PvP is the best ever
Cons: To get good PvP gear you're forced to play half the day every day, not worth it...

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17 Silkroad Online

It's an awesome free game.
My favorite of all free games.
Nice graphics, character details and the skills are nice animated!


The only MMORPG that keeps me coming back. Only real issue is the bots. Otherwise, it's a great game.

The bots are no issue anymore, now you can log on anytime, before there was a problem with the bots because it was always crowded in the servers.

But now, its no problem at all, love this game!

I love silkroad online < this game is so nice for play and sever GM and GA are always for us! >

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18 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

As others stated, not sure why it's so low. It has a good amount to offer currently for a paid sub, no other MMORPG on market compares right now content wise.

Best game out right now!

How is this so low - this game is one of the better ones in my opinion.

good game

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19 EverQuest 2

Played EQ1 for years and EQ2 for even more years, EQ line of games is about Guilds and People that make up the guilds. This is a very deep game that takes order and strategy to get even close to the top. EQ2 has more high end content than any game I have evern seen or played or know friends have played. This game is not for the "in and out" player it takes work, and I think thats why it never makes it close to #1 on this kinda poles. Easy games usualy make the top of these poles. Great economy! Great game play! Great PvP action(you only get it when you want it)! Great game UI!

GUILD WARS? REALLY? I CANNOT believe Guild Wars made the cut to top ten. Does playing for free make it a better game? I have tried the free 10 hour demo, removed that junk from my hard drive after only 2 and went back to EQ2. WoW is for 8 year olds and IQs below 80. -Bloodflow- Vox Server, EQ2

Played too many online RPG games. Free ones to subscription. I have played EQ1 from release and now EQ2 from release. Still have not found a game that rivals EQ1 at the time and now EQ2. I've really tried to find something that even came close. EQ2 cannot be beat.

Tried a lot of MMO but always seem to keep coming back to EQ2

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20 EVE Online

Eve Online has a truly engaging universe, where the actions of players are the only real driving force behind the game world. This game is defined by player action- from resource acquisition and manufacturing all the way up to galaxy-spanning wars. And it's not just superficial, either- everything on the market, with the exception of skill books, is player-made.

The wars aren't between the major empires of Eve (well, that's not true- there's faction warfare too, but it's more for newer players), but between player created, run, and populated alliances, made up of smaller (also for player by player) corporations that can also declare war on each other. And then, of course, there's the fact that the galaxy is all a pvp zone- it can happen at any time, any place, although in high sec it's a lot less likely.

Eve Online is a phenomenal game that achieves things that no other MMO is even close to. Is it for everyone? No, it's not. But for anyone who truly wants a sandbox ...more

Eve is a must for anyone who likes a challenge, tech geeks, science geeks, and anyone who is tech savvy. Its not for the your average players who don't like to think, since it has the highest leaning curve then any other MMOG game out, period.

PVP is insane in this game, anybody with leadership skills will love this game. Graphics are the best then any MMOG out. Anybody interested in learning the game look up Skull Lord.

I have been playing EvE Online for 6 months now, and it has become the only, and possibly the last game MMORPG, I will play. It's that immersive. In that time, I have earned the skill to proficiently experience maybe 25 of the game and 15 of the universe, New Eden. It's huge. If you are impatient and require instant gratification this game is not for you. EvE requires skill planning and treating your characters like real career pilots; from industrial business-types, care bear role-players, political hacks, corporate thieves, and cold-killers, to scientist-engineers and prospectors, EvE has them all and a niche for everyone with the gumption to be aware of there surroundings at all times. You are never safe unless you are docked and logged off.


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