Age of Conan


best graphic. very interesting game. fun. amazing game. large variety of classes.

Age Of Conan has beautiful, colorful worlds which are like they fell from cartoons. Also, it has great graphics, wierd, non-standard classes, combos, "spellweaving", and many quests and monsters!! - IceCream

Tons of dungeons, 24 person raids, best graphics, Lots of options and characters. I've tried them all and this is one of the best out there. You'll definitely need 64 bit o/s and good video card to enjoy the awesome scenery.

AoC has adult content, intelligent quests with actual story and the best graphics out there, the characters can do fatalities to other players very much into Motal Combat Style and the mythic age brutal world of Conan is quite impressive. It has a mid level population due to being hard to learn, so its made for those wanting a challenge. Oh and its free! What more can you ask of a MMO? (besides an expensive video card and 10 hours a day to play? )

Dialog based quests, best graphic ever seen on mmorpg, most direct (no autohit) combobased combatsystem, awesome atmosphere... will most likely unmatched be unmatched for years!

The graphics are amazing, the fighting system is very good, the game has been polished, far better then when it started. Love the game, very, very addictive

Top quality graphics and scenery. Excellent storyline. Decent game for casual, solo player plus a lot more to do now at end game. One of the best soundtracks I have heard in an mmo. Free to play is good till 80 (end game). The melee combat is really cool and interactive, decapiting foes is just plain awesome.

one of the best games I've played in my life.
It has a very good community and the story is very compelling...
You should at least try...

This game looks like its goin to be leet, hunters/rangers or whatever shoot like an FPS!

looks like great game ausome graphics gunna be the best

This game is really amazing I love it a lot

Great game, love the fight mechanics, characters not cartoonish, move like real people. Graphics second to none, a diamond in the rough...

Awesome gmae, very realistic, fantastic graphics, amazing dungeons, ability to build citys and fight in amazing big boss dungeon fights. This game rocks! Also character creation is really detailed with the ability to use vanity armor makes customizing your character a joy.

Well I am an MMO junky laugh out loud. And for a week or so I've been searching for that perfect one. I loved SWG but it is over now and WoW to many years in that one though it is still a great MMO. Played GW2, Fallen Earth and Rift this week and wasn't feeling it. I had AOC dl already so patched and ow man what a great rpg never mind an mmorpg. Graphics check sweet real time ( you do not wait cool down, well you get it) combat check FUN quest check did I mention great combat

Best combat system ever, AOC is simply great for pvp and pve and it is still one of the best mmo out there that doesn't feel like WOW!