Dream Of Mirror Online


The company & GMs on this game actually CARE about their gamers. Swift resolutions IF any problems arise (game-wise & gamer-wise), nearly-unlimited in-game things to do, the unique VAST character options, the constant ever-evolving in-game things...
and the constantly patrolled but never imposing "no riff-raff" community...
make gaming on here a unique & one-of-a-kind pleasure.

Domo is very versatile game, with over 14 playable classes that everyone is able to play as. There is little to no restriction to anything you are able to do in game, with the most unique feature of being able to mix and match classes together.

It's very customizable, with lots of costumes to choose from. From PvE to PvP, it's a well balanced game.

DOMO is an awesome game! The graphics look great, the gameplay is fun, the community is wonderful, and the GM team is amazing. There are frequent content updates and daily events to keep things entertaining. Best part is, it's free! - andosky

I love the community, most players are cool and nice. Also funny laugh out loud. The job system is thumb up for me. VERY SMART. First MMORPG game I actually stayed with this whole year. - bore5

This is the BEST GAME EVA!
it's a fun game to play so pls pls try to play it and VOTE FOR IT! tnx :) your the best! DON'T STOP PLATING IT GUYS! MY opinion is to play it and tell your friends to play it to! you will have fun playing! tnx

DoMO is so awesome. Most of the players are friendly, I love the variety of jobs and items to change your character. I always have fun leveling too, which I didn't in other MMOs. Its a lot of fun, you will enjoy it! - Gail

The community is cool. A lot of players are funny and nice. This is the first MMORPG game I really enjoyed and stayed with. The job system is AWESOME, very. P.S I love DoMO, n so will u. muahhaha - OMHGitsPATTY

If you're looking for a well-balanced game(economy, PVP, PVE)... The game you're looking for is DOMO. I have played a lot of MMos but DOMO still the best!

DOMO is magically delicious.

Who doesn't love being able to win a bet involving "when pigs fly"? - Toasty

Domo is the most balanced mmo
And only with 1 character you can do anything and master any skill

haha! I voted for "DOMO" because I like a monster named domo kun. LOOK IT UP! - NINJAPWN

It was the most favourite game I've ever played.. I wish they didn't close it down!

DOMO is the best! it's so much fun and I just love it - thelegacy

Wonderful game! The GM's are great and actually helpful! They actually ban the hackers if any. I haven't seen that many hackers, and any bugs and stuff are fixed quickly.
The people who play it are fairly nice, and I like how it's a social game, so levels don't always matter. You could be teamed up with a level 10 fencer who's a level 58 doc! You never know. &
The pets are awesome, and I like how they actually help you. And I also like how some of the Items in the Item mall, such as costumes don't dissapear after a certain amount of days, unless you buy the ones that say they do. No hassle having to buy the same costume over and over. - Kairih

Great Game and will be even better once updated I've been playing the game since 2008 and have never stopped Its Cute fun and there is plenty to do and so many diffrent options in the game yey DOMO

I know basically own the games but it's still joyfull and exciting. The only problem is that it is about to be shutdown in a month or so which means that its not a good game to play at the current state of affeirs so if you want a game that will stick in to your gaming exp its not the game for you