EVE Online


A spaceship game where everybody plays on the same server. When everybody is on the same server you have the chance to effect everybody in the game Universe. It plays to the power of ten, as you grow through the game you seem to get more and more powerful. All this is done without having to go through traditional levels.

This game is becoming more immersive every update. EVE has interfaces that improve frequently and there will be some on station activity in the future. This game is by far the most PvP intensive one. Also, with it's increasin number of missions, prospect to have both atmospheric and station travel, it will soon become one of the top PvE games as well as one for true Role Players. This game is truely one great PvP game that continues to improve faster than any other MMORPG game that is also evolving into an awsome PvE game.

The best looking space experience out there. YES - there is a learning curve, but the enjoyment of hunting other ships, doing market trading, transporting - etc. Is the best - hands down - game out there. There is so much you can do, accomplish, and just explore, that in terms of a game that actually feels like you are an actual PART of whats going on in and around where you are is unbelievable. And yes - you had better like a challenge - but it's so worth it

If you are a Libertarian, this is a game world for you. If you want to play you gotta pay. That being said, it seems the whole economy is player based. If you go where you don't belong prepare to die or reap huge rewards. lots of Quest (or missions). I love single server, have met people from all over the world, great chats. Outrageous corporate (guild) intrigue and corruption, just like real life. Roving gangs always a threat out of the secure areas. Lots of crafting, even crafting skills. Check out combat on You tube. I like the future play more than the mystical and magical, although I did enjoy WOW, LOTRO, Rift, AOC, Neverwinter and others. If I commit to a single game it would be Eve. On the far side - Never to return home!

Eve is one of the only games that actually has a positive rate of growth throughout its long history. More so, it is still growing regardless of it being near a decade old. The only problem is the extreme learning curve. Many players are put off by failing to do the research required or to put in the long term planning and goals. The result is a deep-rooted community of older players and a higher level of maturity (at least overall).

It is always worth a shot to give Eve a try. You may love it or hate it, but I guarantee that CCP's creation is in a league of its own.

Love this game, peace can turn to violence in a moment, the heart races as you try to extricate yourself from the immanent danger, the elation as you flee, or the dispair of losing your ship, and then anger and contemplation of revenge, now it's war!, it's all happens on any given day on Eve. You make some interesting friends and deadly enemies, scheme and connive, dream of cosmic domination, it's simple fun.

Eve is the most diverse game in terms of character development and community interaction. Though it takes a lot of time to develop a strong character; committing the time to really get into it draws you deeper and deeper into the options that are available to you, and the overall Eve experience. The only MMO that keeps pulling me back knowing I will get more.

Great game for a casual player to get in and play for a short time period, and not get into massive raids or endless PvP grinds. With real-time skill gain, you're not tied down to playing for long periods just to increase skill. There's a variety of things to do from PvP, to mining to manufacturing to research to hauling to auction house trading to mission running.

A full Universe for players. Just different.

You will love this game or hate it, but one this is from sure: this is the more complete game about space ships I've ever seen. I know people in game who after 5 years still learning about the game. And maybe for some one is a bad thing, but for others could be the best point this game have.

EVE Online is not a childish game. Playing this MMORPG Space Game will show you the true meaning of gaming, and you will learn the key elements of strategy, along with many other things. A very complex game, you learn something new every day. I suggest playing the game only if you are ages 15, because otherwise it might be a tad hard.

The gaming world is divided between those that have played the game and those that still want to.

EVE is the deepest, most complete MMO I've ever played. I've played WoW before, and I have to admit WoW is a good game, but one cannot be 14 for ever and EVE provides a succesful, more mature transition into a fully player controled universe.

I love the lack of grind (real-time skill training), the fact that everything (even manufacturing and trading) is PvP in some form, and that you can never exhaust the stuff to do in EVE. Also the alliance wars in 0.0 space reflect real life politics amazingly well. It's an interesting universe...

I put in a few years into Eve and I agree that it is rewarding if you enjoy a long and deep content, complex player interaction with other player and the world.

It's simply a masterpiece that keeps on adding on to it self.

If you have endless time on your hands then this is your game.

Awesome game, been playing for 2 years, graphics are great, friendly environment.. Most of the time, You either learn it fast or die trying as it has a steep learning curve. What can I say... The universe is yours for the taking, it is what you make it.

Not a very good game but it has potential the learning curve seems to be the problem. They throw way too much at players in the beginning the interface is very complex and needs to be simplified for beginners. The death penalty for beginning players is a lot you loose everything. The existing player base is not very good either low population base and they do not try and help new players just take advantage of them.

I've been playing this game for years and it is Just a fun game. After you learn the basic gameplay and start getting involved in the political aspect of the game. Thousands of players on each side fighting to conrol a region that has the right materials to keep there space stations running. I've never seen anything like that on that large of a scale in another game, period.

They keep killing me... And I can't help going back for more. Having said that, the fights are great and soon I will have my day. Great game, thoroughly enjoy every aspect of it so far. Lots of tears. Lots of smack. Lots of fun.

great game but it has come to a turning point now, with incarna they introduced clothing that you need to buy, and a virtual t-shirt costs more than a real life t-shirt you can buy at their online store

Eve-Online is one of the very few MMO's that have been slowly growing population continuously since launch.

Many games spike and fall in population, Eve never spiked, it just keeps growing

real action, real losses, mass adrenaline - EVE-Online is more space life simulator than basic mmorpg. I have played Lineage2 and WoW, but finaly found EVE - this is my game, I love it.

The learning curve is a pain in the ass, but once you get the hang of it, then you start to have fun. An older user base in general, since noobs often give up on getting the hang of the game.

The most player driven game out there. Combat, industry, commerce, politics... Its all controlled by the players. Oh and have you ever been in a fight with 1500 other players at the same time?

What other game could you get nearly 3,000 players to converge on one system and proceeded to blast each other into glorious storms of space confetti for hours? Answer, There is none.

Biggest, best MMORPG that's around. Gamer's beware, this is no ordinary childish game, this is the game where you will get the best experience in the gaming world.